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Gay Cop

Fights for Right

to March in Uniform

6/7/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A gay correctional officer is outraged that his department thinks marching in uniform in the West Hollywood gay pride parade is a "discredit" to the department ... and he's taking legal action to fight for his rights.


Andrew Johnson works as a correctional officer for the California Institution for Women in Chino, CA.  He's also a member of the Gay Peace Officers Association.  Johnson asked his superiors at the Department of Corrections for permission to march in uniform on Sunday, but was told he couldn't do it because of a law that prohibits officers from marching in uniform if it would bring "discredit" to the department.

Johnson's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said at a news conference that other departments -- including the LAPD, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and the CHP -- allow officers to march in uniform in the parade.

Allred says the Department of Corrections allows officers to march in uniform in other parades, including the Christmas parade and the Carrot Festival.

Allred says she's filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Allred wouldn't let Johnson speak, because of fear of retaliation.

She wants the warden to reverse his position so Johnson can march.


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Since there is no baseball bat in sight, will Gloria demonstrate on his nightstick?

1241 days ago

christian dion    

A discredit to the uniform?????? How can anyone who has pride in themselves and their career be a discredit to anything and anyone. It's the narrow minded bigots who are the discredit, nay haters. MKae them march in the parade with swastika's on their foreheads.

1241 days ago


1 woman in the room and the guys are all on the other side ignoring many gays is Gloria repping today?

1241 days ago


Those cameramen are jerks!

1241 days ago


sounds like the CA Police Association / CHIPS needs to learn from the NYPD's "G.O.A.L." (Gay Officers Action League) - when the group walks by during the parade, they are cheered and supported - it gives goosebumps. Same thing for the gay Fireman's group!

1241 days ago


Cops are bad enough, but gay cops suck.
Go get a job in a gay bar, I bet you
can wear a uniform all you want. lol

1241 days ago


IMO, this is silly and a waste of time. I could see if the police department ordered him not to march in the parade because they knew he was gay and was afraid it might hurt the department but the police department he works at don't care if he's gay or marches in the parade, they just don't want him to march in his uniform.

What I can't understand is why is it so important for him to march in his uniform in the first place? Why is he making such a big deal over this?

I think something else is going on with this man and it has nothing to do with wearing his uniform in the parade.

Life is too short for this nonsense. Go march in the parade in your own clothes dude, enjoy yourself and be proud of who you are and drop you hidden agenda.

1241 days ago


I knew Allred was involved in this before I spaced down to where it mentioned her. Media whore.

1241 days ago


The quickest way to discrediting your entire claim is to hire Gloria Allred.

1241 days ago


I'm more shocked by the fact that Gloria Allred is representing someone other than a Hollywood jump off. Good luck to him.

1241 days ago


Dont make the cop cry, hahaha, tough as nails I see...running to Allred! Whatta p....y.... Im just saying.

1241 days ago


Gloria is aging by the moment.

1241 days ago


I agree with you completely @Jodi. Why make such a big deal out of nothing. He wasn't fired, he wasn't told that he couldn't march, he was told told-just like military uniforms. You shouldn't wear your uniform unless permission is given or you are on duty. It is ridiculous that this claim is even getting attention. He is just a baby that wanted to have 15 mins of fame.
Gloria Allred is a joke--she is starting to be like Reverend Jesse Jackson.
Participating in Political activities...cannot wear uniform

1241 days ago


No..he should not be permitted to wear his offical police uniform.
He is not working this event in a professional capacity as a police officer.

1241 days ago


This B I T C H is an ambulance chasing trouble maker and makes all lawyers look disgraceful! She needs to stop this crap and do good in life!
PS-I can't wear my firefighter gear to a Halloween party without getting onto trouble!!! HE AND GLORIA HAVE NO RIGHT TO FILE ANY LAW SUIT!!!!! SHE IS AN ************* !!!!!

1241 days ago
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