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Lohan -- Two-Year Protection from Obsessed Fan

6/8/2011 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just scored a huge victory against the man she claims is a dangerous stalker -- a judge has ordered him to stay the hell away from the actress for the next two years.


Moments ago, an L.A. County Superior Court judge ruled David Cocordan is not allowed to go within 100 yards of Lohan. Lindsay was not present during the hearing -- she was at her Venice apartment ... still serving her house arrest sentence.

As we first reported, Lohan claims David has been stalking her for years ... and recently sent her sexually explicit text messages, including one which read, "F**king n sucking wit u kkk i need it more thn."

LAPD's Threat Management Department is on the case -- and officials are convinced Cocordan has mental issues and is schizophrenic.


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I think a case for a restraining order. Although the risk is probably less than it first appears on the account of the man's mental illnesses, which statistically make him more of a risk to himself than other people. It seems odd to be able to get a hold of her cellphone number though. Unless he's been going through her bins or something (and do***ents weren't shredded) it implies they (LL and DC) have some kind of contact in the past. It shouldn't be easy to get LL (or any other public figure's) cellphone number, even calling up her provider and lying. Although clearly, regardless, a restraining order is necessary.

1170 days ago


Wha? I thought she faded away already.

1170 days ago


How the hell is she gonna get her meter read now?

(Heh, that sounds dirty, no?)

1170 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Nicole is back and says why not make it longer?lol. Heather asks how this lunkhead got her number? Well Lindsay gave him her number because she is a tease, Nicole should know this. This guy was actually dumb enough to think she cared about Now everybody gets to laugh and mock him! isnt this great?

1170 days ago


MIDNIGHT TOKER 59 minutes ago

They just announced on CNN that Rep. Weiner(bonerboy) is giving another news conference at 2:00est...Obviously he is going to resign.How did u miss this tmz??


Thanks for the heads up. On the one hand, he's a complete idiot without an ounce of common sense. On the other hand, a lot of people whom he represents really like him. Kind of a sad situation. Too bad that Weiner couldn't control his weiner.

1170 days ago


ilovegossip 55 minutes ago

No wonder John Smith is no longer on here... :)


Um, you know, actually the stalker wouldn't be able to post on here after this order, so it'll be really interesting to see if anyone goes missing (ahem, John.)

1170 days ago


NICOLE 52 minutes ago

I don't understand the law, really. This guy has mental issues and schizophrenic, so.. how the hell you are going to tell him to comply with a restraint order??? He is not normal!


Hello, Nicole. Believe it or not, a lot of us were worried about you. Glad to see that you're okay.

I agree with you that a nutjob may well not obey a restraining order. It's not an effective tool for someone violent or insane.

1170 days ago

LA Native    

I do not believe this is the same Nicole. The real Nicole spells her name as I am here, if I remember correctly. Look at her posts and you will see. She certainly doesn't talk like her.

1170 days ago


Jack, yes, it would appear that LL gave this man her number at some point. However, if he's truly stalking her, it's creepy and he has no business doing it, regardless of how he got her number. I know you weren't implying otherwise. I just wanted to put it out there. Being foolish about your personal info doesn't justify having a nutcase bother you.

1170 days ago


Unfortunately, because Lindsay falsely calls "Wolf!" all of the time, it's almost impossible to know the truth of the stalker situation. I just don't know what happened. If the guy is frightening/threatening her, she's justified in her reaction. If she's just doing it for publicity or to get back at him...well, I hope it's not that. But you never know with her, she's just too unreliable to trust.

1170 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Those court do***ents should be interesting. If this guy has money, wonder if he is gonna try any pr to help his image?

And that is not Nicole that we have been looking for. LA Me is correct about the name. Also Nicole uses the LL avi in the white dress.

1170 days ago


I think it's the real Nicole/Calendar counter, because her membership shows her as joining 391 days ago, or something like that. Trolls usually have fairly new dates of joining on their profiles. And I don't see any spelling discrepancy in her name.

1170 days ago


Isn't that how Nicole spelled her name? I guess I don't really remember.

And couldnt' she have changed her avatar? Oh well, I have no idea about one Nicole from the other.

1170 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Naw, The nicole that posted on page 1 posts on all sorts of stuff the other nicole doesnt. There are at least two of them on the boards.

1170 days ago

Blood Red Witch    



1170 days ago
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