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Ultimate Warrior Accuses Hulk of Drug Use, Wife-Swap

6/8/2011 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Ultimate Warrior has released a hate-filled attack against his former rival Hulk Hogan -- claiming the wrestling icon is a cocaine-abusing "dope head" who once tried to get Warrior to have sex with his wife.


Warrior released the rant yesterday to tease a 55 minute anti-Hogan video he plans to release later this month ... the latest attack in a bitter personal feud that's been going on between the wrestlers for years.

Warrior offers no hard evidence to back his claims -- but gives specific details about Hulk's alleged drug use and sex life.

When Hulk was asked if he's seen the new video, Hogan posted on his Twitter page, "I have no interest to even lower myself to communicate with [Warrior]."

TMZ has attempted to reach Hogan for comment -- so far, no luck.

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Hogan is a liar hands down. However, Hogan has been honest and open with the listeners of Bubba the Love Sponge who is Hogan's best friend, about his past drug use.

Hogan doesn't get along with many people from the 80's wrestling industry.

1132 days ago


Who cares?

1132 days ago


I though Dog the Bounty Hunters is married to Hogans ex wife.

1132 days ago


Wow, I think this fellow needs a hug. Hulk is doing the mature thing by not even commenting back. This guy has alot of issues he needs to address with someone else. I have not heard of hulks son murdering anyone???? I know of a tragic accident That happened some yrs ago and his son was in jail but thought the friend was still in the hospital. Happy the hulk family is doing so well even with the sorrow in there lives. Sounds like this guy wanted hulks ex-wife. This guy must want some free publicity.

1132 days ago


Now those pictures where Hogan was rubbing lotion all over his daughter is starting to make sense.

1132 days ago


Look, I am not a wrestling fan, but I have kept up with the Hogan's since the car accident where Nick mutilated his friend - leaving him a permanent vegetable state..

Then the entire family acted horrendous, unremorseful and egregious in how they handled the entire situation.

For that - I will always despise Hulk, Linda and Nick.

1132 days ago


Warrior sucks. Bring them back to the ring and settle it. Hogan vs. Warrior with Roudy Piper as the guest official.

1132 days ago


Bahaha! Just like a couple of high school girls!

1132 days ago


Any wrestler that brought his wife around the business, lost her. It was like taking his kid to the candy store.

1132 days ago


I think the reason the Ultimate Warrior is pizzed is because Hulk was NOT friends w/Randy Savage and the UW alleges that they NEVER made up.

Randy was Ultimate Warrior's friend - how would you guys feel if one of your friends died, then someone d-bag crawled out of the woodwork spouting negativity of your recently deceased friend --- when the d-bag hasn't even spoken w/the deceased in 10 years or so?

For Hulk to be interviewed and spout negative things about a man who is dead and can not defend himself is totally inappropriate.

I think the pain of Savage's death is what is fueling the Ultimate Warrior and that's understandable... I would be totally irate too.

1132 days ago

Good riddance!    

After listening to the tapes of Hogan conspiring in the jail cell with his son, I would believe much, if not all of this. Add on all the other freaky stuff and it doesn't look so good for old Hulkie. As for 'wrasslin', that was ridiculous way back when I was in grade school and it always has been ridiculous. They ALL sound like a bunch of freaks anyway.

1132 days ago


Here's how stupid UW is; if all this is true, wright a book and make some money! Otherwise, he comes-off looking like the bitter old right-wing nut-job that he is!

BTW, all sports/entertainment/political entities have sordid past: Babe Ruth, Rock Hudson, Ray Lewis, Sammy Sosa, Tonya Harding, John Kennedy...

Hogan was succesful in marketing himself, UW wasn't (period)

1132 days ago


Shut it Lanie you dumb C%^T

1132 days ago


You gotta laugh at the perfectly positioned UW props and memoribilia in the background!


1132 days ago


So he is going to tell people everything we already know... Wow.. who is the real pos...

Sounds like Linda turned you down and you are still butt hurt she can have a 17yo and you only have roids and your right hand..

1132 days ago
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