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Weston Cage

Beat Up In BLOODY Street Fight

6/8/2011 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage took 13 HARD punches to the face -- in the middle of a Hollywood street -- during a violent confrontation with his personal trainer yesterday ... and it was all caught on tape.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nic Cage's long-haired son is beaten to a bloody pulp in front of the Farmer's Kitchen restaurant in Hollywood ... while several spectators stood by and watched.

The footage begins moments after 20-year-old Cage tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to his trainer after the trainer refused to allow Weston to order a certain item off the menu.

After a brief scuffle, the trainer takes Weston down to the ground ... climbs on top of him ... and rains down with a flurry of barely-contested punches to Weston's face. At one point, Weston tries to punch back -- but the trainer blasts him in the face -- once again taking control of the situation.

The trainer kept Weston pinned down on the concrete until cops arrived -- and as TMZ first reported, Cage was eventually handcuffed, strapped to a gurney, and taken to a nearby hospital to be evaluated.

Weston's father, Nic Cage, raced over to the hospital to be with his son yesterday -- and vows to stay in town as long as Weston needs him to be here.


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PRO US    

nof 55 minutes ago

@PRO US about an hour ago
You want a side of garlic bread? You've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?


Line of the day, line of the week, line of the year, congratulations PRO US.


Thanks Nof. Gotta love Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.

1240 days ago


The trainer needs to be charged with assault -- with a deadly weapon. If you simply are trained in martial arts, nevermind teach it, you can and will be charged with assault with a weapon, as should this guy be.

And TMZ paid the jacka**es who were too cowardly to get close to this nutjob and stop him but taped it precisely to sell it. At some point in the future, PAYING for this crap will have to come into play (as aiding and abetting refusal to intervene?) legally. We're not there yet, but something will tip it and the day will come when it become a legal liability to pay someone who has taped such things and refused to act.

1240 days ago


NickSunset 3 hours ago
Weston is a big lug that thinks tattoos and long hair and a dirty mouth makes you bad ....sorry punk it don't work that way. Hope the punk dies in a coma.


Seek help! You have a serious problem wishing death on this young man! I can't even begin to describe what your comments say about you!

1240 days ago


That is EFF'D up! why on Earth wasn't that guy arrested? He punched him that many times? He could have killed him! Notice how he stopped punching him after all those douchebags started pulling out their phones and recording. What is wrong with people!?!?

1240 days ago


Patheic! Weston may be a headcase - just like his Dad - but from what footage I saw, the trainer took it too far. The poor kid was reaching for someone to help him. All anyone did was take pictures with their cell phones. Are we that de-sensitized of a world? Did anyone think to help? Of course not. And what about the trainer? Was he charged with anything?

My guess is there's more to it...And the trainer will sell his story to the highest bidder...It's all about the 15 minutes and $$$$$$$$$$!

1240 days ago


AS- Its a sad world, yeah tons of people just record crimes on their cellphones rather than help. I think youtube gets the real story quicker than the cops.

1240 days ago


Did they swap the video out for another, because in the 1st video i saw the trainer beating the crap out of the kid, now its like this is a different video?????

1240 days ago


oh wait nm that was in the begining..

1240 days ago


I hope the trainer is taken to jail and made to stay there the rest of his life!!!!!!! He went too far!!!! I also want all of those standing around the fight and did nothing to go to jail!!! Those people who filmed the fight, laughed, ran their mouths, etc....... should go to jail to!!!!!!!!! The people standing around and the people filming the fight are just as guilty as the man hitting Weston!!!!!!

1240 days ago

PRO US    

What does it say about the police that they still haven't arrested the trainer who beat Weston to a pulp? Disgusting. And the police wonder why so many people don't trust them. This is one big reason why. Too many incidents in which the aggressors aren't arrested despite plenty of damning evidence.

1240 days ago


I like how Tupac is playing in the background lol!
"Now lemme welcome everybody to the WILD WILD WEST!"

1240 days ago


I want to see the video of the people standing near this. Have you seen how big "goth rocker x" is? The trainer had to smack him up. For all of the people saying how disgusting that it was for not helping him--PPPFFFFTTT. Have you ever had a psycho try to roundhouse you? He probably had it coming, he went for a ride because he has psychological problems not because his hair got messy.

1240 days ago


They have a very healthy menu there. I seriously would like to know what it was Weston wanted to order that his trainer disapproved of.

1240 days ago


When Weston was around 8 years old I saw him spit at a PA who gestured to him to be quiet while we were rolling on the film "8mm" his Dad starred in. His Mother was standing next to him and saw the whole inter action so I thought she was going discipline him for the outrageous act ,NOPE she went after the PA and yelled at her and said something to effect "don't ever tell me kid to be quiet". Perhaps his Trainer was just giving him the spanking he deserved all those years ago.

1240 days ago


It seems like all she does is have sex with the brothers. Is her own race not good enough for her? I bet my bile duct that she has a disease.

1240 days ago
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