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Weston's Mom -- It's All Nic Cage's Fault!

6/9/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage's mother is FURIOUS with her ex Nicolas Cage -- claiming her son wouldn't be in the hospital right now if not for the actor's toxic influence.

An emotional Christina Fulton was leaving the L.A. hospital where her son is being treated Wednesday morning, after he was taken down by his personal trainer and subdued by police Tuesday. Cops feared he might be having a mental breakdown.

In the footage, Fulton lashes out at Nic -- blaming him for the entire tragic situation. 


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I suspect Wes has listened to his parents blame each other for everything he ever did wrong which has in turn taught him nothing about life. Playing the blame game only screws up the child/children as you can see here. Parents need to get their heads on straight and have basic rules that are followed by both or the children end up messed up!
Now that Wes is an adult he needs to seek therapy for himself so that he can be a better person. Time to stop blaming Mom and Dad although I'm sure they contributed to his downfall in a huge way!

1170 days ago


UM, let's see, you hook up with Nic Cage and allow him to father your child, then blame him for the child's outcome. Might want to re-think that one!

1170 days ago


Can you say ENABLER???

1170 days ago


We've known for thousand of years creativity often comes with a bit of madness. Its genetic and blaming each other doesnt help, your son had a meltdown lady get your act together ~ and just be supportive of Westons recovery instead of bashing his dad for a mental illness thats genetic. The same illness makes Nic one of the most famous actors on the planet and drew you to him in the first place. you can buy blood pressure rings at almost any airport~that will alert your son to an on coming meltdown before he even knows he is in distress and help him self manage his meltdowns (you do this by catching them before they happen).

1170 days ago


Who's pony she smokin with those lips ?

1170 days ago


Really? So when does it become Weston's responsiblity to take care of himself and make decisions for himself? No matter WHAT your parents do at some point you have to let that go and make your own way. Mom is a GREAT example for him...all the surgery you can get to change yourself, that's good. QUIT the blame game and help him move own you dumb ass. Your lips have gotten so big they have grown into your brain

1170 days ago


That was so inappropriate of her. No doubt she's stressed and upset but blaming his father like that? What about her?

1170 days ago


She looks like a great role model and mother! Really?!

1170 days ago


It would be a lot more helpful and useful for the two of them to come together to figure out how best to help their son.

1170 days ago


Oh back the star in this one. Sure he was a great dad. You bet. Watch how he is treating his new wife and baby. He made the little kid fall to the pavement with one if his tirades. And you attack this woman. TMZ had the footage on here. I bet the narcissistic actor had little to do with his son when little. Get real people a mother knows.

1169 days ago


Its both their faults - just an outside observation but, I really hate it when parents can't stop badmouthing eachother. And she needs to deflate the lips...

1169 days ago


no. how about instead of blaming the other parent you look at how you have been as a parent. i'm sure Nic wasn't the only one that raised him. what a ****. i'm sure she's quick to take credit for all the good though.

1169 days ago


Of course...It's all dad's fault little Weston is a spoiled little punk..Where was mom when little Weston was growing up with such a bad influence..Oh that's right she could never be responsible when the kid turns out bad..B@#$H!

1169 days ago


Obviously this woman is stinking mad because when her son turned 18 the gravy train ended for her. She has said she raised Weston for 18 years 24/7 and that they were joined at the hip which mean she was the one who exerted the most influence over Weston during his formative years. Weston is now a 20 year old married man who obviously wants out from under his mothers iron thumb. His wife now has more say in his care than his mother does. She needs to knock it off.

1168 days ago

Jim Jones    

Their best friend was Abortion, yet they chose this crap.

1166 days ago
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