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The One-Eyed Machine

That Did Him In

6/9/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's home computer station -- complete with a web cam -- and it was featured on a real estate site until just a few days ago, when Weiner pulled his pad off the market.


TMZ has learned Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, put their swanky Queens apartment up for sale around May 22 -- and uploaded several photos of the place on a real estate site. One pic featured a poster of JFK hanging on the wall.

The computer station seems to be the exact spot where Weiner took his infamous topless pics -- because the paint on the wall matches up. Also, the drawers in the background sync up with another photo featured in the listing.


TMZ spoke with a source connected to the situation ... who confirms Weiner 86'd his plans to sell the place in the past couple of days.

The couple was asking $449k. Think the value has gone up or down?


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1233 days ago


Wrong conclusion.

The bare chested pic was clearly taken somewhere else because of the pictures in the background. I believe that one, and others, were taken in his congressional office.

1233 days ago


Im shocked that it looks like her is going to skate this one and stay on in his job.
Those New York people are SICKO's too!!! No wonder NY is such a toilet bowl.

1233 days ago


449K for that teeny little box like condo???

1233 days ago


It's looking like this sick pervert is going to skate and keep his job. NY people love this freak. No wonder New York is such a Toilet Bowl and New Yorkers look like death warmed over.

1233 days ago


Wow, look at the Puritans on this page! America is such a Puritanical place. Europeans laugh their asses off at us and could not understand why we cared about politicians daliances: Monicagate or Weiner's sexting habits. You all need to mind you own ******* business--I bet many of you have had sex at work or have "sexted" yourselves. Bet some of you have even banged the boss in order to get promoted.

Get a life: there are plenty of legit reasons to dislike Weiner: he is a Zionist and, like all of the other politicians in Congress, is marinated in dirty money.

You Puritans should get a hobby, maybe go volunteer at the local pet shelter a few hours a week instead of worrying about pictures of Anthiny Weiner's ****.

1233 days ago


It is taken at his home if you look at the cabinet behind him in the bare chest picture it is the same cabinet that is in his computer room picture minus all the pictures sitting on it. Unless of course he has the same cabinet at work lol.
What the guy did in his free time is noone's business. Although being in the position he's in you would think he would express more common sense. Hey since Bill Clinton got away with it in the Oval Office, what's the big deal? He didn't lose his job, so why the fuss?

1233 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

@qwerty, You do know you are at and not at the NY times site perhaps. So I take it you are moving to Europe then? Yes, people have done all sorts of things that you took the trouble to list and curse about, but they don't hold a government office. You expect a person in such position to not lie and always tell the truth. You are probably one of his whores anyways....Hope you got something out ******* a married man lol

1233 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

SO this is where all the Weinermagic happened, at least part of it anyways.

1233 days ago


EWW!!! He even waxes his chest... this is telling for a man his age. He must think he is really something, but gag he is so ugly.

1233 days ago


He can keep his job. I don't care what people do in their private lives as long as it's not illegal. F-you, all you puritanical idiots. On the other hand, as a real estate broker who sells a lot of property, these are some of the worst home photos EVER. It's like a f*cking hovel! His wife in a pic? Cat food bowls? Vertical shots (always bad)? That sad bedroom area? Really unacceptable photography on SO many levels. Hacky agent.

1233 days ago


He should not resign but for sure he must leave that dump of a dwelling ugh he lives like a pauper

1233 days ago


Huma is in picture 3 walking across the room.

1233 days ago


Mistress: shove it you uneducated, busy-body skank. NYT is covering it as well, but I would not expect you to know that as you have probably never picked up a newspaper or a book in your life.

Weiner can lie all of he wants about his sex life, as it has nothing to do with his holding a public office. Buhs lied about WMDs and I did not see any of you gossip hounds complain about that one. You probably do not even know what Europe is since you probably do nothing bu*****ch tabloid shows and feed your face with Doritos and Cola.

1233 days ago


Thats not a swanky condo at all!!!!!!.. Thats a very modest middle class condo... Where does he plan on moving to? Manhattan? I guess him and his wife want to move up in the world, screw the both of them

1233 days ago
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