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Grammer Judge: Keep Vacation Homes Private!

6/9/2011 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Kelsey Grammer/Camille Grammer child custody war just ruled ... both Kelsey and Camille should keep friends and relatives from living in their various vacation homes -- rich people problems.


Kelsey and Camille have homes in the Hamptons, Hawaii and other places.  Camille's lawyer, Neal Hersh, told the judge he had concerns about privacy for the kids, thus the need to keep others from living and snooping in the vacation homes.

The judge ruled the only way third parties can live in the vacation homes is with the written consent of both Kelsey and Camille.

Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, has requested that the judge speed up the process of having Kelsey, Camille and their two kids interviewed by a child evaluator so the custody trial can begin.

Both Camille and Kelsey have asked for primary custody.  Kelsey tried settling the dispute by taking their son to Chicago to live with him and leaving their daughter behind in California with Camille, but Camille balked at the notion.


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GOOD GIRL, CAMILLE! She showed excellent judgment for not permitting the children to be split.

1171 days ago


GOOD GIRL, CAMILLE! She showed excellent judgment for not permitting the children to be split. It may not be true but, to a child, having daddy wanting the son to live with him in another state and not her, the daughter, makes a little girl to wonder why daddy did not want her, too. I don't know the ages of the children but, it seems they are quite young and should not be used against one parent or the other. Is it any wonder children sometimes grow up with twisted minds because of "adults." I believe the only ones who will come out smiling, in this case, are the lawyers.

1171 days ago


I used to like Kelsey Grammar? After seeing this entire debacle unfold for awhile and watching how each act & respond to the other - the last straw was Kelsey trying to split the kids up? "you get one and I'll get the other"? WTF! That's disgusting! Give the kids to Camille! - Kelsey's obviously a selfish prick and we're all finally seeing Frazier outside of his happy game face... loser dads split kids up...

1171 days ago


anyone who has seen her show on bravo the real housewives of Beverley Hills would know she shouldn't even have visitation rights. she spends no time with the kids has 4 nannies for 2 kids and i*****ed by everyone who watched the show. she is a cheater and a liar and a royal bitch

1170 days ago


if you watched real housewives of Beverly hills you would never give Camille these children. she didn't even give birth to them she didn't want to get fat, she has four nannies for 2 kids and showed them no attention or love she is the poorest excuse for a mother, disgusting. kelsey cheated with the plane jane because camille is so ugly on the inside and lazy as hell and cheated on him with his best friend who had a pregnant wife that was supposedly her friend go to bravo and see for yourself the judge needs to see it too.

1170 days ago



who cares?

I mean.. come on, seriously: who gives a ...

1170 days ago


Privacy? She's got to be kidding after airing out all her dirty laundry in the tabloids she wants privacy for her kids? She's the one who has been calling and hand delivering confidential/sealed court do***ents to the tabloids! She's quite a piece of work. If she truly loved her kids she wouldn't be saying such horrible lies about their father to the press. No matter what some people think, he's a class act. Not once has he said anything about her to the media about this case. One day Camille your kids are going to read all the crap you and your family have been writing and know that it was all about the money. Kelsey is a wonderful dad and that's what you're afraid of. They don't need you, you need them or the sympathy vote. Kelsey good luck to you and Mason and Jude! My you be a family once again very soon!

1170 days ago


She didn't even want kids. She tried to give her son away when he was a baby. What does that say about her? What an ugly person.

1170 days ago


I just heard from a reliable TMZ source that Camille has been personally giving them all of these stories! She is truly an awful excuse for a human being. Theses cases involving children are sealed for a reason and it's pretty sad that their own mother can't follow the law to protect them! Kelsey is such a good dad and would never even think of doing something so cruel to his kids. Kelsey keep fighting for your beautiful kids they'll love you even more for it!

1170 days ago

patricia plenda    

he wow! "barbara" sure has an ax to grind. i wonder what----or WHO----is motivating her? camille, i think kelsey is being a real ass keeping you from the bridgehampton house this summer. that's exactly were your children should spend their summer vacation! he's probably got his little homewreaker wife in there. gosh i pray the judge does not allow the children to be separated. i think you're a wonderful person (very pretty, too). people have to realize that RHOC is edited to show what bravo wants. TEAM CAMELLE!

1168 days ago

tara newman    

The house in the hamptons sold 2 weeks ago for nearly $10million

1167 days ago
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