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Weston Cage -- I'm Pressing Charges!

6/9/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage wants to press charges against the man who beat him to a bloody pulp in the middle of a Hollywood street ... TMZ has learned.


According to a Cage family friend, the man who unleashed the beating -- Weston's former trainer Kevin Villegas -- has since been fired ... and has become the target in a police investigation.

But law enforcement sources tell us, the LAPD is also investigating Weston himself -- after he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to roundhouse kick Villegas outside the Hollywood restaurant where the incident took place.

0609_weston_mini_launchWeston hasn't filed anything yet with officials -- but he plans to make his move as soon as possible.


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Ha! You got your rear handed to you. Suck it up and be a man, instead of the prissy little girl.

1233 days ago


I have issues with a grown man needing a "Trainer". I understand the need for proper nutrition, exercise and the fact that some folks just can't keep it together long enough to get it right, but for f sake, why do these people need handlers???

Hollywoods seems filled with people that couldn't wipe without someone doing it for them. As to the trainer....he's not much of one, even with the seeming attack, it's his job to mediate risk and be a pro, he didn't and he isn't and Weston is an overly preened and overly pampered young man.

1233 days ago


First off, you look like a douche and you fight like a little girl. Stupid ass tries his karate kid move and got his ass beat. You little biatch, go shave you head and get a life.

1233 days ago

Bobbys World    

im not sure about that states laws but that would be considered beyond self defense after someone is already on the ground you are not allowedn to continue pummeling him so he might have a case IF he can prove the trainer acted beyond a reasonable restraint.also if the trainer is any kind of black belt in martial arts or some form of fighting that can also be used against him..much like his dads movie air con which cage used more force than needed as a trained marine.

1233 days ago


This is about him wanting to eat something and the trainer didn't want him to?

1233 days ago


I actually like nic cage but wowsa his son got none of his looks!

1233 days ago


Oh and if you genuinely are trying to defend yourself, you're only allowed to use the SAME force as your attacker. What Kevin did was an outright assault.

1233 days ago


Weston didn't have a terrible upbringing at all! If you know anything at all about him, you know that he had a great childhood. He's 20 and hasn't been in any other trouble, aside from this - that's pretty good, for celebrity offspring. He has a job, he's in a well known black metal band. He also doesn't use drugs. It's pathetic that people judge him based on his looks, when in reality he's a very nice, down to earth guy. No one knows what happened, all you people go by is hearsay and a short video clip that could easily have been taken out of context. According to quite a few eyewitness reports, it was Kevin who provoked Weston and wouldn't let up on him. Furthermore Kevin wasn't even his personal trainer, he was hired to protect him. Go to Radar Online for more reliable coverage, don't believe the TMZ crap. TMZ has a way of heavily distorting the actual truth.

1233 days ago


The guy is a skilled fighter. He took it beyond restraining Cage - it wasn't a 'cage' match, it was one of his students losing his mind. Instead of restraining him, like a reputable trainer would do, he kept beating him.

Charge Cage with assault and charge Villegas with excessive force or something like that.

1233 days ago


Weston Cage needs a new look....He looks like a disgusting drugged out whacko.

1233 days ago

pap rat    

SUE him so he doesn`t beat anyone else..Fireing him was the best move you ever learned from that smooka.Fistacuffs an`t part of the art ...he should have butch slapped him once he was on the ground.It is never student VS master and to attemp a move isn`t a strike but a show of a move learned

1233 days ago


Wow. I think Weston's trainer should sue him to be honest. From what I've read, Weston was under the influence of something and started the whole fight. There are witnesses to this fact. I'm sorry that he got beaten up, but it's his own damn fault. I say, Weston needs to grow the f'up and be his own man. Stand on his own feet and not live in the shadow of his weird father.

1233 days ago


Sounds like the wuss needs another a$$-whoopin! Only cry-babies resort to suing when they start a fight and get their a$$ kicked.

1233 days ago

right straight    

He had ample options to sweep,triangle,armbar...pathetic

1233 days ago



Ah, okay, so a trained martial artist who was his bodyguard? That's even worse. If Cage was having a meltdown, Villegas should have focused on restraining him to protect him and others from himself.

1233 days ago
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