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Weston Cage -- I'm Pressing Charges!

6/9/2011 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weston Cage wants to press charges against the man who beat him to a bloody pulp in the middle of a Hollywood street ... TMZ has learned.


According to a Cage family friend, the man who unleashed the beating -- Weston's former trainer Kevin Villegas -- has since been fired ... and has become the target in a police investigation.

But law enforcement sources tell us, the LAPD is also investigating Weston himself -- after he allegedly incited the fight by attempting to roundhouse kick Villegas outside the Hollywood restaurant where the incident took place.

0609_weston_mini_launchWeston hasn't filed anything yet with officials -- but he plans to make his move as soon as possible.


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Grim Reaper    

Weston should be arrested just for that haircut that he sports!

1199 days ago


Weston's badass image (based on his look) is falling by the minute. You got your butt whooped and you deserved it. Take the beat down like a man.

1199 days ago


I wish somebody would beat his father for his horrible acting.

1199 days ago


Weston attacked the trainer, trainer takes him down - self defense. While being held down, Weston continues to try to hit and bite the trainer - trainer punches him to subdue him. Weston continues to fight, trainer continues to whip his butt. Any reasonable person would view this as nothing more than self-defense. But since this is California, land of fruits and nuts, the trainer will get charged with felony assault while Weston will receive psychiatric care, group therapy and drugs to deal with the psychological trauma from the incident and from his troubled childhood - all paid for by the great state of California.

1199 days ago

Good riddance!    

So he goes on a rampage and starts a fight by trying to sucker kick someone, gets his ass beat for it, and is going to sue? Good luck with that, you psycho!

1199 days ago


The trainer did not just use reasonable force to restrain him, so it then becomes assault. If the trainer who has background in martial arts was any kind of a trainer he would not have punched him so many times! He certainly crossed the line and should be charged. If Wes through the first kick (which by all accounts didn't hit the trainer) then he is somewhat at fault and should also get charged. I'm not sure someone can be charged with NOT hitting someone though can they? Maybe for inciting a fight in public?
I still don't think Wes deserved the beating he took. The trainer looked like a psycho nut beating on him the way he did!

1199 days ago

Tim S.    

What an ugly freak.

1199 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'd like to beat that trainers asss for him, 13 punches is unnecessary and so is a POLICE (loser) investigation into Weston!

1199 days ago


The guy tried to roundhouse him. Can't blame him for beating his ass.

1199 days ago


As he should! Just last night there was a freak on the Joy Behar show (he's currently making his talk show rounds) saying that he hears things and see things others don't--he calls it being a psychic. Most people get thrown into a mental institution for schizophrenia when they talk openly about hallucinations. All this poor dude wanted to do is EAT, for crying out loud. Hear that Mr. Trainer--the boy just wanted to freakin' EAT!!!!!!

1199 days ago

Bobby Joe    

@Rogue Warrior You are a *****.

Moral of the story: don't start a fight you can't finish.

1199 days ago


At Mid
Because they're women and that's fine.
Haven't You noticed that guys who wear eyeliner are usually heroin addicts? or whiney goth down on life types?

1199 days ago


I was laughing at all the dorks with cell phones standing around recording. I'd probably be more pissed at all those losers putting a cell phone in my face.

1199 days ago



1199 days ago



No. There is no correlation between male heroin addiction and eyeliner. Sorry.

Because they're women and that's fine? Please. Get rid of the double standards. If any human, male or female, wants to cover their face or parts of it in makeup, he or she has that right.

1199 days ago
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