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Eli Roth: Russell Crowe Is NOT Anti-Semitic

6/10/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eli Roth is outraged that a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter took what he says was a "joking exchange between friends" -- Eli and Russell Crowe -- and then attacked Crowe as being anti-Semitic.


It all started when Eli and Russell -- who often tease each other on Twitter -- were joking about circumcision.  Crowe tweeted, "I love my Jewish friends.  I love the apple and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies," adding, "I'll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

Apparently a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter saw the exchange and went after Russell with a headline that said he "insults Jews."

Eli tells TMZ, "The headline blatantly attempts to make Russell look like an anti-Semite.  It's tabloid journalism at its worst."

Eli adds, "No one contacted either of us.  It's terrible.  Russell is a great person and respectful of all religions."

And, Eli says, "The press is trying to terrify celebrities into not using Twitter.  They want to show they can still ruin you.  It's sickening."


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You missed the funniest part of this twitter exchange.

When one follower called the practice hygenic, Crowe replied, "Hygenic? Why don't you sew up your ass then?"***cision-insults-196828

1234 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Facepalm TMZ

1234 days ago


lol, thats the media for ya...I doubt anybody would believe that about Russell, he comes off as a great guy and if people get offended by him cracking jokes or teasing a friend then they're just stupid. Don't believe EVERYTHING you read about celebrities, the majority of it is made up for publicity.

1234 days ago


jews are so racist they believe every one hates them.most do but not all because they are always screaming anti semitism

1234 days ago


obama'saracist 3 minutes ago

jews are so racist they believe every one hates them.most do but not all because they are always screaming anti semitism

You sound like the racist here. Get yourself to a hospital fast so you can have a brain transplant. It's the only thing that can save you in part. You'll probably be a living undead person since your soul is already dead, but that's the best we can do for you, for now. We don't hate you. We pity you. You're pathetic.

1234 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Barbarism? Ok, call out islam & certain arab cultures for castrating young girls (think about it, the bulb in your head will light up sooner or later) so they can't have sex for pleasure. Only procreation. Dare you. I watched it on a do***entary years ago so don't tell me it's crap. Cir***cision is an ages old religious ritual that results in a few minutes of pain for the baby who, afterwhich, will feel nothing different for the rest of his life. You & the meddling a**holes who run San Francisco mind your business.

1234 days ago


Mork12 less than a minute ago

Good for ELi... standing up to the Zionazis

You sound like a Nazi yourself. What rank are you in the KKK?

1234 days ago


OMG...give me an f'n break! Russell has a mouth on him, but he was talking with his buddy! I will say one thing though, I completely support Russell on this one! I have a son and the absolute LAST thing I wanted to do to my beautiful, perfect child was take a knife to him and cut off a piece of skin for PURELY VAIN REASONS. There are no valid reasons for circmcision at all. I am not religious, I researched while I was pregnant and I could not give myself a valid reason to harm my baby 3 days old. And for anyone who says its cleaner....please. Uncut guys are possibly cleaner than uncut ones and I know I have been with both. Uncut guys don't take for granted to be clean...just like women they have to wipe well. Not a big deal unless you don't like to shower often or be very clean. And sexually, there really is no difference. I am proud of my decision and even prouder of my son. Its a barbaric tradition than needs to be stopped!

1234 days ago


Good for you Eli now go talk to your friend Harvey Levin.Because that's exactly what he does.

1234 days ago


WaxOnWhacksOff 4 minutes ago

Anti-semetism is the Jewish version of the race card used by blacks and Latinos. If they hear the slightest thing about their religion or race, they immediately jump to the race card and say that person if racist. All I say is that anyone that is so fast to yell racist, that they must be racist themselves.

Nice try, you ignorant POS. In your amateurish way, you're trying to deter people from calling you for what you are--- a racist! You're a prejudiced POS. You can't hide it. You're s***. It's obvious. Have a nice day. You hate Blacks, Latinos and Jews? Great! Normal people hate prejudiced people. You're in the minority. Have fun learning to tie your shoe laces, 'tard.

1234 days ago


The opportunistic journalist should be ashamed of themselves!

1234 days ago

Captain Obvious    

Eli Roth is Jewish.

1234 days ago


@MyOpinionOnly: It's your choice what to do with your baby boys. Your choice is respected in this country. However you are deluded or attempting to deceive others when you say there is nothing wrong or bad with being uncir***cised if you're a male. Uncir***cised males have higher rates of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and penile cancer than cir***cised males. People should know these facts before they decide whether or not to cir***cise their baby boys. It should be the choice of the parents, of course, but it should be an informed choice, not an uninformed choice as you would have it.

1234 days ago


Oooooh, Brisket on a Kaiser, and dip the roll. Don't forget the matzo ball soup! And a pickle.

I can't hate people that make such good food!

1234 days ago


When one follower called the practice hygenic, Crowe replied, "Hygenic? Why don't you sew up your ass then?"

Crowe is obviously a moron when it comes to biology or health issues. I think he's a fine actor though.

1234 days ago
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