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Tracy Morgan

Booed at Concert, People Walked Out

6/10/2011 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan's homophobic act in Nashville was met with a smattering of boos -- and several people also walked out of the show -- this according to a person who was at the show.

Tracy Morgan

TMZ spoke with someone in attendance at the Ryman Auditorium ... who tells us Morgan's entire act was filled with offensive gay jokes ... explaining, "It was the worst thing I've ever heard ... so not funny."

As we previously reported, Morgan's June 3rd performance ignited a firestorm of controversy -- after he "joked" that he would "stab" his son for acting gay.


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I like how people have the nerve to bash Tracy for what he said, but the majority of ya don't sound any better than him. I'm not saying what he said is right, but a lot of comments on here are just as bad as what he said. Smh......

1200 days ago


Also TMZ, this comedy routine hardly demonstrated a fear of h*mosexuals.

1200 days ago


**** suck....literally

1200 days ago


This freedom of speech you guys speak of, isn't that the same reasoning the Westboro Baptist Church & the KKK uses? Hypocrites.

1200 days ago


It's one thing to be anti-gay and another to be very vocally anti-gay. So my question for gays is what gay S&M sexual position did Tracy Morgan damage his kidneys in?

1200 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I was there 13 minutes ago

I happened to be at that show. It was definitely envelope-pushing, and sometimes off-color, but he was not booed. In fact, he got a standing ovation at the end.

Hopefully you really were, because when I read this story I picked up on the fact that TMZ spoke with "someone", which implies one person. A rather poor data sample, imo.

1200 days ago


I hope this sinks this no talent a.z.z.hole career!! Cannot stand to see him on TV and do no*****ch 30 Rock because he and his character stinks and now do this - HE MUST HATE HIMSELF!!

1200 days ago

Palmer McAllistor    

YEAH! Doesn’t Tracy know that anything that could hurt someone’s feelings somewhere is not acceptable in comedy!

Sarcasm aside, Mr. Morgan should realize that everyone’s feelings are like a delicate flower, and if anyone hears anything negative, even in jest, and takes offense, then he is a flower killing monster.

It is a well known fact that every good comedian in the history of the world would never be such a meanie-pants, and that true masters of the art form only tell target-less knock-knock jokes.

1200 days ago


Tracy morgan is as talented as a trailer trash ditch pig, you think he's funny his sh*t gets written for him.
So your just as lame as him.

Everyone "should" be able to take a joke, there's a difference when its a joke and when its some dumb uneducated puke talking about stabbing his son (Who just might be queer)

Nice one TM, you do know that making fun of queer ppl is a very clear suggestion that cha like er' in the diddler yourself.. Enjoy. (I bet you would)

1200 days ago

the Seeker    

chichifroglegs less than a minute ago

This freedom of speech you guys speak of, isn't that the same reasoning the Westboro Baptist Church & the KKK uses? Hypocrites.
I would fight for them too even louis farrakhan made some good points in his speeches. The enemy of my enemy is my friend...take away their right to free speech today lose your right to free speech tomorrow .FACT !!!

1200 days ago

T Dogg    

He is a comedian....what does anyone expect? Eddy Murphy did a whole bit about gay people back in the day and it was hilarious. So he made jokes about gay people. I promise he made jokes about black people also. Where is Jesse Jackson? He made jokes about white people too I am sure. How dare he? I find it to be funny that it is ok to make jokes about white people not being able to dance, Chinese people doing math and not being able to drive, and black people eating fried chicken and watermelon. However, gay people are off limit. Can't say anything to them or about them. I guess being gay also takes away your sense of humor. Tough break if you get made fun of by a comedian. That is what they are paid to do.

1200 days ago


If Tracy were white, he may well have been a white supremacist, KKK. His anti-gay jokes are like lynching jokes. From the same source.

1200 days ago


Good for the people who walked out. I would have (although given he included a 'joke' as ill-thought out as that I suspect I'd be less than enamoured by the rest of his material, and probably would have left earlier).

1200 days ago


Golly, being gay is certainly not a choice for most people I know. It certainly wasn't for me. I guess for bisexuals it would be a choice. Was this the case with you?

1200 days ago


@Golly, your a buffoon. People do NOT choose to be gay, you think people want to make a choice that will have them beat up, made fun of for the rest of their lives? NO. Perhaps before making a comment from such an UNEDUCATED stand point you should pick up a book and ready up on things, that is if you can read at all. Perhaps they make a pop up book on the subject for your limited mind.

If a comic whats to make joke about everyone because its part of an act so be it, BUT the line has to be drawn at HATE and VIOLENCE. When someone states things like "Ill kill my son if he is gay", it incites real life violence. No different then a comic stating "We need more KKK to cleans the world of the colors".

Jokes are fine and some people are overly touchy sometimes but like I said there is a line we shouldnt cross and he did.

1200 days ago
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