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Tracy Morgan

Booed at Concert, People Walked Out

6/10/2011 7:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan's homophobic act in Nashville was met with a smattering of boos -- and several people also walked out of the show -- this according to a person who was at the show.

Tracy Morgan

TMZ spoke with someone in attendance at the Ryman Auditorium ... who tells us Morgan's entire act was filled with offensive gay jokes ... explaining, "It was the worst thing I've ever heard ... so not funny."

As we previously reported, Morgan's June 3rd performance ignited a firestorm of controversy -- after he "joked" that he would "stab" his son for acting gay.


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Parachute Tracy Morgan into Syria, Libya or Yemen and video/film how he interacts with the warring locals. Those people are starved for comedy and would appreciate his artistic talents and sensibilities.Should be loads of fun!

1233 days ago

Rogue Warrior,1

This article is pretty insightful and shows that even gay people are divided over some of GLADD's battles. This ones over the use of the "f" word. Here's an excerpt with the "f"s taken out since TMZ would probably remove the post.

But by fighting this issue, GLAAD is at risk of becoming an organization that nitpicks, and undercuts the very good work that they do. And by forcing not just our allies, but gay people themselves, to toe this particular line, GLAAD risks losing their moral authority.

No one's saying you can't be personally offended by any use of the word "***." When we're offended by something, we all have the option not to read or watch the thing that offends us anymore.

There's no shame in this. I imagine soldiers who've been through war have a hard time watching war movies, just as a person who's been raped might not to watch any movie that involves that topic.

But if you, or we as a community, are going to protest a media event, call attention to something that you think everyone of intelligence and good will should find offensive, well, it seems like the bar needs to be set much, much higher. Context absolutely matters. In any case, don't you undercut your own case when the writer of the word in question meant the exact opposite of what you're saying he meant? And is it really reasonable to expect writers and artists to create their works so even the most feeble-minded of people will understand their message?

And talk about alienating our allies! Since publishing our story on Monday that was critical of GLAAD, we've been overwhelmed with emails from GLBT people and leaders who agree with us, who think GLAAD's targeting of Vanity Fair was an embarrassment to the organization.

There's an old expression, "Choose your battles wisely." Frankly, I'm hard-pressed to think of a battle more unwise than this.

1233 days ago


Bette 4 minutes ago

Just b/c I don't accept a person choice to live a gay lifestyle doesn't make me phobic... I have rights too and I chose not to accept someone's decision to be gay. I don't really care if someone is gay, just don't try to make me accept it, cuz it ain't gonna happen.

You have the right to hate whomever you like. You don't have the right to hurt whomever you like.

1233 days ago


His commentary wasn't comedy, it was a speech. And as much o*****eneralization as this seems to be, in some ways religious blacks are turning into the natural enemy of gays. This just is more proof. I think lynching jokes are very apropos right now. No more Mr. Nice Guy for me. Ruben Diaz can go eat his chitlins and choke on his watermelon. If I could get away with it I'd string him up myself.

1233 days ago




1233 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

Who the hell is Tracy Morgan?

1233 days ago

Leslie E. Allen    

"Tracy said he "better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I'll pull out a knife and stab that little n**ger to death."

I was taught GOD gives you what you hate to humble you. After he is finishing stabbing his son, he can go to jail, and finally really start to enjoying himself!!!

1233 days ago


wow the stupid ****** has to make fun of gays because he was bullied his whole life for being a dumb ******* ******

1233 days ago

steeler fan    

must have been a bunch queers in the audience, get over it

1233 days ago


Go Tracy! TMZ guy is homosexual so the headlines?! Sodomy is not cool.

1233 days ago

dick hardon    

Who the ******* cares........If you don't like it,,ignore it,,Some people are gay some are not,,once again who cares..But stop trying to shove your beliefs down other peoples throats...

1233 days ago

Yoo Suk Tu    

I saw his latest stand up comedy performance on DVD and it was awful. Unoriginal and not funny at all. Typical ignorant, vulgar mad black man with a microphone. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan are just not funny bcz Richard Pryor did it first, they're just copying him. F this, F that, "F_ggot," "Beyotch," .... and on and on. Tracy Morgans humor is so warped and awful, I couldn't finish the DVD and had to stop it. So this doesn't surprise me one bit. He needs to apologize to the gay rights group.

1233 days ago


There is NOTHING FUNNY about this man's IGNORANT REMARKS - not when young people are killing themselves - literally - over anti-gay slurs/bullying. Tracey Morgan needs to make a Sincere Apology, and even then, I think 30 Rock should Fire Him!!! SHAME ON YOU TRACEY!!!!!

1233 days ago


Some of you are severely stupid. Being gay is not a choice. Why would someone choose to be a way that results in being ridiculed and bashed by people their entire lives?

Also, the fact that so many of you think that gay is being flamboyant and wearing leather chaps and feathers and going to Pride Parades in WeHo shows your complete and utter ignorance. Gay means having a natural attraction to someone of the same sex, and that's it. There are gay men who look and act just like straight men, they just simply aren't attracted to women.

We do have freedom of speech, or at least we're supposed to, so I think it's okay to make fun of people or stereotypes. But there is a fine line between that and hate. When you say that you will kill your son because he acts the way that he was born, that'*****e speech. There are a million other gay jokes he could've used and he chose that one. It'*****eful and encourage*****e. It's wrong.

People make black jokes, white jokes, hispanic jokes, asian jokes all the time and we laugh. It is okay to make gay jokes and no one is saying that it's not okay. But when you make jokes about groups of people, you cannot be encouraging violence against them and being hateful.

BTW, most homophobic people are closet cases. If you are straight and secure in your heterosexuality, there is no reason why what someone does in the privacy of their bedroom should bother you. If all you are into is women, why do you find the time to worry about and campaign against the gays? I know why... it's because you're GAY and can't accept it.

1233 days ago


If you took the time to read this story and comment about how the gays need to get over it and that you think being gay is wrong, you are a closeted homosexual. Straight guys are too busy spending time with their girlfriends or trying to get laid to read and comment on TMZ stories.

1233 days ago
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