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Gay Rights Groups to Morgan

We DEMAND Apology

6/10/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The largest gay rights groups in the country are condemning Tracy Morgan's homophobic stand-up act in Nashville ... insisting, "anti-gay violence is not something to joke about."


TMZ spoke with Jarrett Barrios -- the President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- who tells us the organization is investigating the situation, and if the reports are true, "We call on him to remove these violently anti-gay remarks from his show and send a strong message that anti-gay violence is not something to joke about."

The Human Rights Campaign is equally upset -- telling us, "Hateful remarks that mock youth suicides and the very real emotional and sometimes physical bullying LGBT kids face on a daily basis have no place in a comedy routine.”

The group adds, "If these allegations are true, Tracy Morgan must immediately accept responsibility and apologize.”


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Being 'gay' is a choice. End of story. So if you make the choice to live the gay lifestyle, that is what it is. Wrong choice, but hey, who cares its your choice. Dont push your lifestyle choices on others. Bloody pooftas!

1229 days ago


Don't apologize Tracy you have a right to your opinion.

1229 days ago


On the other Tracy Morgan thread, a poster said that he should be put in jail for his "homophobic" remarks.

So...locking people up for their thoughts and words is a tolerant gay value? More like a Hitlerian value. Sieg heil, sweetie!

This is the direction the progressive-liberal agenda is pushing this country. With their attack dogs, the A(theist &) C(riminals) L(egitimizing) U(nion) assaulting any and every value the progresive*****e, like morality in general, these parasites hope to take what our forefathers have built with their blood, sweat & tears, and hand it over to the entitled class so they can maintain control over every aspect of our lives.

1229 days ago


I don't agree with Tracy's actions but...

shouldn't GLAAD confirm their facts by investigating BEFORE they demand an apology? It seems they can't wait for these celebrities to say something wrong.

A forced apology is hardly genuine. We know how he feels about gays now and so he'd only be doing it for the sake of his career and image.

1229 days ago


Let me see if I have this correct: If my sister dates a black man, and I react by saying I think that man should be strung up from the nearest tree, I am being funny? Yea, right! How many blacks would find that humorous? If not, are they being overly-sensitive? You decide.

1229 days ago


I laughed, it's funny. Gays can suck it.

1229 days ago


Give me a freakin' break. GLAAD should then demand an apology from more than half the population, because I heard far worse in freakin' high school. So Annoying the big freakin' deal they make about these kinds of things.

1229 days ago


I was on board with their approach until "..,.[he] must immediately accept responsibility and apologize" WTF is that all about? Who the hell do they think they are, and if he doesn't? What are they going to do, stomp, roll their eyes, snap the fingers and cry.

Gays believe their going to push their agenda through by intimidation and name calling. If you're uncomfortable with a transvestite or flaming gay guy, you're "homophopic" and they DEMAND that you hire these people and put them in your front office for display to prove that you're LIBERATED and "tolerant"

A person attracted to a person of the own gender is one thing but this all inclusive always expanding alphabet soup of freaks GLBTQ is a formula for societal demise

1229 days ago


@ Santa Fe Jack...Here's your answer.
Being black is not the same thing as being in homosexual addiction."Black"is not a behavior.
The gay activists are always trying to equate behavior with the civil rights movement.There is no comparison.
All men are created equal.Their behavior isn't equal.
Gay behavior is not equal to heterosexual behavior.

1229 days ago


As much as I hate what he said I don't think we can go around bullying "apologies" out of people. That won't benefit anyone.

1229 days ago


Jesus why don't people get that their words have meaning?

1229 days ago

Dr Tanqueray    

GLAAD is demanding yet another apology? That's so, uh, non-hetero...

1229 days ago


O.K., so, if he doesn't apologize, then what they gonna do?.... sue?... Oh!!

1229 days ago


@Jon you missed my point: Is it funny to say you'll stab your son if he acts gay? Is it funny to say let's hang that N...R cause he dated my sister? Lots of people find either behavior...acting fem, interracial dating...highly offensive. Let's kill that f*g! Let's kill that N****Er! Hey, there's a Mexican, let's beat him up!
Yea, HIlarious.

1229 days ago

Logan R    

And if he doesn't apologize then what? The gay community will stop attending his shows? How many are actually attending now?

Be straight, be gay, be purple, be what ever you want. Learn to laugh at yourself, life is too short to get wrapped up in all this drama. Lying on your death bed I'm sure the last thing you wish that would have happened before you die was to get that apology from Tracy Morgan. Big picture people.

1229 days ago
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