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Zsa Zsa's Cop-Slapping Dress Hits Auction Block

6/11/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For Sale: 1989 floral dress ... once belonged to Zsa Zsa Gabor ... tight enough to accentuate womanly curves, loose enough to slap a cop in the face!!! 


Yes, Zsa Zsa's most famous dress -- the one she was wearing on that day she pimp-slapped a Beverly Hills police officer -- is hitting the auction block ... TMZ has learned.

The dress, along with tons of glamorous items from Gabor's private wardrobe, will be featured in a Julian's Auction event sometime in August or September.

We're told Gabor's people signed off on the sale in the hopes of raising money to pay for the ailing star's mounting medical bills.

Along with the designer clothes -- the auction will include French antiques -- and a horse sculpture the beauty's 4th husband Herbert Hunter originally purchased for $150,000 back in the 60's.

No comment from Julian's Auctions.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

If they make any money off of this, then Prince Von A-Hole should be arrested!

1229 days ago

sloppy seconds    

what's up with the old hollywood actresses and their HUGE ears? why? so many of the new (younger) actresses do not have these massive ears. wtf is up with this? it's all the older ones who have these huge fricken ears! pretty faces, but massive ears?! nasty! why?

1229 days ago


@ Sloppy: Your photo is more nasty and disgusting. so stfu!...Btw your eyes must be damn f!cked up, cause what you call ears is her hair. dumbazz.

1229 days ago


Zsa Zsa's 'people' is actually one publicity ho of a person named 'Von-A-Hole'. The guy is a leech...literally. Why not sell his soul to the devil. Oh, forget that - the devil already owns his soul.

1229 days ago


Where is the REAL Hollywood when they're needed? This poor woman is one of a vastly dwindling bunch of stars from back in "the day" when being a star still had some redeeming qualities. They just let her rot on the vine, poorly tending by the gardener...the "wanna be Printz". What a tragic ending.

1229 days ago


I guess prince von a-hole needs more money and to pimp out his near dead wife a little bit more. What an a-hole

1229 days ago


The woman is dying in the hospital and that leech of a "husband" VonAhole is selling off all of her stuff. Supposedly due to medical bills. I am so not buying what he's selling.
What a creep.
Now, I don't know the full story, but I've formed my opinion anyways (lovely huh) but I've read about how bad Zsa Zsa has treated her daughter Francesca, because she didn't "want" her or whatever. Regardless, you shouldn't dog out your child(ren) for anything. Her being raped or whatever and didn't want Francesca. What a piece o crap.
Everything you do comes back to you.
Ten fold baby.

1229 days ago


well, how about her shoes
that she walked over to slap
the cop with.anything for money.
i mean who cares what dress she wore?

1229 days ago


i know the 80's is old skool but color pics were already invented. whats up with the b/w photo?

1229 days ago


jenny, it's no doubt a dress in garish 80's colors, just imagine it in your mind.

1229 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

I will always a fan of Ava Gabor ...

1229 days ago


Now they're back to being broke?? Wasn't Von Ahole looking to have a baby not so long ago?? Nice to know he couldn't afford one! She's probably broke because he's spent all the money. I hope he's not the one in charge of looking after the money from this auction. If so I'm guessing the bill will never get paid and he'll be buying a new baby. He's such an a**hole!!!!

1229 days ago


I see a little bit of Lindsay Lohan in the mugshot. The face especially. Just sayin......

1229 days ago


She was so awesome. I remember seeing an interview on a news channel back in the day...(I was really young)Shes explaining herself and the guy goes, "But everybody disagrees with you."... and she snaps back "Well then, I'm right and everybody else is wrong!" from that moment forward I liked her, I was awestruck by this glamourous opinionated woman.

1229 days ago


There's no one like Zsa Zsa( or her sister Ava)...such beautiful and charming ladies. Hope she's doing well since her last hospitalization.

1229 days ago
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