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Rep. Weiner

Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop

6/13/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner took numerous photos of himself -- clothed and partially nude -- at the House Members Gym and sent them to at least one woman ... raising questions about whether he used Congressional resources in his online exploits.

TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ ... the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. 

 The pics were taken on both the gym floor and in the locker room.

TMZ has confirmed the pics were sent online to at least one woman.

The question that's dogged Weiner since his news conference/mea culpa is -- did he use Congressional resources during his cyber affairs?

So we gotta ask ...


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john m    

WAKE UP PEOPLE. He's crude and immature, but unlike David Vidder, a Republican Senator who HAS NOT RESIGNED, he has done nothing illegal like solicit prostitutes from the floor of congress using his cell phone.

He's taken some nudey pictures and e-mailed them to various women. Who cares??!!!! Pay attention to more important matters, like the takeover of government by corporations and billionaires, and corruption of politics by lobbyists (i.e. bribers). You are on the verge of losing medicare and social security if you vote for the wrong party. This is a STUPID DISTRACTION FROM THE REAL ISSUES.

1235 days ago


The corruption of politicians starts with just such tawdry little gratifications and then moves up to bigger money lobbies and more accessible 'personal' gratifications.

Because of his wife's power and status, Rep. Weiner is a prime bit o' beef for the slimy folks who find and use those 'personal' peccadilloes.

All the representative should have done is say 'sorry' or 'it's personal' and all would have been over and forgotten.

1235 days ago


House Members gym. Wow, nice try at just slipping that in as though it's normal. Why do House Members get a gym, and are they using it during working hours, and are the taxpayers footing the bill for these luxuries? How about doing your jobs and get your fitness on your own time and your own dime, just like the common folk. Try running your governments like a private business, where profits and routine structures are required for you to keep your job.

1235 days ago

CA Girl    

The actions of Mr. Weiner are DISGRACEFUL. He has disgraced the Congress of the United States and should resign his seat immediately. He will not, we all see that. Were I his wife, the next communication I had with him would be through my attorney. Talk about being publicly humiliated! Omigawd. It's really gone on far too long with far too many photos. Disgraceful.

1235 days ago


Anyway, just to lighten things up a bit:

1235 days ago


@middleagedcrazy - if someone is weak-kneed in terms of sex (if you can even call this sex) doesn't necessarily mean they would be unethical in carrying out their duties as congressman. But, I do agree it is a possibility.I think I was trying to make the point that he is taking all the blame when there were other participants.. But I really couldn't care less about this politician.

1235 days ago


RESIGN ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1235 days ago


I think the President should grow a set and call for this egotistical Congressman to resign.

1235 days ago


at least we see some tits

1235 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is that a weiner between his legs, or is that a roast of spanish pork???? i'm just sayin....olé!! si! si!! sii!!!

1235 days ago


His behavior from start to finish has been deplorable. He displays characteristics of a sociopath. He allegedly is "going for help" however this disorder is not curable. Here is what I see in Weiner: Pathological Lying, Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature , Need for stimulation, Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity, Lack of Remorse, No Shame or Guilt (other than acting, only sorry he was caught),Grandiose Sense of Self , Glibness, Superficial Charm, Manipulative, Conning, Shallow Emotions, Incapable of true love (short marriage), Callousness, Irresponsibility/Unreliability ,AND Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle, a DEMOCRAT.

There is no curing this!!

1235 days ago

CA Girl    

Hey, LadyLordess, don't sugarcoat it. Tell us what you really think! (I'm in agreement, btw.)

1235 days ago


It was stupid Mr. Weiner, and now you're a world-wide known laugh.
Most would not ever be seen in public again. How can anyone ever take you seriously again?

1235 days ago


dude put on some clothes...don't be weiner

1235 days ago


Weiner showing his weiner....smh

1235 days ago
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