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Rep. Weiner

Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop

6/13/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner took numerous photos of himself -- clothed and partially nude -- at the House Members Gym and sent them to at least one woman ... raising questions about whether he used Congressional resources in his online exploits.

TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ ... the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. 

 The pics were taken on both the gym floor and in the locker room.

TMZ has confirmed the pics were sent online to at least one woman.

The question that's dogged Weiner since his news conference/mea culpa is -- did he use Congressional resources during his cyber affairs?

So we gotta ask ...


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Calling Sen. Schumer! Weiner is the Senator's former "protege" and went straight from college to the public teat (where he,obviously, has too much time on his hands!). This is NOT the kind of member of the Ruling Elite we need running this country further into the ditch. Get a REAL job, Weiner, that will support your pathetic obsessions!

1232 days ago


This dude is in love with himself. I guess he should be seeking treatment for his problem.

1232 days ago


First...WHY this ugly, greasy haired, big nosed, no lipped idiot would be attractive to anyone is beyond me....but for every shoe there's a foot...or for every bun a weiner????
Second...he's an "ELECTED" representative....that's what makes this such a big deal....he represents the TAX PAYING citizens - who pay his salary, BTW. Even though it's on his "own" time...there's still an expectation of decency.
Third...all this idiots, when they get caught, use the excuse "I have a problem - I'm going to rehab to get "better"" -AGAIN, probably using his health insurance...which is obtained from his "job".....which is funded by the tax payers...from a job he was elected to by the PEOPLE!!!'s shiz like this that makes ya the heck did a sleeze like this get under the radar and get elected anyway???

1232 days ago


lolwut? Just shirtless pic that anybody ever upload on the www at least once in their life, i am sure of that.
Unless it is a frontal nudity, i don;t see the big deal is?
Also the other one too, that just on with a boxer.
Maybe you never seen any undies ads in your life or something?
Stop being so hypocrite, peoples.
It's not THAT scandalous, it is just because he got the position and so you want them to act like a saint.
Well, guess what, peoples makes mistakes, even politicians.
They did many. So what the problem again?
You never did mistakes? LIES!
Please be critical to yourself before you did to others.
That's all.

1232 days ago


Weiner is a sleeze bag. This is what happens when a sexually deprived young adult who by his photo on Facebook indicates to me that he stayed home the night of his prom...when he becomes powerful and morfs into a ville mouthpiece of the Dem party as a Congressman he is in the get even mode...I'll show them how sexy I I will let them follow me and fall all over me...this I believe was his mindset ...Sex and politics is a dangerous game...many play it and many fall...The dialogue he had with the sex porn star in Vegas is indicative of a very unhappy, insecure and sick guy who because of his sexual addictions is a National Security he writes to kids? Give me a break...this guy must leave his post and get help.

1232 days ago


It's okay because Mista Weina wus pwobabwy taking pictures fow his wife. Besides I think Weina's Weina wooks fwattering.

1232 days ago


So he is going to rehab? This is getting old with these politicians thinking rehab will cure them from whatever "addiction" they may have. He, like others, feel if there is a disease or condition(for being a creepy little perv) and get “cured”, the public will feel sorry for him. How can rehab cure him from being a patheti*****tle man? I saw the pics and I can only say...ewwwww.

1232 days ago


Oh Mr.Weiner, what a pickle you have created for yourself. NY deserves better than you, n remember you made your bed, now lay in it.

1232 days ago

Jon V    

I think he should resign and become the head of the DNC. He's a great representative for the new democrats. He can capitalize on both name and weiner recognition.

1232 days ago


I think there being a gym in the congressional building in itself is a waste of taxpayer money. What else do they have, a free tanning salon? A daycare? I joke, but they probably do have those things.

1232 days ago


Too bad he didn't ask Harvey to train him -

He's neglecting some body parts -


1232 days ago


What line? the s***bags in Washington do as they please in everything they do. There is no f'n line! Anyone remember Bill Clinton? Just Saying...

1232 days ago


WOW...This guy just keeps on giving, wonder how much of him is out there...

1232 days ago


What a jerk-off this geek is, get rid of this ****-bag already.

1232 days ago


Are Congressmen even permitted to take photos in the house gym for security reasons?

never thought of that-thanks for mentioning it
most gyms have a strict no cell/camera policy

and given what politicians could be in this gym at any time--there has to be a policy that he has violated - even if the photo is only of himself and not a candid shot of someone else!

1232 days ago
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