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'Jerry Maguire' Kid to Parents: Bow to Your Landlord!

6/13/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jonathan Lipnicki -- the kid from "Jerry Maguire" -- recently put a roof over his parents' heads, but it's no gift ... they have to pay him back every single penny ... WITH INTEREST.

Seems Lipnicki saved up the residual checks he gets from "JM" and whatever else he's done in the past 15 years and helped his parents score a home in Westlake Village ... about 30 miles outside Hollywood. 

According to court docs, Lipnicki forked over $216,222.35 for the pad -- but under the terms of the deal ... they must repay the full amount  ... PLUS 5% interest.

Wonder if their next door neighbor has three rabbits?



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hmmmmm.....I wonder if they could charge you w/interest for all the time you lived at home............

1228 days ago

cynical me    

It's their JOB to take care of him, house him, feed him until he was o****e. It is not his duty to pay for his parents home or anything else. Good for him.

1228 days ago


We make our own decisions in life. Settle it out of Court somehow or let it go.

1228 days ago



Ungrateful BASTARD.


1228 days ago

Aunt Ann    

5% interest isn't a bad rate what's the problem.
TMZ, do you have an accountant who can explain the reason that there would be a contract between a child and his parents concerning taxable monies. It might be nice to get a well informed report for once.

P.S. that doesn't mean that you should call up his parents and ask them what kind of shady dealings they have going on.

1228 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

To Cynical Me _ yeah I know, but the parents dragged his ass to auditions, etc. I work for a studio and see this all the time so I guess for this article I should borrow your name:)

1228 days ago

who dat    

"and whatever else he's done for the past the 15 years"....... that would be nothing.

1228 days ago

Aunt Ann    

To joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off! & cynical me;

Might I refer the two of you to the doctrine of Forgivness - but let me be clear - I'm speaking in terms of accounting. If a person forgives an amount due then at the end of the tax year he can ________________ (fill in the blank).

1228 days ago


5% interest?! boy is stark raving mad

1227 days ago


That's kind of sad. I can understand paying him back, but with interest. Interestingly enough, his current project is a movie called "For the Love of Money" Hmmm

1227 days ago


I wonder if he remembers how much his parents gave up in order for him to get to all of his auditions and gave up working to be with him on set because he was a minor. I guess not since he hasn't done much(at all) in a few years. It's not really a lot of money if he still gets residuals for that movie. I think he would have been ok if he had just given it to them.

1227 days ago

Are You Serious    

@ cynical me.... I hope you have kids and I hope when you are old, and it will happen to your egotistical stupid self, they let you rot in a ditch somewhere.

It is that selfi*****titude that has our society idolizing the losers in Hollywood in the first place, no morals, no integrity,dignity and are so self centered, we have no positive celebrities in this era at all. Hung out, drugged out, sexed out.....

So sick of these spoiled Hollywood brats, Hey Limp****i, if it were not for your parents, you would be just some UGLY little kid getting spitballs pegged in the back of your head and flipping burgers somewhere as an adult. are nothing special..........

We need to get back to old school,,,,,when family actually mattered.

1227 days ago


Your "exclusive" is short on information.
For all we know, these are the terms his parents insisted on, yet you say the actor is "demanding" repayment and interest.

You're trying to create drama here, when there's no evidence of any malice. Five percent interest is benevolent, more like a token rate.

1227 days ago


Sounds like it was a gift to me. If they don't have anything in writing that says they owe the money he is out of luck. It isn't his place to have to buy his parent's a home, so why did you do it, not to smart. Parents and kids alike once grown should buy things on their own, you will appreciate a lot more.

1227 days ago


And he said, "Show me the money!"

1227 days ago
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