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Katt Williams Arrested -- Let The Tractor Driver Go!

6/13/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Williams has been arrested again ... TMZ has learned -- this time, the comedian was busted in Palmdale, CA after an intense standoff with a tractor driver.

Katt Williams Arrested

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man doing tractor work on a Palmdale home where Katt was staying claims three women approached his vehicle and began attacking him with rocks and dirt clods around 4:30 Saturday afternoon.

The man, who says he suffered facial injuries in the attack, called his wife to pick him up -- but when she arrived, Katt pulled up in an SUV and blocked their exit.   That's when the man called 911.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. quickly arrived to the scene -- arrested the women for assault with a deadly weapon and busted Katt for felony intimidating a witness.

Katt was hauled to a nearby station, where he was booked. Bail was set at $50,000.  Williams was released later that night.

Story developing ...


No Avatar


why is he always staying at someone else's house & they don't know it but they are friends of Katt & tell police, oh yeah he's cool

1227 days ago


"F" this jerk!!! He has repeatedly made fun of the very mentally & emotionally disturbring skin condition called Vitiligo. That's disgusting to call it fake and make fun of it during his performances. People who suffer from this cosmetic deformation are REAL PEOPLE who are just trying to adjust as best as they can. This guy is trash, he's not funny and he's a ignorant jerk!! I hope he suffers in the same way he's likely hurt many other people.

1227 days ago


1) Palmdale is the ARMPIT of California. This is where you go to live when all the other sleazy areas of California kick you out for being to sleazy even for them.

2) In Palmdale, I believe a black man being an idiot, threatening others, and making a simply called a #12.

1227 days ago


Kat needs help, he's constantly in trouble!

1227 days ago


Any bets that drugs were involved? Throw all of these bums in jail. I am sick, sick, sick of druggies!

1227 days ago

Loving Monterey    

He thinks that the criminal behavior adds to his Bad Boy Reputation.

The funny thing is, You can't have a bad boy rep if you are the size of a 9 year old boy and still fit into underoos.

1227 days ago


He's like the DMX of comedy

1227 days ago

Get Real    

Some people enjoy being career criminals. Eventually, they'll enjoy jail time. With any luck, a lot of jail time.

1227 days ago


The true defintion of ghetto filth is this animal

1227 days ago


I don't think this Cat could intimidate very many peeps...cept for a maybe a one legged 'Ho!

1227 days ago


LOL KAT WILLIAMS? who does this tiny little rich black guy think he is? a gangster? I would have gotten out of the tractor and slapped the **** out of that un-funny midget

1227 days ago


First off...What is he doing in Palmdale? What is a crazy, crack-smokin' black comedian doing out in the Antelope Valley? It just makes no sense for him to be way out there.

Second - I can just imagine the three women being a bunch of fatass hos in booty shorts snake-neckin their heads and screaming at the poor guy.

Stay in Detroit or Compton, or Oakland, you animals.

1227 days ago


I do agree with your comments about foul-mouthed. Sinbad is another comedian who has a clean act, yet you will crack your side laughing.

1227 days ago



As a parent, I found it difficult to reconcile funny with foul when my kids were younger. I had to be vigilant about what they got to watch on T.V..
But I can tell you that an awful lot of parents didn't. I constantly had to explain to my kids that Johnny Punk or Suzie Skeezer acting like idiots doesn't justify their do so, as well.

As a scoutmaster, I had to deal with a boy whose language would make a sailor blush. When he wouldn't stop with the dirty (I mean really nasty) jokes or his constant swearing, I had a meeting with his parents....who got really indignant that I would point out a flaw in their precious little angel. After all, he was only doing what "all the other kids" were doing.
They couldn't grasp that "all the other kids" weren't Boy Scouts in my troop, who had taken an oath to be better, more moral people.
They withdrew their little prince from the troop.
It was later revealed that this boy (14 years old) had also brought liquor to the camp outs and was letting boys as young as 11 take swigs.
My son told me that this kid ended up in trouble with the law.
Great parenting, huh?

1227 days ago


Palmdale LOL

1227 days ago
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