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TMZ Live: Will Anyone Care about Sheen's TV Return?

6/13/2011 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does Charlie Sheen have enough fans left to be a primetime TV star again? Plus, if Tori Spelling was speeding to escape photographers when her accident happened, who's to blame -- her or the paps? You won't believe what one TMZ user had to say...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Topics today: Sheen's new show, Tori Spelling blames paps for car crash, Bret Lockett says he NEVER MET Kim K. in person... and much more!
(8:57) Rep. Weiner sent half-naked pictures of himself -- that he snapped INSIDE the House Members Gym -- and we have them!
(10:30) Who should determine if Weiner gets the axe?
(17:10) Charlie Sheen is landing a brand new show -- and Harvey has all the details. So why does Charles think it's a "huge risk"?
(20:20) Will Charlie suffer the same fate as the "Friends" and "Seinfeld" stars?
(26:30) Breaking news! Gary Dourdan was popped for Ecstacy possession.
(28:35) Tori Spelling blames a pap -- not one of ours -- for her car crash. What rules do TMZ's photogs have to follow? Harvey breaks it down.
(34:00) Surprising ... a lot of people are AGAINST Tori on this one.
(39:30) Bret Lockett admits he's never come in contact with Kim K!!! Now we know why he dodged Harvey's questions on TMZ Live last week!
(47:30) Harvey's fish -- it has a NICE HOME, people! Calm down!  And yes, someone feeds him on the weekend!


No Avatar


Give Weiner the same legal advice my lawyer gave me. NEVER take any photos or appear in them unless you are a-ok with the entire WORLD seeing them. Never know when they will show up again.

1171 days ago


Has Lebron James been taking PR advice from Harold Camping?

1171 days ago


I think he should get a wedgie, and a hefty chunk of change ripped from his checkbook. Max, I love you!

1171 days ago


Do elected officials sign a morals contract after they are sworn in ? Or is it just understood they have to behave a certain way ?

1171 days ago


Hey whats up with Gene Simmons? Looks like his ways have caught up with him.

1171 days ago


Weiner should keep that mamba in his pants! Dangerous business!

1171 days ago


I wish the first ten minutes of TMZ Live weren't just reading headlines. We can read ourselves. Why did you guys decide to make the first ten minutes intro filler?

1171 days ago

kathy mahalak    

Dont u think bin ladin has been the fishes dinner by now. like john john

1171 days ago


I live in Indiana, I want to move to California, if I move would you give a fan a job.

1171 days ago


Hi Harvey and Charles,
You are quick to point out that the photog in the Tori Spelling crash was not yours but don't you think the culture you guys have created is partially at fault? When they speak of ignorant young people it is referred to as the "TMZ culture" of today. Sorta how you want to try and keep everyone in check and hold them responsible like you did Rihana, Where does your responsiblity lie as far as your hounding photogs go? I know you don't tell them to back off if the celeb does not want your photogs harrassing them...

1171 days ago


Harvey should eat spirulina powder if he doesn't feel good on the veggie diet. It has vitamin b12, lots of protein, and iron Lack of vitamin B12 can make you feel very weak and it's hard to get in most vegetable sources. It's also filled with a ton of other vitamins. I would only take the spirulina powder from "Earthrise" because it's the only company where it is tested to be grown properly, without contaminents.

1171 days ago


Weiner is D.E.A.D.

D on't
E mail


1171 days ago

No comment    

It drives me crazy that people say that Weiner's photos are not illegal, its like saying it is okay to have an orgy in White House as long as everyone is o****e. Where is the decency. Also, how come he thought is was appropriate to exchange messages with a minor. He lacks common sense for a man that is suppose to be intelligent.

1171 days ago


Schwarzenegger needs to send Weiner a gift basket.

1171 days ago


He may have done something illegal by sexting a 17-year-old pix of his wingwazzle - pathetic, possibly illegal

1171 days ago
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