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6/14/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops in Florida TRIED to measure the height of WWE superstar Kevin Nash after he was recently arrested ... but HE WAS TALLER THAN THEIR MEASURING CHART!!!!! 


Nash posed for the mug shot after he was arrested on suspicion of battery last month -- a charge that was later dismissed for lack of evidence.

Nash -- who claims he's a solid 7 feet tall -- was recently arrested on suspicion of battery in Florida ... after he stopped a drunk dude from getting too close to his wife at a local restaurant.

Big Sexy admits things did get physical with the other man -- but Nash insists he only acted in self-defense because the drunk guy came at him with a beer bottle.


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Harvey you messed up again! Kevin Nash isn't with WWE anymore,he is with TNA aka ImPact Wrestling. I have to say someone must be really stupid to try to mess with Kevin Nash.

1195 days ago

Andre R.    

Is he still as incredibly injury-prone as he was in his WCW days? One time he tore a hamstring just walking across the ring, for crissakes!

Anyway, he shall always be remembered for his mark on pro wrestling, for one thing, he was WWF/E World Champion during the time the company was in danger of going under (mid-90's, pre-Attitude Era) and one book about wrestling said that he was such an unpopular champion that during his reign, WWE nearly went bankrupt!

Also, the other infamous incident that will go down in wrestling history is the so-called "Fingerpoke Of Doom", where Na******erally fell down to the canvas after Hogan poked him in the chest, the title changed hands, and the involved cronies celebrated in the center of the ring. Nash and Hogan swerved everyone by swapping the WCW title in a bogus match that infuriated everyone who saw it, and it was referred to by Wrestlecrap.com as "one of the top five causes of WCW's demise".

As for Nash's height, I saw him live twice, and he's tall all right, but was one of the worst bookers the industry ever had. He helped to book WCW into oblivion, but gosh darn it, he was funny doing it!

1195 days ago


Why wasn't the drunk punished? This doesn't seem fair.

1195 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Regardless of your position, affiliation, or association:
To threaten, coerce, harass, or disrespect a Man's
family, can ONLY be met with SEVERE and LASTING repercussions.

Handled, PROPERLY, Big Kev.

1195 days ago


@Missy actually he returned to wwe this year to make special appearances, he left tna last year

1195 days ago

Workin my way to Trump status    

Andre R

How was he one of the worst "bookings" in wrestling history?

The guy was a beast. Haven'*****ched wrestling in a few years but the guy provided solid entertainment and seemed like a genuine guy. All the little groups he was a part of and the story lines he did made wrestling awesome for a while during my youth.

I'd like to tell you you're not a true wrestling fan if you don't like Kevin Nash unless he did something to you personally.

1195 days ago


That pretty much shows he's not quite 7 feet. The chart tops out a 6'6" and he looks to top it by 3-4 inches. And chances are he's wearing boots or something that adds 1-2 inches.

1195 days ago


No Harvey didnt mess up Kevin Nash is signed to WWE that happened months ago fool.

1195 days ago


NWO 4 Life

1195 days ago

brock lesnar    

leave Nash alone. he is a great guy. back in the day we would rub oil on each other so we literally shined in the ring.

one time i had no bath towel and Nashy shared his with me. he would also rub my back really good when i was stressed out.

1195 days ago


@Wes-I haven'*****ched wrestling in awhile so I didn't know he had already left Impact...so back the fck off with the name calling.

@Pam-Thank you for telling me,as I just stated I haven'*****ched in awhile,so I didn't know when he left. I think he should have stayed with Impact.

1195 days ago


Andre R-Nash didn't really have anything to do with the down fall of WCW, the downfall of WCW was becaus of Eric Bischoff and Hogan. I really hope they don't mess up Impact the same way.

1195 days ago


Big Sexy

1195 days ago


The chart top, not top mearker but top of the chart is 6'9" which makes him right around 6'11 1/2"... Clear rulers are nice.

1195 days ago


I think I could take him. Heck I dont think I can I know I can. I am 6'4 445lbs. If I couldnt Big Kev would have known I had been there. Now to the drunk, he deserved everything he got for coming onto Kev's wife. I would have probably done more than that to the inbriated idiot. way to go Big Kev for sticking up for your family.

1195 days ago
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