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Weiner Offered Ginger Lee Advice On Stripper Career

6/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner exchanged emails with his cyber-mistress Ginger Lee right when his scandal broke -- advising her on how to handle club owners who wanted to hire the "stripper of Weinergate."


In one email to Weiner, sent on Jan. 2, Ginger says. "Just tell me what to do or say, this stuff is so far out of my league I can't even pretend to know what to do."

Weiner responded, "I want you to make decisions that help you be healthy and sane. We need to be zen about this."

He continued, "I'm going to stop talking about this. No new oxygen."


Ginger -- who REFUSED to call herself a stripper during a news conference with Gloria Allred and instead claimed she was a "featured dancer" --  has a bit of an identity issue ... because in her emails to Weiner she referred to herself as, "The most famous stripper in America right now."

She also told Weiner she was getting offers from strip clubs all over the country, but she didn't want to do the "stripper cashes in w/clubs because she may or may not have communicated w/somebody" thing.

Ginger eventually had a change of heart, because she was front and center at the Pink Pony last night.



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Well he had a lot of himself......

1224 days ago


Hey Ginger, how about you and Allred ********* to **** you buttwhore

1224 days ago


A whore is a whore is a whore. Its about money and they dont care WHO you are. Daddy must be proud! (on both sides)

1224 days ago


TMZ.... PLEASE do something about these spammers!!!

1224 days ago


Being a "porn star" is more respectful then being a client of Gloria Allred!

1224 days ago


What was so bad about his emails. He basically told her to make decisions to keep her healthy and sane. Nothing wrong with that.

1224 days ago


Why do you guys even bother covering Gloria Allred press conferences. Who cares. They're always dumb and pointless. Why the did this chick need a press conference? She emailed a guy. Wow... how exciting. This whole Wiener Gate nonsense is the dumbest story of the year. The idiot didn't even really do anything with these women. It's a non-story.

1224 days ago


At least she works. I know so many hot chicks that don't even work, they just spend their guy's money - shopping all day.

1224 days ago


I still don't understand why this woman had a press conference with Gloria Alred yesterday. No investigation is being taking place, no one is accusing her of anything but she felt she needed the time and energy to go in front of the cameras to tell the world that Weiner told her to lie. Seriously who cares? And the fact that she was telling the world saying she thinks the Congressman should resign was just laughable. Does anyone really want a porn's star opinion when it comes to politics?

1224 days ago


YOu guys report all basketball crap!! what about the bruins? they just won the f'ing cup after 39 years!! i guess that's la for ya! *****!

1224 days ago


I'm tired of hearing about this F*ing nerd. His tweets never make any sense. He should do the world a favor and stick his weiner in a light socket in rehab.

1224 days ago


A woman who DIDN'T have an affair with him, who ISN'T a household name, hawking her faux-concerned, "Oh poor me, I'm the biggest stripper in the world, what to do?" emails. WHY IS THIS NEWS?

1224 days ago

Gsharon 710    

You are not famous, even Ole Harve's clicks are down......haaaaaa

1224 days ago


Hey, it's Zanny the Nanny. They were talking about her on the news (Casey Anthony) trial a few weeks ago! Gee, there really is one!

1224 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

She's a sharp one, that goddess Ginger. But she really should've said, "Tony, just so you know, I'm sexting all the way to the bank, baby."

1224 days ago
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