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'Housewife' to Ex-Employee: You're the REAL Racist!

6/15/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop is firing back at an ex-employee, who said she was canned because she's black -- claiming the employee is the REAL racist ... and it's killing business.


Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job.

Barshop then turns the tables on Collier, accusing HER of being the real racist -- "In an effort to mask her own deficient work performance and serial on the job screw-ups, Collier, in a racist fashion, asserts that her race, national origin and skin color were the basis for her termination."

Barshop claims Collier only worked for CB for two and a half months -- and was fired over "disciplinary and other work performance problems, including client complaints."

Collier originally sued Barshop last week -- claiming she was the target of racial discrimination in the workplace.

But according to Barshop, Collier's suit is nothing more than a "defamatory campaign" to ruin her professional reputation -- and she wants at least $5,000,000 to settle the score.


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Th standrd probationary period is 90 days. Hence, since she was fired within that time, I doubt that she has a legitimate case.

1229 days ago


I am in no way defending the person who was fired so I can't speak on that but

First off what somebody identifies themselves as is nobody else's business - that's arrogance personified and a pretty stupid waste of time. "I say you can't be X so you're NOT X"

And LOTS of people hire 'help' that they think is beneath them - so yeah, a racist would hire a black, brown, yellow, etc. It would never enter their minds to hire somebody like them because in their own minds, they are above everybody else. Well that and quite a few white people generally aren't on the bandwagon for any manual labor.

And Stiletto, you may not believe this, but your very post is full of racisim. Are you telling me that there are no white parasites? Please, go back to Dreamland. Piker.

1229 days ago


@ Ed/Eddie, you're an idiot. I don't normally call people names but this is one of the times in life that I feel justified in doing so. Let me start off by saying - I'm not black. Not every black person is lazy nor is every non-white person. Don't be so small minded. You're one of those people that think that only African Americans and Hispanics commit crimes, are on welfare, are bad parents, etc. I have worked with many great African Americans and Hispanics and have nothing but kind words to say about them. Oh, and they were all well educated. Some of them had to bust their butts and work two jobs just to put themselves through college. Keep in mind - - there are bad seeds in every race. White is not superior, we are all equals! We all bleed the same. Don't be so ignorant.

1229 days ago


5 million? ******* kidding right? **** this ****

1229 days ago


@Cella "And Stiletto, you may not believe this, but your very post is full of racisim. Are you telling me that there are no white parasites?"

There are "white parasites" fact, there are LOTS of them. But if any cited RACISM as the reason they were treated badly or fired or denied an apartment/home/job/promotion...they'd be tossed in a strait-jacket and locked up.

You should read what "racism" really is. I do not think a person-of-color is inferior in any way, shape or form. I do not hate or even dis-like someone based upon their color/religion, etc.

That I am sick of "people" hiding from their own capabilities (or lack of), problems in life, unhappiness at not getting their citing "racism" or "being held back by white people"...does NOT make me a racist, and being a white person, it does not apply to white people because it is impossible to be a racist towards your own race, and a white person claiming racism is non-existant.

I have black/hispanic/asian friends AND relatives...but the moment any of them make some comment blaming something in their lives on racism...they can get the hell out of my home.

1229 days ago


she looks like steven tyler

1229 days ago


always the race card. just can't admit that you suck as an employee

1229 days ago


But Stiletto, you don't get it. Lots of "people" do the things you describe. Not just people of color. White people cry racism all the time. I've heard a buttload of times from whites "I didn't get this job because of affirmative action" as if it never occured to anyone that maybe the person of color was a BETTER candidate than you. Nobody ever thinks that - what is that impossible of something? But that's casting blame same as saying "people" hiding their own capabilities and blaming the "man." Affirmative action may get you in the door, but only hard work will keep you there. Most states are "at will" hiring and firing so you can fire somebody for just about any reason where that is applied.

And yes you can be racist towards your own. Ever heard of the term 'self-hating?'

Racism does still exist (I'm in Texas so I know). Just because the President is black doesn't mean we are somehow this magical color blind society where everybody is equal. That's guff. There's still klan rallies that go on in the eastern part of this state.

1229 days ago


If Cindy were racist, I doubt Ms. Collier would have been hired in the first place. This whole race thing is getting terribly old. PROVING racism is difficult when your claims are baseless. Sometimes you get fired because you suck and that's all it is-nothing more, nothing less.

1229 days ago


I actually went to her for a wax and she was super nice, but she was absolutely terrible at the wax. I didn't complain because she was new (and very nice), but it was the worst wax I've ever had. Plus, she had me waiting for 30 minutes because of a "scheduling mixup".

The receptionist was black too, so I'm not sure she has a case.

1229 days ago


also if you could read the article states that Barshop is counter suing for 5mil

1229 days ago


if you people knew the whole story you would know she did not meet with the spa in person before getting the job. So there goes your "if she was a racist she wouldn't have hired her" theory

1229 days ago


@Cella Hiya's! You make good points. Yes, I have heard of "affirmative action" and "reverse racism" ...but I attribute that to politics harming the individual, rather than another individual or another race.

Take the exam to become a member of the post office and you will be informed up front that minorities and vets get additional points added to their score. Racism? Discrimination? I don't think so. Maybe the most. I have a good friend (who is black) who turned down a job with the LAFD years ago...because they came out and said they were denying the better scoring candidates jobs, in order to make sure a certain number of minorities were given positions. He was outraged...he felt that if his house ever caught fire or EMT's were needed at his house for his wife or daugther, he wanted the BEST to show matter their color. He felt he did not need a "helping hand" and could get the position on his scores and not a political program. I greatly admired this stance.

And "self hating" is (in my opinion) directed at your self and not the race you are a member of. Above and beyond that, "self hating" is found almost primarily in connection to a persons nationality.

I will admit that I live and work in an area with a lot of minorities who are very low income and they (as well as the white people) act like animals much of the time. I guess it is quite possible that after a good deal of time I've fallen into the mindset of believing they (including the white people) are the same everywhere. And disgust is settling in to me.

Thanks for the rational debate...something to think about.


1229 days ago


@JAC... i am black and i have to say im ashamed of black people how ghetto they act. Alot of them think because they are loud and blacks think they can get away with treating people the way they do. If we had more people like your co-workers maybe no black person should be using the race card anymore. this whole its all because im black is overrated. People cant use that excuse anymore because If you do you need your head examined.. did you all forget what color president we have... grow up black people.

1229 days ago

And thats the truth    

I used to work with a black guy that was promoted to a warehouse lead. He did not have to clock in anymore so he started coming in late and leaving early. He would leave work and get breakfast. His boss told him that he had to start clocking in and he played the race card. A few months later they started laying off people because business was slowing down and guess who the first one was to leave.

1229 days ago
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