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'Housewife' to Ex-Employee: You're the REAL Racist!

6/15/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of NYC" star Cindy Barshop is firing back at an ex-employee, who said she was canned because she's black -- claiming the employee is the REAL racist ... and it's killing business.


Barshop filed the suit today in NY on behalf of her spa company Completely Bare -- claiming ex-employee Altovise Collier wasn't fired because she's black ... she was fired because she sucked at her job.

Barshop then turns the tables on Collier, accusing HER of being the real racist -- "In an effort to mask her own deficient work performance and serial on the job screw-ups, Collier, in a racist fashion, asserts that her race, national origin and skin color were the basis for her termination."

Barshop claims Collier only worked for CB for two and a half months -- and was fired over "disciplinary and other work performance problems, including client complaints."

Collier originally sued Barshop last week -- claiming she was the target of racial discrimination in the workplace.

But according to Barshop, Collier's suit is nothing more than a "defamatory campaign" to ruin her professional reputation -- and she wants at least $5,000,000 to settle the score.


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@Stilletto - "...and being a white person, it does not apply to white people because it is impossible to be a racist towards your own race"

Actually, this IS a big issue in the Black race.

I've been on both sides of the 'firing squad' and ultimately, one has to be responsible for their own behavior, period.

1228 days ago


Good for you Cindy fight back. I did as an employer and won! Turns out she had pulled it on three other employers using the same story over and over.

1228 days ago


eddie thank you

1228 days ago


this is beyond ridiculous. so only blacks are bad workers. only blacks get benefits for being blacks. what about legacies at colleges that only get in because of who their parents are. i am far from lazy. i work my butt off everyday. i have been known to work seven days a week for three months. i don't hang around ghetto people and don't know any. so stop generalizing all blacks. when i do see ghetto blacks i have to admit to myself that they are the reason that racism is still alive and well. everyone i know rather black or white has at least a bachelor's degree. i have a master's and worked very hard for it. in conclusion stop generalizing. the same way i don't think all white people act like hillbilly trailer park trash you shouldn't think that all blacks are ignorant low life ghetto trash.

1228 days ago


This person looks like Steven Tyler! TMZ, you should do a side by side of her and Steven. There TWINS!

1227 days ago


We don't know what went down, All we are doing is reading what someone typed. 2 stores from 2 different people. She had a interview over the phone, She moved FROM AtL to New york, Was fired 2 weeks later or 1. I dont remember, but racism is still out there. I'm Black and I have had experinces with racist People.. Wayy before i was hired. " Are you the black girl or the White Girl" Why does the color of my skin matter? I just want a damn Job. Job and School, and thats what the manager asked me over the phone. Yeah i was pissed, and Yeah i could have got him fired. But I didn't because it wasnt going to solve Anything. So you people commenting can asume that we always pull the race card, But maybe you should walk in our shoes for once. Dealing with bull****, because of the way you Look. Now Arabs in this country have to deal with the same ****, because a few of their people messed Up. So now everyone thinks theyre bad. Anyways, done. Peace

1227 days ago


Who cares? She's a "hasbeen", and needs to think about the future (which might not include singing) ;)

1227 days ago


I used to work with Cindy and she is actually very sweet and caring. I hope television doesn't turn her into something she is not. She was well liked by everyone she worked with - good for her for standing her ground. Good luck Cindy!

1227 days ago


<------ sick of race card and sick of people wanting to sue other people. Americans are the biggest bunch of ********* I've ever heard of

1227 days ago


When are people going to drop the race card?? It's 2011!! Schools are full of mixed kids- ALL RACES... Get over that ****!!!

The real racists are the ones constantly bringing up racism.

1227 days ago

Hugo Fahkov    

@Stiletto Right on bro!!!!

1227 days ago


Wow...can't believe how ignorant these comments are. Racism doesn't exist? You really must be living in a fantasy world. People are discriminated against on their race, gender, age, and sexuality every single day. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that all of you complaining about playing said "race card" are not minorities. You have no idea what it is like to be disadvantaged in this world and clearly you never will. The United States was built on racism, and institutional racism is very alive to this day. Do your research, read a history book, and stop fueling the problem.

1227 days ago


That makes no sense. If she was fired for being black, why would she have been hired in the first place?

1227 days ago


She was hired over the phone, sight unseen. That's how.

1227 days ago


Angie, What are you even talking about right now. Do you not read History Books? White only bathrooms, You could only go to college if you were white? You couldnt eat in a certain place unless you were white? or shop in a certain place.And you're upset that we have a college for blacks and funds for Blacks? But yet you sit there and watch Maury, acting like you only see black people on the show? LOL. Have you watched Jerry Springer? Ever race is on Maury and Jerry Springer. You must be color blind or something, if you only see black people.

1227 days ago
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