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Anthony Weiner Reunites With Wife

6/16/2011 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner is back with wife Huma Abedin ... at least for now.

The pic was taken as the two went to their Queens apartment, just before Weiner announced his resignation.

Huma has been overseas with her boss, Hillary Clinton.  Huma returned home yesterday.


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It is cheating... the guy was fishing, and had attempted to talk sexual to many women; he just didnt get a chance to hook-up yet. He is strange (sorry), but a man his age to talk like he is some 18-year old kid about his package- has severe immaturity issues, and a level of arrogance behind him. This is just another woman with low self-esteem; who has decided to stand by her man. He will do this agian, because now he really has nothing to lose; except he will be more secrete about it. The woman worls for Hillary- so what does one really expect?

1188 days ago


They were seen at a Cafe ordering a ****burger with Peniskraut.

1188 days ago


Sad. That is it's sad we have to hear about this. He's a creep and she seems to be a step and fetch it type for Hillary. Is she an American?

1188 days ago


For now I suspect they're going to stay together for the baby, but in the long term of things, I don't think the marriage will last. The "trust" has been broken and that's very hard to mend. Besides, what Weiner has isn't a disease that can be cured -- it's a behavior/personality/attitude issue. Jus*****ching him resignation speech this morning, nothing has changed he is all into "himself". He's just a loudmouth XXXass

1188 days ago


I don't think that she gives a ****. She isn't in that marriage for love anymore that Hillery is in hers for love. It's business,plain and simple.

1188 days ago


I guess if that was the case he could have sexting his WIFE, hmm?

1188 days ago


Hillary Clinton's practicly her mentor, of course they're gonna work it out. Next, she's gonna run for his position lol

1188 days ago

Tony Bowler    

She should dump his ass,I'll take her any day she is beautiful and he is a douche and really ****** up...

1188 days ago

The Truth    

So he sent these pics to total strangers and no one can connect the dots that she has received several similar pics or worse? She had to know before they were married that this is his fetish.

Look at the barely contained smile on her face, she may be a lady on the streets, but she's a freak in the sheets. I bet the first minutes they were alone together she paid an oral visit to the "famous weiner".

I'm a little freaky myself and I can tell you that my wife loves it. Other than the fact that he lost his job, I think they both are probably really turned on by the whole situation.

And what did he do that was so horrible? While his wife was on long trips overseas he flirted with chicks online, instead of cheating on her. If she knows that this is how he is then what harm was caused?

I have news for all the prudes commenting on here, kids in high school and college are sending all kinds of pictures like these all the time. Was what he did juvenile? yes. Was it immoral? Depends on his wifes opinion. Was it illegal? Definetly not.

1188 days ago

Blue Lake    

She really needs to have a "miscarriage," wink wink. Get rid of his demon seed, dump him and find a good man to start a family with. He is not that man. He's a sick pervert who should be deported to hell.

1188 days ago


she is so ugly

1188 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Does she smell like the rest on them? Sat in back of one once and had a hard time holding my breath for the 2 hour ride.

1188 days ago


call me crazy (and I know you will) but to me they actually look cute together. Look, there was more than one woman turned on by him.

1188 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

This woman's heritage is from the Middle East - they are used to and often expect their husbands will be unfaithful. In addition, her marriage to him may be of political and financial motivation; I don't think she really cares what he does with other women. Just a perspective - but she hasn't seemed one bit rattled by any of this - she almost looks smug in the recent photos after the scandal broke. People marry for other reasons than love - this may be such a marriage.

1188 days ago


That woman will leave him and it won't be long (excuse the pun). This is YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of paying for playing [with your dong]! Idiot!

1188 days ago
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