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Bam Margera: My Lambo Was POISONED!

6/16/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera's quarter-million-dollar Lamborghini just took a $45,000 beating -- and according to Bam, it's all because his friend dumped the wrong fuel in the gas tank.


Bam fired off in a Twitter tirade against his pal Cleveland earlier today -- claiming Cleve filled up the Lambo with diesel and it completely DESTROYED the car.


According to Bam, he's turned to alcohol to help drown his sorrows -- chugging Goldschlager before his flight to Phoenix today.

But it's unclear if he actually made it to the airplane -- because last he tweeted, Bam claimed people at the Philadelphia airport he's flying out of "thinks I'm drunk. This is bullsh*t."


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These stories are always written by idiots. Diesel fuel will NOT ruin a gasoline powered engine. It simply wont run and will have to be cleaned out. Thats it.

1191 days ago


A diesel nozzle does not even fit into a car's gasoline receptacle. And it will not destroy the car either. The car will not start with diesel, so no engine damage can occur. All he needs to do is drain the tank, fill it with high octane gasoline and crank her up...she'll run OK.

1191 days ago


whats a Bam Margera?

1191 days ago


Samething happened to me in my Porsche Turbo some gas staitions place the diesel pump on the far end were the premium normally is. You just need to remove the gas tank, drain and clean it and flush the fuel lines out.

1191 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Takes a roody-poo to fill a car with diesel by mistake.

1191 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

uh, shouldn't this douche be driving a big wheeled, super raised hunk of a ford f-250 pick up truck? with an extended cab! what on freakin earth in gods name is he driving a PURPLE LAMBORGHINI??? i'd kick my agent out on his ass, if he made me drive something like that, cuz that thing is soooooo homo. like pure homo.

1191 days ago


that car NEW was 250. if that's the same lambo he's been driving around in for 5-6 years, it's worth a lot less than that. Especially in this condition. Poor car....

1191 days ago

todd lee    

Everytime TMZ has a story on this ************, its always him crying and whining and basically being a little bitch. Its either "bam got beat up by a fat lady" or "bam got hit in the head with a baseball bat" and now its "bam wrecked his car", I used to think he was a big ***** but now i see hes a big *STUPID* *****.

This guy is such a waste of skin, why does he have so much money again?

Thats real smart, dumba$$, trash a expensive ass car when you can get it fixed for a few grand...obviously no brains in this kids head.

1191 days ago


Bam's a piece of crap...who cares?

1191 days ago

Shaun O'Rourke    

This story is BS. You can not fill a non-diesel car with diesel. The reason is because gas stations have had this happen in the past thus the nozzle on the pumps are different sizes. A diesel nozzle will not fit in a regular gas pipe. This story seems to be a way for someone who has been out of the limelight a little media attention. If it did break down it was for another reason.

1191 days ago


I accidentally put diesel in my camaro (many years ago) The car drove maybe a mile up the road and died. The garage drained the tank and refilled it and it was fine.

1191 days ago


What kind of moron buys a quarter million dollar car and then lends it to someone else to use? Hell if I could afford a quarter million dollar car not only would I buy it in a color that wasn't so tacky but I would make damn sure NOBODY but drove it but me! Idiot!

1191 days ago


bam is a funny dude sad for him

1191 days ago


Ummmm last time I checked you can't fit a diesel hose in a unleaded gas tank it won't fit no matter how hard you try. So what the real excuse? TMZ do some fact checking and call these bozos out that this could not have happen.

1191 days ago


this is a european doesnt follow this american standard with the size of the diesel hoze...

1191 days ago
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