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'Friday' Producers Hit Back At Rebecca Black

6/17/2011 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The company that produced Rebecca Black's hit "Friday" says it was "blindsided" by the singer's demand to pull the video off of YouTube -- and is taking a shot at the singer for not calling them first.

Rebecca Black Friday

A rep for Ark Music Factory tells us "We’re disappointed, having been in good faith negotiations with Rebecca Black and her representatives for months regarding any open issues."

The rep continues, "There’s been an ongoing, open dialogue with our company.  So we were blindsided to get a Take Down Notice -- with no notice -- alleging copyright infringement instead of a call or email from Rebecca’s representatives."

AMF adds, "We are going to continue to take the high road and work out the complaint as soon as possible."


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" would be refreshing to see more adult discussion about the merits of "Friday" and legal wranglings over its distribution."


wait. I'm posting at TMZ (an entertaining site, but not one designed for stimulating debate). I sound silly for outlining what I think is a proper discussion of Rebecca Black's copyright issues and her singing ability.


1222 days ago


this coming from the same people who started charging for the vid with no notification

1222 days ago


thank you Rebecca! I'm going to make a song called "thank you"... about how f'ing grateful I am that RB pulled her song from youtube.

1222 days ago


Jeeze, she is only 13. I know that people hate the song but the comments about her though are just ruthless. They are just too much for a girl that young to even process.

1222 days ago


I heard her parents spent something like $5000 for Ark to produce this piece of work. If so, Ark should have been contractors under work for hire rules, and shouldn't receive any money over distribution fees and costs (about 20-35%). Anything over this and Ark are criminals. If Ms. Black's parents are trying to take everything including this sum, they are out of line. The distribution cost is the question, and Hollywood's greatest creative contribution to the world is its accounting practices!

1221 days ago


Money train left the station ARK, I feel bad... Wait no I don't you freaking perverts that take advantage of young kids.

1221 days ago


This isn't mentioned in the article, but it has been mentioned in the comments here, but I'll say it again. She's disputing this because Ark Music Factory put the video behind a paywall on 6/13/2011. She does have a legal right to dispute something like a breach of contract. But it seems everyone has on her AGAIN even though she is using her legal rights, and not many seem to know the full story!

1221 days ago


Omg I want to kiss her sooo bad she's sooo hot. I wish she went to my school!!!!!!!!!!!

1221 days ago


I can't stand this girl BUT she gave all of the money she made to charity. Who is ARK to pocket the profit from her work when she didn't even do it herself.

1221 days ago


Everyone knows that FRIDAY IS FOREVER whether we like it or not, and it takes a REBECCA BLACK to make FRIDAY a common day of the week into an infamous/famous day of our existence. Therefore, the more mockery and hatred this novelty is getting the more REBECCA BLACK FRIDAY stucks into our heads See....! That is the uniqueness of this virality sensation. Now, the SHARKS smells blood into this and if we carefully analyze what is transpiring now it adds up unto something.
This girl needs more faith and proper guidance from good people right now. Why??? It seems that there is more than cyber bullying is brewing.........hope that's not going to happen.

1221 days ago


If the song wasn't making money none of this would matter. It matters cause there is lots of money involved.
I like Rebecca, I'm on her side.

1221 days ago


I agree with "Love My Fans" above. Rebecca Black and her pushy Stage-parents need to get a grip, and show some humility and appreciation to ARK! Don't start acting like some accomplished Diva just because ARK's efforts for her went viral on the Internet! The negative publicity this "fame-whore stuff" has been generating pretty much cancels out any fresh, ingenue appeal of a junior high school girl wanting to become a singer. Don't go Lindsday Lohan on us just because of one little, cloyingly cute song!

1221 days ago


I want her to wrap those sexy lips around me. I would love to bang her...repeatedly. I know she is only 13, but damn!

1221 days ago


That Friday song is annoying and moronic, but no more so than around 70% of pop that gets played on the radio. May as well give this girl a record deal.

1221 days ago


Seeing as people are heartless and have lost any lasting remnants of empathy, sympathy, and just flat out humanity it doesn't shock me that no one can really see just how detrimental this all is to this young girl.
It's really not her fault, but the fault of the money hungry adults around her and her parents who I am sure like most think they can make a buck off their kid.
Can anyone imagine what it must be like to have your childhood/teenage year mistakes forever lasting on the internet?
She's been very strong, I'm sure many wouldn't have lasted as long and would have killed themselves by now....but I really think that's what the majority of those who mock her are wishing for.
The thing that is sick is that the majority of the people making fun of her are grown ass adults.
We really are de evolving from everything that separates us from being "animals" and no longer hold what makes us human.
Humanity is extinct.

1221 days ago
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