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Brandon Davis

Key Person in

Spelling Mansion Sale

6/17/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the biggest real estate deals in the history of Los Angeles was hatched by none other than ... BRANDON DAVIS!!!  And get this ... He'll get hundreds of thousands of bucks for his efforts.

Yes, TMZ has learned Greasy Bear -- the ne'er-do-well grandson of the late oil mogul Marvin Davis -- was instrumental in the sale of Candy Spelling's mansion.

Here's the way it went down.  Brandon was at a Hollywood nightclub on April 27, partying with Petra Ecclestone -- the 22-year-old daughter of billionaire Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone -- when she told him she wanted to buy a HUGE house in L.A.

Brandon sprung into action, hooking Petra up with realtor/Paris Hilton's father, Rick Hilton.  Sources tell TMZ, Rick made a deal with Brandon -- to give him a $250,000 finder's fee if Rick could sell a mansion to Petra.

So Rick then showed Petra Fleur de Lys -- a huge mansion in Holmby Hills.  She offered $85 million.  But then the seller started making demands, saying she wanted to keep this statue and that statue.  Petra was fine with it, until the seller demanded an additional $700,000 to cover her moving costs.


Petra said sayonara to Fleur de Lys and Rick took her to Candy Spelling's 57,000 square foot mansion in Holmby Hills ... near the Playboy mansion.  Sources connected to the sale tell TMZ ... the deal was sealed at $85 million -- ALL CASH.  And get this -- Rick not only represents Petra, he also represents Candy, so he scored one of the biggest commissions for a realtor ever.

But there's still this little issue of paying Brandon the $250k.  We've learned escrow on Candy's mansion will close in 2 weeks, but Brandon -- who became really famous because of his "FIRECROTCH RANT" targeting Lindsay Lohan -- can hardly wait.  You see, the night he talked to Petra about buying a huge mansion, he got in a fight outside the nightclub and was arrested and charged with cocaine possession.


The guy who got into the fight with Brandon is threatening to sue him, and Brandon needs the $250k to settle the dispute.

0428_brandon_firecrotch_mini_launchWe love happy endings.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Oh God, Thank you! I was having trouble sleeping until I read this Scitillating stozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1225 days ago

karen darvin    

unfortunately for Brandon, money or not, if he can;t get off the drugs his time is r unning out fast

1225 days ago


A reputable RE agent can't double the commission when both sides know what's up. He can't effectively represent both sides anyway.

Given the size of the sale, I bet he made barely made 1% commission at most.

1225 days ago


Brandon Davis is a disgusting pig and a total loser. He'll be spending that $250,000.00 on drugs and partying and nothing else. Why give this creep extra publiciity? He's a nobody and Pari******on is also right in his category.

1225 days ago


ken 34 minutes ago

A reputable RE agent can't double the commission when both sides know what's up. He can't effectively represent both sides anyway.

Given the size of the sale, I bet he made barely made 1% commission at most.


I don't think you know what you are talking about. I guarantee you the first thing he did was have Petra sign a contract that he would act as her agent. She went into it knowing he was selling the home. He absolutely had a contract with the buyer and seller hence he is collecting commission from both sides. It happens all the time.

1225 days ago


Whoever is selling Fleur de Lys must be kicking themselves to have lost out on an $85 MILLION dollar sale over a measly $700K moving cost they should have been paying for in the first place.

1225 days ago


another useless wanna be celebrity that does nothing for this world but be a POS

1225 days ago


Want to clarify, Petra doesn't pay him. He is getting double pay because he doesn't have to split his commission with another agent.

1225 days ago


Oh God, if Petra is friends with the likes of Davis, that house will go up her nose in a matter of months.

Her father looks like the year old remains of Andy Warhol's corpse. He must not be in his right mind giving her all of these ridiculous houses at her age. She's going to get kidnapped just like the Getty grandkid.

1225 days ago


I don't know about California real estate law but in Texas you can't pay a finders fee or any part of the commission to anyone who is not a licensed real estate agent. Hilton probably will make about 4% on the deal. The listing side is probably 1% with Candy having paid for costs such as brochures and such for him lowering his fee. The sales side is probably 3% and he was not expecting to sell the house himself but what a deal! Both sides of the commission!!!

1225 days ago


I've been licensed to sell real estate in 3 states (not California) and this transaction would be ILLEGAL...unless TMZ failed to note that Davis was a licensed agent. I get rules are different for the rich and famous but there's more to this story as far as how Davis will be paid.

1225 days ago


All that the 250K really was, wa******on saying introduce me to your friend and I will make it worth your while. As long as she didn't already have an agent there is nothing illegal about it.

1225 days ago


Sigh it's blocking out Hilton, no idea what TMZ thought I was trying to say.

1225 days ago


I knew from her picture that Petra had to be a lowlife.

1225 days ago


California is really, really, really short of prison space. Petra should rent out a section of that house to the government to use for a jail, and Greasy can go live there when his ass gets busted. All his friends could visit, especially the one who are in there with him. The house is so big Petra wouldn't even notice a chunk of it was missing.

1225 days ago
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