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Tracy Morgan

'Hey, Homeless

Gay Teens ...'

6/17/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan put on his serious face today in NY -- to meet with some homeless gay teens and victims of anti-gay violence -- in an effort to educate himself after his recent homophobic comedy act.


During the meeting -- organized by GLAAD -- Morgan spoke with two young gay people, Jayden Love and Raciel Castillo (pictured above, to the right of Morgan), who were forced to live on the streets after they were shunned by their families.

Afterward, Jayden and Raciel said, "We really appreciate that we were able to meet with Tracy Morgan ... We hope that our stories have the power to change not only Tracy's perspective, but those of any parent who may be struggling with accepting their child."

Tracy plans to go to Tennessee next week (the site of his homophobic performance) to apologize to the people he offended and to meet with the Tennessee Equality Project and local advocates.


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Ha! "Homeless Gay Teens" That would be a great band name.

1222 days ago


What's the difference between a gay teen who leaves the home because he wants to have gay sex against his father's wishes and a drug addict who leaves the house because he wants to use drugs against his father's wishes?

Both are a misuse of their bodies the way nature (not God, but Darwin) intended.

Therefore, a father has the right to outlaw certain high risk abnormal childish behavior if he is supporting the child. Whether those behaviors are putting your genitals into a hole of human feces or drug use, a father has a duty to teach his son the proper use of his body and sexual organs.

If the child cannot handle this and is "shunned" and must run away, so be it. The child is already gay, and therefore most likely not producing grandkids. He is already a biological evolutionary failure who through his own weakness to selfish desires and confused fantasy has neutered his genetic code and taken it out of the gene pool. Evolutionary FAIL!!!!!

Therefore, we should not lose sleep over kids who are already dishonoring their family and millions of years of genetic evolution.

We are PROGRAMMED to resproduce...our entire society is based around reproduction...every single marketing campaign and piece of media appeals to some element of reproduction. When a father finds out that his son will not be reproducing and carrying on the genes, he should be the one who gets government sponsored counselling because he just wasted all that effort for a kid who will FAIL to reproduce.

IOW, when a father finds out his son is gay, he realizes he has failed to raise a man, but has raised a confused abnormal boy.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

That's very nice of Tracy. Hope they accept his sincere apologies and thoroughly frisk him for guns and knives when he goes to apologize to all the gays and gay groups he offended.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

jack 11 minutes ago

The PR damage control isn't fooling anybody. He said how he felt, we don't like it but accept he is homophobic and move on.

Well said. He said how he felt even if he put in the form of a joke. He is homophobic like many people. It is a PR stunt. Most people understand that and move on.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

CC 20 minutes ago

He should have taken the opportunity to council those kids and let them know just because they have made bad decisions in the past they can make better ones in the future. Homosexuality is a choice and they should know it's the wrong choice.

Wrong. I am sure you are sincere in your beliefs on this isue but you are ignorant about this aspect of human sexuality.

Most people inherit their sexual orientation and they cannot change it. They can change their behavior and have sex with a gender they are not sexually attracted to if they are coerced to, but they cannot change the gender they are naturally attracted to sexually. Some people's sexual orientations are influenced by their environment (nurture) but they are in the minority and they are usually influenced one way or the other because they are attracted to some degree sexually to both genders.

The kids aren't making bad or good choices about whom they're attracted to. They're being true to their own natures. Who are you to believe that you have the right to suppress other people's true natures when what they do is a private concern and no concern of yours since they do no harm to others.

If someone forces you to have gay sex, you can call 911. Otherwise, keep your prying nose and self righteous attitudes out of other people's business.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

Nick less than a minute ago

There needs to be a holocaust for ****.

@ Nick: There needs to be a holocaust for figs?

Say it ain't so. I love fig newton cookies. I know they're fattening but they taste so good. What do you have against figs?

1222 days ago

PRO US    

midcoast about an hour ago

So the gays have a cry about being mad fun of and this joker is running around meeting them and asking for forgivness.You ameicans have a very funny sence of humor.No wonder your country is going down the toliet

Sure, whatever you say, unlike your home country of Syria which is flourishing.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

inurtrash 42 minutes ago

Tracy Morgan is just one of millions of nignogs on the downlow.

What is a nignog? Is that like egg nog? Egg nog on the low down? Is that some kind of diet you're on?

1222 days ago

PRO US    

Chicago Nick 3 hours ago

This is a freaking joke, another victim of the Gay Gestapo Brownshirts and Brownholers. You people can kiss my azzz freaking sick bullies.

@Chicago Nick:

So, you say they "can kiss [your] azzz"? So, you're saying you are gay? OK, you're gay and you don't like gays. You've got a problem, buddy.

1222 days ago


I would urge those kids to make a "found family" of friends and loved ones - you are young, and to a certain degree, you are commonly stronger and more resilient at this time on your lives than you will ever be - you ARE WORTHY, and you can make a happy, worthwhile life for yourself full of love, just don't give up on YOU!!
(written in loving memory of my friend Dan Maxim, always in my <3)

1222 days ago

PRO US    

Jennifer about an hour ago

OMG America has gone to Sh^t!! Shame on you Tracy for being bullied by a bunch of homos! You homos may have the right to be who you are but I and other people have the right to put you in your place for it!

You have the right to free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution. You don't have the right to physically put anyone in what you call "their place" if you're not their guardian. Maybe you want to clarify how you're going to put millions of gays in "their" place, tough girl? You and whose army? How many divisions do you have?

1222 days ago

PRO US    

Superman about an hour ago

Soooo, speaking out against homosexuality as a sin is "homophobic"?!? What next? Narcophobics? Alcoholphobics? DrunkDrivingphobics? Incestophobics? Pedophilephobics? Whorephobics? Slutphobics? Adulteryphobics?

This is the absurdity of the gay movement. The sex act in the privacy of their home isn't good enough for them. They act like they deserve their own ethnicity. Who's next? The adulterers unite and plead for an equal social-class standing as the non-adulterers?!?! And then, the adulterers call the non-adulterers phobics if they don't support them? Grow-up!

You're against adultery? Guess you're not going to vote for Newt Gingrich then.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

Doug about an hour ago

What's the difference between a teen who is kicked out of the house because he is using drugs against his father's wishes and a teen who is kicked out of the house because he is engaging in deviant sexual activity against his father's wishes?

Both involve childish impulsive pleasure driven animalistic desire that the teen is failing to control like a normal human and honorable member of society.

In both cases, the father as an elder, is telling the child that behavior is not tolerated under his roof. The child is dishonoring and disrespecting his elders and the hand that feeds them. Therefore, they run away.

These children are not "shunned", but choose to disobey their parents based on personal choice. They lack respect and deserve to be on the streets. I hope they have trouble finding food, because their choices have led to their condition. They deserve ZERO treatment and ZERO care from the public because they already rufused care that was given to them by their parents.

Had they respected their elders, they would still have a home. Too bad, too sad.

Note to the Liberals in the bubble: 95% of fathers do not want a gay son. Get over it. It's called biology. Not religion.

People who can't stop doing drugs are addicted to drugs. It's a question of how the drugs affect levels of different neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

People who have gay sex have a sexual orientation that makes them naturally be attracted to some members of the same gender as themselves.

You can treat drug addicts in rehab centres and hospitals. The success rate in getting them to quit illegal drugs is not high but some professionally supervised methadone programs control the problem.

You may be able to force someone to change their sexual behavior but you cannot change their sexual orientation. You can force them to only have sex with the opposite sex but they will never feel natural or comfortable doing it because they will be doing something that is antithetical to their nature. That is a perversion, forcing someone to do the opposite of what they want to do because it pleases you, not them. You're a very selfish person. You only care about what pleases you. You want to force your will on others. People like you are toxic to society. There are millions of people who are ignorant about the biology and psychology of gay sex. You're just one of them.

1222 days ago


THIS IS OVERKILL. Comics make racist, sexist, jewish, etc jokes all the time. This burn Tracey at the stake and make him apologize a thousand times nonsense is ridiculous.

1222 days ago

PRO US    

aaron 3 hours ago

I'm F'n sick and tired of GLADD! If the good Lord had intended me to have sex with my brother, he would have given him a vagina.

When you are imagining yourself having sex with your brother, you are combining the notions of practicing gay sex with incest.

And does the good Lord, in your mind, intend for you have sex with everybody who has a vagina, or just your brother?

Should we alert all the women in America that you intend to have sex with them because the good Lord gave them vaginas?


1222 days ago
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