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Bin Laden Hunter -- Tracking Osama's Body Dumpers

6/19/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The undersea explorer currently hunting down Osama bin Laden's body needs clues to help his search -- and he's starting his investigation ... with the US Navy sailors who dumped Osama's body.


Bill Warren tells TMZ, he has already met with people who know sailors from the USS Carl Vinson -- the same ship that buried Osama at sea last month -- but it's unclear if anything significant has come to light.

Warren figures the sailors are the key to unlocking the location of Osama's body -- telling us, one of them "must have taken the GPS position of where they body of the creep was dumped."

Warren says his plan to find the body involves remote operated vehicles and a sonar system -- and if he has to break out the big boat, it could cost him $10,000 per day, plus fuel.

You can't put a price on closure.


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He wont find anything. Because Bin Laden is not dead. More Obama facricated BS.

1224 days ago

I am Spartacus    

This guy is an idiot if he actually thinks he's going to find the body. By now Osama is either shark or fish food. If the sharks could smell any blood from him they probably got to him first. And none of the people involved in dumping him are going to say anything (at least so soon).

I have no reason to not trust that he's dead. Even Al Qaeda has come to terms with the fact that he's dead. And more and more of Al Qaeda has been getting picked apart since then.

1224 days ago


This is actually funny but let's be honest, it will never happen. First off, he doesn't exist any more. Every fish has nibbled on his disgusting goat-as& smelling body. I'm sure all the bottom feeders have had their day with this muslim pedofile.

1224 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

This is probably for some dumb reality show, probably a stunt to gain publicity. This doesn't sound like a very thought out plan . . . If Osama wasn't dead, his "camp" would've been the first to let the world know we were fools to believe such lies, not to mention the release of a tape with Bin Laden.

1224 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Only a select few on the bridge would know the GPS coordinates.

By now, his body has probably been ripped up and consumed by sharks. Which is probably a good thing.

1224 days ago


what a idiot ...he just wants his 15 minutes..well there up so get anyone would believe that those guys are going to give him any info..he is a fool and he thinks Americans will believe him

1224 days ago


Why are they looking for something that is not there? Obama has done nothing but lie to the American public from day 1!

Impeach Obama now!

1224 days ago


Thats dumb...whats the point??? What will he do with a rotten decayed corpse if he actually does find out other than piss off Al-Queda. Is he going to take it to a lab for tests? Maybe he will stuff and mount it. I just don't understand what his reason is. Weirdo. good luck with all that and I sure as hell dont want to see pictures of it now that its been dead all this time. YUCK

1224 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Heres a clue----------SHARK!

1224 days ago


question: wouldn't sharks or some other predator eaten his body by now and why he waste his money and time looking for his body?

1224 days ago

mildly insane    

Dum da dum dum dum

1224 days ago


Well, well, something for the Navy to use for target practice if he gets close.

1224 days ago


This guy was a TV preacher on deep cable for years. He recently purchased an extinct Tasmanian tiger pelt at a garage sale and has milked that on talks shows and local news for months. More recently he was on Dr. Phil trying to find a mail-order Russian bride. He dyes his hair orange and whenever any aspect of the media is there to listen/he will talk. OBL's body was placed in a steel mesh bag and weighted when dumped. It could be as deep as 15,000'. I hope this geriatric can hold his breath.

1224 days ago


your picture is hilarious. who does them?

1224 days ago

R. Olson    

While you're out there, look for Ameila Earhart and Godzilla

1224 days ago
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