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Peter Fonda Locks Down Wife #3 in Hawaii

6/20/2011 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Peter Fonda just pulled the trigger on his THIRD marriage -- fresh off ending his second ... he tied the knot with his girlfriend in Hawaii ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the legendary "Easy Rider" star tell us he married Margaret 'Parky' Devogelaere yesterday in Hawaii.

Fonda's divorce from second wife, Portia Crockett, was finalized earlier this year. Fonda is 71-years-old ... and Parky is 57. Playa!!

0620_fonda_launch_2In fact, right before taking off for Honolulu -- Fonda proved his badassness ... telling us, not even a Federal Air Marshal could keep him out of the Mile High Club.


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Why bother to get married? It's not like she's gonna give him any kids.

1184 days ago


Playa?! Don't you mean gold digger!?!?!

1184 days ago


His sister is still is and will always be Jane Fonda, so I feel bad for him.

1184 days ago


ok TMZ where the hell did you pull this snore of a story out of lol you got one of Hillary Clintons interns working for ya or something? :)

1184 days ago

artie help    

who gives a fart, he's still a commi marxist pig, old fool as well, yeah she thnks your hot.

1184 days ago


3Stormsabout an hour ago

His sister is still is and will always be Jane Fonda, so I feel bad for him.

Jane Fonda is a legend, an oscar winner and long time advocate of fitness. She also does a lot of work to try to help educate teens about birth control. During the Vietnam War she mistakenly spoke out about POW's and because she is a famous woman she is still being criticized. She was young, idealistic, misinformed and thought she was helping to get the soldiers out of Vietnam, remember most of them were drafted. The North Vietnamese were more than happy to feed her propaganda and she is the one who took the blame even though she was not alone. There is no reason to be making negative comments about her.

1184 days ago



You go ahead and convince yourself that she didn't know what she was doing when she really did, and knew the consequences to the soldiers she sold out. Being opposed to our country and it's soldiers to side with the enemy in a time of war is why she was in North Vietnam in the first place.

It was not a mistake. It was a calculated move on her part that she only calls a mistake now looking in hindsight; a mistake that does not undo the US soldier deaths she's responsible for.

1184 days ago


Newt Gingrich approves! Vote Newt in 2012.

1184 days ago


14 year age difference isn't really that big a deal. And why not get married? Dude could live another 20 years.

1184 days ago


Jane Fonda should have served time for her treasonous activities during the Vietnam War. How soon we forget the "photo ops" with enemy soldiers and the devastation she caused by her comments. When introduced to our POWs they shook her hand and during that exchange tried to pass her notes to tell their loved ones they were alive. What did Comrade Jane do? Handed the notes over to the North Vietnamese so our POWs could endure more beatings, starvation and cruelty. It sickens me to watch her flouncing around with her plastic face at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year when there are men hobbling around with injuries she helped inflict.

1184 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Way to honor, cherish, & love Becky all the days of your life, Petey boy. Whatever.

1184 days ago


Sure, Jane did things she most certainly should feel guilty about, but the REAL Anti American traitors were the leaders within the US Government who intentionally created a conflict they had not intention of winning so they could economically drain the Soviet Unions economy with the blood, terror and death of manipulated and abused young American patriots and idealists, destroying their lives and health in the process...all for cold, lizard like Power...President Johnson, Nixon, Kissinger...they had a military industrial monster to feed...and they feed it teenage American boys...for shame. And then latter they befriended the mass killer(74 million Dead Chinese) Mao...and sold out our economy to them...for quick profits.

1184 days ago


Zoe, the last thing our used and abused soldiers and veterans need is someone like you mindlessly supporting the leaders that take advantage of their youthful idealism in the pursuit of oil fueled raw power. You're not doing them any good, quite the opposite, but you are serving your own unquestioning and Un-American support of entrenched elitist power for obviously self serving and narrow minded reasons...especially since none of the leaders who sent them their served any time in combat. In fact, during Vietnam they avoided it. So while they enjoy unchecked power, many military veterans from Vietnam live on the streets, are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and live out the remains of a life of pain wondering what might have been.

1184 days ago


Zoe, that's a 60 thousand dollar SUV I see you driving around town, right? On a nurse's wages? Curious to say the least.

1184 days ago


Starship Troopers 3 (It's a good day to die extend) via Youtube: Did you buy into this pretty yet ugly little vision? If there are no insectoid aliens to fight, you know they will "create" enemies to justify the endless wars necessary for such "heroics"...right?...Arabs, Jews, Gypsies...etc...

1184 days ago
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