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TMZ Live -- No Mercy for Ryan Dunn

6/20/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ users, callers and others lashed out at Ryan Dunn -- in spite of his violent death -- for allegedly drinking and driving. Plus, the consensus on TMZ is Anthony Weiner got screwed...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) Big day ... it's TMZ Live's SiriusXM debut! You can hear us every day on Starz 107 from 6-7 PM ET and 9-10 PM ET!
(3:55) "Jackass" Ryan Dunn died in a horrific car crash -- Evan has the details.
(7:55) Our first caller -- Marina -- wants to know if Dunn's death is a big hoax.
(9:00) TMZ viewers are NOT sympathetic to Dunn's accident because of the alcohol factor.
(10:00) Is it reckless to sell domestic cars that go 190 MPH?
(13:40) The Clintons and interns just don't mix -- we found out one of Hillary's former helpers is now ... a hardcore porn star!
(18:10) Monica Lewinsky, Anthony Weiner's wife, and now the porn star ... do all "porn roads" lead to Hillary Clinton? 
(24:20) The "herpes lawsuit" settles for upwards of $5 mil ... now we'll never know who got sued.
(39:00) Amy Winehouse BOMBS on stage -- anyone surprised?
(42:01) Mel Gibson's new fling -- a goth model! What a pair...
(44:10) We asked ... you answered ... and Weiner got screwed!
***Please, only call the TMZ Live number between 1:30 and 2:30 PM PT.

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As far as calling criticizing Ryan Dunn for driving drunk as "too soon," if he did in fact drive drunk, that's an inexcusable decision on his behalf that not only cost him his own life, but the life of his passenger. He drank, he drove, and he died. Where's the argument?

1190 days ago


Question: Why does TMZ focus on so many d-list celebrities?

7 f'ing posts on Ryan Dunn today. This guy was a complete loser and yet it's been all Ryan Dunn today. C'mon Harvey.

1190 days ago



1190 days ago


What do you think of the 16 year old pop star that married the 51 year old actor?

1190 days ago


I believe ryan dunn cause of death is DUI because earlier today i went to & it reads hours before his death ryan dunn post a picture of himself and his friends drinking which i did saw it. So, that's why i believe that was the cause of death...RIP Ryan Dunn

1190 days ago


Do you think what Roger Ebert said on his Twitter regarding the death of Ryan Dunn was tasteless?

1190 days ago


Why the f did US Airways have right to have Deshon Marman arrested wearing “too saggy” pants? And it´s just a coincidence he happens to be black, tall, big football player. Right. Has Lady Gaga ever been denied to board a plane with her crazy outfits? There´s people who bare way to much as passengers every day. Are crew members allowed to rule which cleavage is too deep or material too see-through? Remember Joel Madden who was ordered to cover his tattooed arms before boarding a plane in England? When can we learn to tolerate people with different skin than ours and look pass features in humans which were considered dangerous, inferior and discriminated ca. 1930???

1190 days ago


Congratulations on the Sirius launch. You guys sound a little nervous. Which is endearing. :)

1190 days ago


Porche 911 recall today!!! check it out!

1190 days ago


@ Maverick, Show sum respect ryan dunn just died.

1190 days ago


I live about 10 miles from there....that stretch of road is straight and people speed there ALL the looked like he may have overshot his exist...hit the brakes and missed the exit; lossing control.
It's sad.

1190 days ago


Do we know yet whose life he also took?

1190 days ago


How in the world can so many be shocked, when someone who lives, doing shocking things, dies? Sad, yes, but shocked, NO!

1190 days ago


I used to live 5 miles from West Chester and the entire area is heavily populated with deer, yes speed could have been a factor but all these people claiming it's simply because he was drinking have no proof of that yet. He could have been drinking and swirved to hit a deer without being drunk.

1190 days ago

brad rutledge    

Three beers and three shots over a four hour time period would not make a 5'9" 175lbs man legally drunk. The Jackass stars are notorious hard partying drinkers. I bet the amount of alcohol would not even phase him, why don't people give him the benefit of the doubt until the BAC test comes in.

1190 days ago
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