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Bam BREAKS DOWN at Ryan Dunn Crash Site

6/22/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bam Margera visited the crash site where his best friend and fellow "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died -- and he was so overcome with emotion he could barely put together a sentence. Brace yourself, it's heartbreaking.062211_margera_fox_still

In this MyFoxPhilly report, Bam has tears streaming down his face as he recalls getting the news that Ryan had died, saying it "was the worst phone call I've ever gotten in my life."

Bam went to the crash site on Tuesday. He says he was in Arizona when Ryan crashed early Monday morning.

When asked how he'd get through this ordeal -- Bam replied, "I can't. I can't."


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RIP Ryan<3
This is truely heartbreaking to me, as soon as the video started I was in tears.
& for those of you with your **** talking comments. GTFO ! This is not the place. Keep your comments you yourself. I am sure most of you are grown men & women. You should know better. Saying this is so disrespectful. You should be ashamed !

1189 days ago


Bams reaction is totally robotic, he has no feelings anymore, this is what fame and fortune does to you. Makes you fake and hollow

1189 days ago


I really don't think Bam's faking anything, it just looks like raw emotion to me, and he had probably been crying for so long that he wasn't ABLE to tear (for all those who don't think he's actually crying). A person's voice is an odd thing when they're devastated, and he looks completely wrecked. Also, why would Bam pull a publicity stunt like that? He isn't gaining anything from it, so THAT there doesn't make any sense. It's sad to me that people are acting like this about someone who is obviously in pain, but then again, this is the internet.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

1189 days ago


You guys are ********... let the man grieve. Drunk, not drunk Ryan's still gone. If you haven't lost a friend you care and love about tragically and suddenly like Bam and I you could never understand.

1189 days ago


So many morons. I hope someone writes cruel and nasty comments on all of your obituaries since you deserve it for what you're saying here. Bam isnt intentionally crying 'on camera'. He more than likely went to the crash sight as part of his grieving (I didn the same thing when I lost a friend to a car accident) and there was media already there as this is all over the internet/television etc. He probably wanted to say a few nice things about his friend and more than likely doesnt even know what day it is as his heart is clearly broken. Obviously what Ryan did was wrong but if everyone who drank and drove died, 3/4's of this country would be dead so get off your holier than though high horse and have some respect for man none of you ever even KNEW.

1189 days ago


For everyone saying that he's an attention whore and forcing himself to cry, you need to get lives. This man, regardless of the cause of the accident, lost his best friend who was like a brother to him. Another man's life was lost as well. It was poor judgment on Ryan's end to get behind the wheel while drunk and it was also poor judgment on Zachary's end to get in the car with someone who was intoxicated. Bam Margera may act like a d-bag in the Jackass movies and on TV, but he is still a human being with feelings. His BFF is gone and he has to live with that loss for the rest of his life.

I know what it's like to lose someone very close to you while being out of town and the plane ride home is the most difficult thing I've ever experienced.

1189 days ago


The press needs to know when to leave people alone!!

1189 days ago


His eyes are swollen and considering their best friends, I have no doubt he's been in tears. It sucks, wish people would realize even if they feel fine, they might not be and better safe/than sorry! It didn't have to happen--at least learn from it. His friends and family are in my thoughts. Their pain is real, make no mistake!

1188 days ago


Oops, they're (not their).

1188 days ago


okay. we all knew the guy was drunk. so WHY is no one talking about the bartender or the bar in general letting either guy get THAT drunk? it is the responsibility of the person serving you to cut you off when you've had too much to drink. that is the law. i've been a bartender and when you take your classes to get your license to serve liquor they teach you that you are supposed to keep up with how much is served to an individual and also keep in mind weight, height, and time that the person had consumed the alcohol in. we were taught if someone dies or kills someone else it's YOUR responsibility for letting them get that drunk to begin with.

1188 days ago


If a drunk driver had hit Ryan's car and killed him, people would be saying the drunk driver is an ******* that should have died. Well Ryan was a drunk driver who killed his passenger. He's a ******* and died.
P.S. How ironic that the last sound at the crash scene was "BAM" and now Bam is there.

1188 days ago


Oops my mistake...there was a THREE hour time difference between Bam's van destruction and Ryan's car crash...still think this is real??? 12:30 a.m. AZ time .... 3:30 a.m. PA time... Grief can make you do and say stupid things, fine, kind of like TALKING TO THE CAMERAS who are rudely filming you at the scene of your friend's stupidity

1188 days ago


To the Haters: I'm more than positive Bam does not have to fake tears for his BFF's death. Stop making yourselves look dumb.

1188 days ago


I love all the people who think they KNOW this is rehearsed. God forbid someone act unnatural and awkward when cameras and mics are following them to the scene of their long-time best friend's death. God forbid someone famous might want to say something publicly about their famous best friend's death. You people--shame on you. Shame on you. Get a ******* life. Seriously. How is this not sad?

1188 days ago


You people are sick. Ryan was his best friend...for years!!! Who the f*** are you losers seriously. You dont gotta agree with Ryans stupid decision to get wasted then get behind a wheel but c'mon. Bam just lost his friend. Dont be ********.

1188 days ago
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