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Ryan Dunn's Passenger Indentified as Drinking Pal

6/21/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials have identified the passenger who was killed in "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn's fatal crash as 30-year-old Zachary Hartwell ... a friend who had been hanging with Dunn at a Philly-area bar earlier in the night.

Zachary Hartwell

Cops say both Dunn and Hartwell (pictured above right) both died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash around 2:38 AM Monday morning.

Sources who were at the bar with the two men tell us Dunn had intended to drop Hartwell off at his home ... and then Dunn planned to hang out with another friend after that.

Hartwell is credited as a production assistant on the "Jackass 2" movie and recently had a small role in the Bam Margera-directed 2009 movie "Minghags."


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I thought that was Carlos Mencia. He does look like him

1178 days ago

jeff Au'Court    

A man was reportedly killed after he was stomped to death after trying to insert a carrot into the rear end of a buffalo. The man scaled the fence at the zoo and was intoxicated.... this story has the SAME gravity. Idiotic people saying "Oh, such a shame" ... "So young and talented" etc. Wake up you stupid, stupid people! The guy went from being rather thin to being a grossly overweight, bloated, liquor-sponge!!! The guy has obviously been drunk to REALLY drunk / high for 5+ years... yeah, this was the ONLY time he EVER drank and drove. Bull**** all day long.... the fact that this stupid fu*ker DID NOT kill anyone other than another stupid fu*ker is A M A Z I N G .

1176 days ago

jeff Au'Court    

CONT: What IS a shame is that ALL the morons that were prancing about with him in the Jackass movies and the MTV show(s) didn't do more to help "wake" him up before he put himself to sleep forever... Steve O took charge (with help), this guy could have too, THAT is sad.

1176 days ago


I hope you people have to work at being this cruel and heartless because if it comes naturally we are all in trouble. Yes he was absolutely wrong to drink and drive- I'm sure none of you have ever done anything stupid-right! He [they] were human beings who have families who love them and will hurt far the rest of their lives because of this .Before you pull your head out of your @*% take a look around up there and see if you can find anything that would possibly pass for a heart. Shame on all of you.

1174 days ago

Debimy health and an ex whos been mean.Meanness hurts...Godd    

I have humor like the whole jackass crew and truly love them all! Most of us can answer the question if we have ever been behind the wheel after drinks...I know I have taken the chance and yes could also be dead or killed somebody.Now ask yourselves who has been with people who drive too fast in souped up cars...i know I have.we learn from others nice..people are truly mean in this world...Ive been through hell with
people in yhis world.Be your own best friend and give yourself complimentsgod bless you Ryan,Zach and the Families and crew.

1166 days ago


I was a passenger in a car when I was 17 and I needed a ride home, we left the bar in a Grand Torino and my pal just had a fight w/his girlfriend, he started speeding and acting nuts, I told him to slow down and he kept speeding about 60/65 and he lost control. The car slammed into a dry stone wall that cushioned the crash and the front of the car "Vee'ed" into a big tree. My knees went through the dash board and I hit the dash w/left shoulder. We both had no belts on. His face hit the wheel and got messed-up. I ended-up OK, just bruised. The stone wall saved us, if we would have hit the tree we both may have died. Trees don't move, stone walls give and actually are a good choice to hit if your ever in a slide. This smok'in hot girl came out her house in a teddy to help us, she helped me to her bed all bloodied, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Alcohol and driving don't mix.

1085 days ago
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