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Ryan Dunn

Bam Margera's Morbid Death Prediction

6/23/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Five years before Ryan Dunn was killed in a violent car crash, Bam Margera predicted the "Jackass" star's death in eerily specific detail -- claiming, "He's gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident]."


Bam -- along with several cast members from his MTV show "Viva La Bam" -- made the grim prediction while recording the DVD commentary for Season 5 back in 2006.

According to the commentary, Dunn was involved in SEVERAL car accidents over the years -- but Bam's mom claimed, "He'll never learn his lesson."

Another "Bam" cast member added, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool ... for death by vehicle."

In this specific episode, Ryan races Bam's Lamborghini in a limousine -- and after Ryan loses, Bam claims, "[the limo] blew up just like every other f**king car he has."


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who cares    

This isn't a exclusive come on Harvey do you not know what exclusive means?

1185 days ago


I should think speed more than drunkeness killed these 2 men. They both made the decision to get in that car, and since Ryan Dunn had a fondness for breaking the speed limit the result was a horrific death for the both of them. Prayers to both families.

1185 days ago


u guys are for real ****** in the head go find something else to do with your time than this stupid ****!!!! u will be missed ryan R.I.P.

1185 days ago


This is what we let our kids sit and watch....a total disreguard for life...this is what we hold up tp our kids..not holding a "real job"... just money for being a disrespectful, ignorant, deadbeat! Im sorry he died, I dont wish that on anyone....but I wish the world would wise up and not hold these jokers up as heros and idols....he died how he lived...without any respect for himself.

1185 days ago


Ryan was wasnt just his own life he took chances on it was everyone else on the road too. He killed himself and another person driving drink while speeding...if thats not driving like a jackass I dunno what is. Didnt see Bam stopping him so Bam should shut his pie hole and use this time to reconsider his own Jackass ways. The whole freeking world knew one of the Jackasses would eventually kill themselves nothing erie about one of them winning a Darwin award...its not like you couldn't see it coming.

1185 days ago


@Nikki, "We live in the U.S.A. ". You do realize that the internet is international and people from all over the world post comments here? Oh no wait, you probably don't know that.

1185 days ago


oh i am sorry i thought that u were from the usa. I didnt say anything negative about people all i said was we meaning u and I live in the usa. "oh no wait, you probaly don't know that" I am sorry would u like me to type slower for u. Prob. hard for u to understand.

1185 days ago


Nikki, I think most people that live in areas with many deer would at least come off the gas if they saw a deer on the side of the road, some may even put on the brakes. But with how close you would have to be before you could see the deer at night, and going 130 mph, you would be past the deer before you could even react to it. And that is for someone who is sober.

1185 days ago


"You do realize a deer can't leave footprints on an asphalt or concrete road don't you? So how could there have been deer tracks in the road that cause a drunken idiot to swerve and kill himself and his passenger?" Ur quote correct mm1. Now y all of the sudden are u saying how to react to a deer. I didnt know u were there. what changed ur mind I that there are no deer on the asphalt or concrete roads? hmm weird ...if there was or was not a deer it doesnt matter because 2 people are dead. deer or no deer.

1185 days ago


jb has internet muscles. haha

1185 days ago

bieber fever    

well honestly its ryans fault bcuz hes actually stupid enough to drive 130 mph wen hes drunk a lot of people will miss him and some wont give a s**t about him cuz no1 even tried to stop him and even if some1 did try they didnt try very hard bcuz look wht happened a JACKASS star is dead nd it sucks cuz idk if they r gunna keep doing JACKASS or call it off i really hope they dont cut it off R.I.P RYAN DUNN WE WILL MISS U:(

1185 days ago


*Meh. WHo gives a F**k?
Not at all a normal being this drunk f**k Face was. He's dead because that's the way he wanted to go out. Look at the evidence. Nuff sed.
Should anyone feel sorry for him. Don't think so. Nuff sed x2.

1185 days ago



1185 days ago


Too much money,too much spare time,too much alcohol....

1185 days ago

Austin s    

Drunk driving is wrong, but nobody deserves to die. i drove that porsche its very hard not to go over 100, and drunk i can only imagine. rip ryan.

1185 days ago
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