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Winklevoss Twins

Fold in Facebook Lawsuit

6/22/2011 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Winklevoss twins are waiving the white flag in their epic legal war with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.


The Winklevi have been fighting Zuckerberg for 7 years, claiming he jacked their idea for a social network.

The Twins claim Zuckerberg actually screwed them twice -- the second time by hiding documents that could have scored them more than the $65 mil they settled for back in 2008.

The W.T.'s were trying to get a judge to invalidate the settlement so they could renew their fight for more money, but after a series of legal setbacks, they have now officially dropped the case.

According to the final court filing today, the Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss agreed to accept  the settlement of $65 million in stock.

Now here's the good news for The Twins.  The stock has now swelled in value to $100 million.

Invest wisely boys, and stay away from the really smart kids at Harvard.


No Avatar


Great! Now you can afford some cheek implants!! Zoing!!

1216 days ago


Good for them. Now sell those $100 million shares ASAP before Facebook becomes the next AOL. lol

1216 days ago


Toby and some boys are coming over a quick poker game, wonder if we can get the twins to come over and have some fun too.

Anyone have their phone number?

1216 days ago


facebook is for those with no life.

1216 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Nice their stock went up but I'm disappointed they backed out. Because that smuck little sh*t Zuckerberg is sitting there with a cheshire cat grin. If he screwed over a couple of rich guys who caould afford lawyers what is he doing to the average schmuck?

1216 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

aw come on. they don't even need all that money. there's two of them. they can buy everything in bulk. that is waaaaaaay cheaper.

1216 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Those two are a pair of spoilt, whiny, self-entitled talentless douchebags.

1216 days ago

two cents    

What a couple of whining crybabies. Build a bridge and get over it. How embarrassing. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

1216 days ago


These guys are a bunch of haters.

1216 days ago


Good. They don't deserve any more money.

1216 days ago


I can understand the first lawsuit. But I can't understand why these men are not making their own new internet service and making a killing at it. Mark worked his butt off and changed everything that was remotely their big idea. He had the vision and the work ethic. What have they done to say they are so darn smart? Hired lawyers to sue. Get a life and contribute to society. Do something so we know you are really clever. I am waiting. So far its just fame by lawyers. What a waste of time when they should have been working hard to establish themselves as business men or whatever. My Dad was an inventor. He had a contract with Eastman Kodak. After one year they copied his invention so close that they could claim it wasn't the same. Did he sue? No. He just went ahead and invented something else. And he didn't deal with big companies after that. He went on with his life and his work.

1216 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Should be "Winklevii"

1216 days ago


Greedy *****, I mean Twins.

1216 days ago


Common sense; you know Zuckerberg screwed these boys...I highly doubt he alone; would come up for something as big as social networking. By them getting 65-million, this says quite a bit... who would give away that kind of money, if there was no merit. Liars, and cheaters will all have a special place, if this makes them feel any better.

1216 days ago


$100 million? Not bad for an Idea that may or may not have been all theirs or just partially theirs. Mark did are the work and is still doing all the work. What are the twins doing?

1216 days ago
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