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George Clooney and Elisabetta -- IT'S OVER!!!!

6/22/2011 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time ... but professional playboy George Clooney is finally moving on from his super-hot Italian GF of two years Elisabetta Canalis ... and her UNBELIEVABLE physique.

George Clooney

The former couple just released a joint statement -- "We are not together anymore. It's very difficult and very personal, and we hope everyone can respect our privacy."

Who's next????



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The girl is a climber and as cold as ice.

1222 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

with all due respect to mr clowney, but that is not an italian woman. a real italian woman is not that slutty. that slut looks like some washed up whua. that ain't no italian woman.

1222 days ago


I still think he is the celebrity who transmitted herpes to the unidentified woman in Las Vegas, and George recently settled for $5,000,000 and Elisabetta found out and/or couldn't handle the truth. Her story about wanting to get married happened about the same time the Herpes story came out, I think she was setting the world up for the break up.

1222 days ago


No relationship with a woman will ever work because George is gay! I find it ironic that both the herpes lawsuit in Vegas is being settled and this relationship is over, all in a matter of days.

I swear that George has these girls under contract for a certain amount of time to cover that he is gay.

1222 days ago

ee cummings    

The M word - Marriage - is kryptonite to George . She would have had a lot more luck with suggesting they include her girlfriends in some sweet threesome action

1222 days ago


I am sooo not surprised. It was just a matter of time, as it always is with George. I don't believe Clooney is gay, I just think he is selfish and spoiled. He can't sustain a relationship with anyone because he is not able to see any benefit from it. He has an aversion to personal responsibility, to working at a relationship and actually having a life partner that he can have a family with and grow old together. You know, grown up stuff. That probably sounds corny and boring to him and considering his looks and money I can see why he would. But one day his looks will be gone and all he will have to attract the women will be money, like Hugh Heifner. I think that is what Clooney is shooting for, to be another Hugh "pathetic" Heifner.

As for her fantastic body, her body and face are OK, but nothing all that special when you compare her to others her age.

1222 days ago


Just a thought.....Maybe Clooney read her comments about marriage and realized that SHE was only with him for the short haul. And didn't like it.

Because clearly he is not a man who wants to be married. I'm guessing she totally knew this and never planned on Clooney for life. Just for a little while for all the perks..

Italy is a Catholic country and most women there want to marry and have kids.

Maybe he figured out that she had other plans for the long term and wanted to reap the benefits from him in the short term. Maybe his ego couldn't take that? Although that's pretty much what he does..

1222 days ago


He is very SMART!

Why bother getting married. Women in general can be a real pain in the ass plus he can have any woman he wants. Best to trade in the old Ho Bags when they start running their mouths.

Good move George..... but this one was overdue.

1222 days ago


To Those that think Italian girls are sweet and nice and Italy is Catholic and has Morals?
When was the last time you were there??? 20 years ago?
Rome, Florence, Milan and other cities are filled with Hookers and the nightlife in Rome and Milan alone makes the Jersey shore crowd look tame. The women there dress like Prostitutes and the ones that are all Mighty with Morals and manners sitting in Church have thick beards and a moustache. Get Real Seriously.

1222 days ago


First, George is NOT gay. My family grew up close to his family in Augusta, Kentucky. There were NEVER any hint of rumors that he was gay back then or now. I think some of you are so jealous of him that you can't see straight. Here is a guy who is rich, famous, handsome and talented (Oscar winner, no less) and he basically can pick and choose who he wants to spend time with. He is secure enough to do as he pleases, NOT to conform to the way others think he should act in the marriage and baby department. He was married to Talia for almost four years, and he has actually been in some fairly long relationships since then (Celine Balitran, for one). So get over the jealousy, guys!

1222 days ago


He must be gay..what is his deal? Just come out of the closet if so....

1222 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Leave George alone!
George was married ONCE and he was a lousy husband
(said so himself)
Why do people think he should marry again,
some men make great boyfriends but lousy
husbands and George is one of them...
He is upfront about not wanting to get married,
it's the bimbos that he dates who either don't read
or comprehend English, or have such huge egos to
think that they can change his mind.

Lesson to the women out there, if a man says
he does not want to get married, than don't date him
IF marriage is what you want.
And don't blame the guy for your own stupidity!

George is a smart,interesting man (read some of the
interviews he gave, where he discusses politics),
he should stop dating bimbos with hot bodies,
and start dating intelligent women closer to his age.

George, call me!

1222 days ago


Greatest Ass ever!

1222 days ago


I never warmed up to Elisabetta (not that I personally ever met her or George). Sad when love ends. All the best to both.

1222 days ago


Hmmmm. I don't know. I always thought he and Sandra Bullock would be great together. He needs to get away from that "Super Model" egotistical phase and grow up a little. Come on George! I love ya! I know you can grow up and do this!! : )

1222 days ago
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