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Flunks Booze Test

Ordered to Court

6/23/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan tested positive for alcohol earlier this month ... and has been ordered to appear in front of an L.A. County Superior Court judge tomorrow morning ... and the Probation Dept. wants her in jail.

Here's what we know.  Lindsay was tested twice last week.  Sources tell TMZ ... Lindsay tested positive for alcohol on one of the tests and negative on the other.  In both tests, she tested negative for drugs.  One of the tests was administered just after Lindsay had a rooftop barbecue party.

Sources tell TMZ ... the L.A. County Probation Department will ask Judge Stephanie Sautner to yank her out of house arrest and throw her in L.A. County Jail. 

And, we're told, members of the D.A.'s office -- will make an appearance as well, to lower the boom on Lindsay.  The D.A. is still handling the DUI probation part of Lindsay's criminal saga.  The L.A. City Attorney is handling the necklace case.

The Probation Department is pissed off because they tried to force Lindsay to take two tests in May but Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, refused to make Lindsay submit, claiming it wasn't part of her probation.  Turns out it was, so Lindsay subsequently took the two tests, one of which she failed.

The Probation Dept. is also ticked that Lindsay is having parties while under house arrest.

Judge Sautner will hold a hearing tomorrow at 10 AM.  Of course, we'll be there.


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Read this First gotta say using Booze in Jail is illegal period,and violation is a violation period no excuses. Second her friends are not in trouble unless they put a gun to her back and made her drink which we all know didn't happen. She VIOLATED her house arrest so yes she should spend the rest of her sentence in jail just like anyone else would have if we violated our parole. We are entitled to our opinions but had to put my two sense in there nothing personal :) . Lets also remember her friends didn't just show up she through a party while back so she did this to herself.

Peter :i agree , she did not violate the probation , because she was on the new probation .once the judge sentenced her to house arrest. people use booze in jail too. is called homemade pruno. this would be something the sheriffs would handle . since the house is part of the jail system , then it would be handled by sheriff department . they could be allowed to go through her house and do a random check , like they do in prison . by the way , if she was on drugs or they could add more time or if they find drugs then she can be charged with bringing drugs into a prison . they can bar her from having any visitors for the remainder of her time , other than her attorney , or business partner . by the way ...her friends who brought liquor in , could get in trouble ..since she could not leave , apparently her friends brought it in. her friends could go to jail . i do not think that she violated her probation , it amounts to testing positive for alcohol in jail.

1182 days ago


But she couldn't have flunked her booze test!

She said she was going to stay sober for the rest of her life!

1182 days ago


guys, come on that wasn't a "party" that was an AA meeting and some evil person spiked her "bottled water" with "vodka" of course the DA and Judge will understand that the world is against her and give her a pass.

Then Martin Scorsese will personally invite her to star in his next movie with Leo Dicaprio called "and then unicorns flew out of my ass Judge".

1182 days ago


Alcohol treatment is only part of the component. Jail is also part of it, as punishment for her breaking the law repeatedly.

And the courts are not purposely withholding treatment on her alcohol treatment, as she's been ordered to rehab several times. The problem is that alcoholism is apparently a very difficult disease to treat, especially since she's in complete denial.

1182 days ago

Ellie G    

Madisyn less than a minute ago
She is NOT addicted to alcohol, in my opinion. She is entitled, insolent, basically does as she pleases when she pleases. Thats why she failed one test and not the other. She parties when she WANTS TO, not because she can't stop.

I couldn't agree more with this!

1182 days ago


@darkrage6 "Maverick-Wow, that has to be the stupidest f*cking thing I have ever heard, she desereves 10 years to life just because she drank in her own house, the horror! You are seriously f*cked in the head, if ANYONE'S stupid its YOU!"

I'm quite pro-Lohan because I think living life under that glare from such an early age, with those parents, must be very difficult and affect decisions as an adult. However there's a point where either someone is just incredibly unlucky or just unable to follow rules no matter how important they are. It doesn't matter if she thinks she was unfairly treated, or even if drinking in your own home is hardly crime of the century. It was simply in her own interests to follow the rules regardless given the scrutiny she's under. She didn't and it's a shame, but in this case rules really are rules. I do hope she gets it together, but this was avoidable.

1182 days ago


The drama queens at TMZ have probably been chucking beers into her yard, just waiting for her to fail.

1182 days ago


peter 20 minutes ago

i agree , she did not violate the probation , because she was on the new probation

So correct me if I am wrong, but does this not mean that she violated her NEW probation?

She must be in some sort of trouble since she has to go to court tomorrow morning.

1182 days ago



1182 days ago


I don't think the ankle bracelet was the scram alcohol one, so no it wouldn't detect.

1182 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

will someone please just arrest Lindsay Adolf Lohan already???!

1182 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Throw them all to the lions!

1182 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

this woman is an evil führer!! plotting out an evil and malicious conspiracy plan! stop her already!! arrest zha führer!! arrest her now!!

1182 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

What, Oh what will she wear tomorrow? I think she should go all out! Top open to her navel with no bra and a skirt that is all the way up to...........well, there.

1182 days ago

Seal Team 6    

The only thing that surpises me about this is that she didn't have coke in her system.

1182 days ago
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