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Lindsay Shuts Down

Matt Lauer Interview


6/22/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan pulled the plug on Matt Lauer last night, just before cameras were supposed to roll for her big sit-down interview.

NBC sources tell TMZ ... Lauer flew to L.A. yesterday, and showed up at Lindsay's Venice loft around 6 PM.  

We're told Lindsay was actually in the makeup chair when things went south.  Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lauer's team blindsided them by saying the interview would be extremely lengthy because producers were planning to put it on "Dateline" as well as "Today."

Lindsay kicked up her heels, saying she was told it would only be a 15-minute interview, and refused to sit for anything longer.  The two sides began arguing -- to no avail -- and then Matt just packed up and left.

We're told before Lindsay made her decision, she consulted her publicist, Steve Honig, who agreed it was not the right time to do a televised and in depth interview. Once Lindsay decided to call it off,  Honig broke the news to Lauer.

Our NBC sources say producers made it clear to Lindsay and her people before Matt even got on the plane that the interview would be lengthy ... because it was servicing two shows.

Matt was not on "Today" today, and he's just about to land back in the Big Apple.

At least he got some AAdvantage miles out of it.



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Come on, legal experts...if they decide she violated while being on house arrest for violating/theft concurrent, what will happen? I'm going to write a haiku using the words "remand," "mug shot," and "jail."

1133 days ago


grandma cracker 25 minutes ago




Aaaaaaaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so THIS is why she didn't want the interview! No awkward, "so you failed probation AGAIN?" questions from Matt.

Makes total sense now.

BTW, my guess was that she'd break probation on Father's Day, thanks to Daddy Dearest. I was pretty darned close in my guess.

1133 days ago


Nena 3 minutes ago

breaking news here in LA, Lindsay is to be in court tomorrow for a parole hearing, just saw it on the local news


Yoo hoo, Nicole, it's time to reset your calendar again!

1133 days ago


She would have been better off doing the Matt Lauer interview to pay for the next legal drama. How bad are you when the ankle monitoring company doesn't want anything to do with you?

1133 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

GC WON the TMZ bet! Congrats GC!

1133 days ago

I don't eat chips    

Yoo hoo, Nicole, it's time to reset your calendar again!

not Nicole, read your email

1133 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Court for Emergency Hearing


6:19 PM PDT, June 22, 2011


LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Actress Lindsay Lohan has been ordered back to court Thursday for an emergency hearing to determine if she violated her probation in a 2007 DUI case.

There are unconfirmed reports that Lohan may have tested positive for alcohol while under house arrest in her jewelry theft case.

Lohan surrendered to authorities on May 26th and was fitted with an ankle monitor to begin her house arrest sentence at her Venice townhome.

She's expected to serve about 35 days in home confinement due to overcrowding at the L.A. County Jail, sheriff's officials said.

Earlier this month, the 24-year-old actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours of community service -- the same sentence she was given in April for violating probation in her 2007 drunk driving case.

Lohan was given until June 17 to report to a sheriff's station for booking in the jewelry case.

Lohan issued a statement after the sentencing hearing, saying in part, "I am glad to be able to put this past me and move on with my life and my career."

"I support the judge's decision and hold myself accountable for being in this situation."

According to Judge Stephanie Sautner, Lohan violated the terms of her probation when she left a Venice jewelry store in January wearing a gold necklace, which she failed to return until she learned that detectives were about to search her house.

360... hours of community service will be performed at the Downtown Women's Center, and the remaining 120 will be done at the L.A. County Morgue.

"We have community service workers all the time," said Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner's office. "They do janitorial tasks. They clean up and sweep up."

Lohan will be treated like any other community service worker assigned to the office by the courts, Winter said.

"I hope to be able to fulfill my obligation without any press attention," Lohan said in her statement. "I think the media spotlight should be on issues such as homelessness and domestic violence instead of on me."

Once Lohan's community service is completed, her probation on the DUI case will be terminated. She will still be on 3 years probation for the jewelry theft case.

The actress also has to complete psychological counseling and a 'Shoplifters Alternative' class.

The actress rejected a plea deal in March and decided to take the case to trial.

The actress had two choices: accept a plea deal and go to jail for 90 days or refuse the plea deal and demand a trial on the felony grand theft charge.

The actress refused to consider any time in jail, continuously insisting she never took anything intentionally.

The judge eventually reduced the felony theft charge to a misdemeanor and transferred the case to the City Attorney's office.

Sautner said Lohan has received a lot of punishment for her DUI charge four years ago, and admitted she wanted "to give her an opportunity."

Sautner said Lohan should have notified the store about the necklace sooner, but instead waited until police were about to serve a search warrant at her house.

Lohan pleaded not guilty March 23 to charges she stole the $2,500 necklace from Venice jewelry store Kamofie and Co.

During several hours of testimony at a preliminary hearing, the owner of the Venice jewelry store took the stand.

Sofia Kaman testified that she noticed Lohan had left with the necklace about 10 minutes after she closed her store on Jan. 22.

She said Lohan had tried on the necklace, looking at it in the mirror for almost a half-hour, but did not buy it.

Kaman also said she had not given Lohan permission to borrow the piece.

Kaman testified that she reported the alleged theft to police the next day, after reviewing tapes from her security camera.

She also alleged Lohan covered the store's necklace up with her own necklace as she was walking out.

Kaman also spoke about her decision to license the security video. She said a lawyer had advised her to put out an "authentic" version of the video, and that the store had received no money from licensing of the video.

Kamofie and Co. employee Tinelli Comsookri testified about another incident involving Lohan that happened just four days before the alleged necklace theft.

Comsookri said that Lohan tried on a pair of diamond earrings on Jan. 18, and nearly walked out with one of them still in her ear.

She said Lohan apologized and removed the earring. Comsookri then emailed her bosses to inform them about what had happened.

Lohan has appeared before a judge 10 times in the past year. Presumably eager to get the legal drama behind her, Lohan is set to go back to work. She's been cast in the "Gotti" movie, which is set for production in October

1133 days ago


This is also why her PR team mysteriously agreed to cancel the interview, fearing that word would get out soon about the parole violation, and you can't make the case that you're clean and sober in and interview when you clearly aren't.

Wonder if Beezid is sorry they hired her now?

BTW, what was the date of that rooftop party? She VP on June 11 or 12, I believe. Wasn't that right about the time of that party?

1133 days ago


Here's the Radar story:

By Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

Lindsay Lohan has violated the terms of her probation by testing positive for alcohol on June 12 or June 13, and has been ordered to appear in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner at the LAX Airport Courthouse tomorrow morning for a probation violation hearing, has exclusively learned.

"Lindsay tested positive for alcohol. The judge in her DUI case, Judge Elden Fox said she couldn't consume any alcohol while on probation. The probation department has prepared a report, and Lindsay will be in court tomorrow," a source close to the case tells us.

PHOTOS: Lindsay’s Rooftop BBQ Party

Further complicating Lindsay's woes, the electronic monitoring company doing her house arrest, doesn't want to continue to do so. "They don't want to continue to monitor since they have been notified that Lindsay violated terms of her probation. The drinking occurred while Lindsay was under house arrest," the source tells us.

Lindsay is being tested for drugs and alcohol while under house arrest.

PHOTOS: Michael Lohan Jr. Visits Lindsay

Story developing.....

1133 days ago


Nena about a minute ago

Yoo hoo, Nicole, it's time to reset your calendar again!

not Nicole, read your email


That comment was NOT spoken to you...obviously.

1133 days ago


Dated June 13, 2011

1133 days ago


vinsetta 6 minutes ago

She would have been better off doing the Matt Lauer interview to pay for the next legal drama. How bad are you when the ankle monitoring company doesn't want anything to do with you?


No shiht, Sherlock! How embarrassing is that? And I'm not sure I follow their logic, since their service obviously worked...makes me wonder if she was tampering with the anklet again and they are through with dealing with her hijinks?

1133 days ago


The TMZ rooftop party, dated the 13th of June said the party was the day before, the 12th. The mellow party to watch the premier of the Kardashians.

1133 days ago


Thanks, Vinsetta. Yup, looks like it was probably the rooftop party, where there was beer and wine conspicuously being consumed. Well, serves her right for serving booze out in the open, as it must have alerted the probation dept.

But Lindsay lovers, don't despair, the judge never, ever slaps her with anything more than maybe 2 more days of house arrest, so she'll be out drinking again in no time.

And GC, congratulations to you for getting the VoP date correct! Well done!

1133 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

A new concrete carpet walk!!! She must be busy picking out something to wear!

1133 days ago
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