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Octomom RIPS Doc: He's a Danger to Humanity!

6/23/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom is BLASTING the fertility doc who pumped her full of embryos a couple of years ago  -- claiming the medical board should BAN him for LIFE ... for "the best of humanity."


Earlier this week, Dr. Michael Kamrava requested a stay of the Medical Board of California's decision to strip him of his license -- begging for the opportunity to continue practicing medicine while he appeals the ruling.

But Octo tells TMZ ... the doc deserves his fate saying, "I think it was for the best of humanity that his license was revoked as he could have implanted [my stockpiled embryos] in women resulting in lots and lots of bionic hyperactive Octo-babies."

Octo adds, "Talk about breeding for disaster!"

Unless his appeal is granted, Dr. Kamrava's license is set to be revoked on July 1.


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1218 days ago


Octomom rips the Doc, The Babies ripped Octomom, and Octomom's ripping off her damn Landlord...You've got 2 love it.

1218 days ago


Are you kidding me Octo!! You should be revoked from humanity as well.

1218 days ago

Freak Octomom should just go away

1218 days ago


What? Her breeding license should have been revoked.

1218 days ago


Unfrickin' believable. This sorry excuse for a human actually made me feel sorry for this Doc. When are they going to take those children away from this freak? She isn't even capable of supporting her children.

1218 days ago


What the hell is she talking about her stockpiled embryos? She said she didn't have anymore left. She said the reason she had so many implanted was because she wanted to use up what was left of her embryos.

TMZ stop talking to that mental midget.

1218 days ago


She was the idiot that talked him into the procedure to begin with and then refused to reduce the amount of embryos that grew after promising the Dr she would. I don't see anyone holding her responsible for her part in this.

1218 days ago


Oh no she di' nt! The octo-jaberwocky speaks! Hypocrite. If she'd donated the embryos to other infertility patients, she'd have helped people start much wanted families, but no, she had to bear them herself and coast California taxpayers instead. And how many of these kids are disabled??

1218 days ago


Just when you think she could not get any more absurd....SHE DOES!!! cass & Me I recall those facts as well, but as we know from past experience she often has to eat her words down the road. She is a very ill woman and this Doc should have seen that in the first place! Delusion, greed and the desire to play God bred these poor children

1218 days ago


Way to stab him in the back Octo! You wore him down with your nagging to have that many implanted and then backed out on reducing them like you said you would. SICK!

1218 days ago

Altered Mentation    

She continues to amaze me with her ability to SUCK at parenting. I hope her children don't read her comments one day of what she REALLY thinks of them. If these kids turn into happy functional adults, it will be a miracle!

1218 days ago


Give him his license back, make him pay support for these 8 children. Yes, it makes me gag for him to give this creep woman any money but maybe hitting him in the pocketbook will keep him from doing this again.It's better he pays than the taxpayers. Octo should be neutered.

1218 days ago


She chose him, she could have said OH NO, not THAT many, and did not. They both should be in a whacko ward

1218 days ago


I just thought of something that will make you go HMMMMM
What if Natalie made a pact with the Doctor that he could take as many eggs as he wanted to sale to other woman who could not get pregnant on their own. just as long as she doesn't have to pay for the procedure or at least pay a lower cost. How else would she be able to afford this procedure so many times. Since there were so many left, the question I have to ask is why so friggen many on a girl with no money no husband and six kids that she couldn't take care of anyway. He had to make his money some way, so the resale of her eggs would be the way to recoup his investment.

1218 days ago
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