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Donald Sutherland

When the Metal Met the Pedal

6/24/2011 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sutherland made the case yesterday that bicycles and cars don't co-exist well, especially in the People's Republic of Santa Monica.

Sutherland collided with a bicyclist in the seaside city, at around 2:45 PM.  The bicyclist suffered some sort of injury -- paramedics wrapped her arm after arriving on scene.

It's unclear who caused the crash.  One thing cops are sure of -- alcohol was not a factor.


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pap rat    

You`ALL don`t know how to drive if you can`t ride with bikes around and you`all should take a class on how to drive.Plsu you`ll have never been in LA on the strip or at the manns china or on sunset or hollywood BLVDs as OFFICERS of the law ride our horse here all the time and if you can`t see them get off the street...if you hit my horse I will shot you as my horse is a officer of law inforement also and it would be a deadly asult to hit or run into my fellow officer as it would be with a dog or huam peace officer of law inforcement.You want peace don`t want to kill peace officers as nonhuman lifeforms?.If you run from the police in LA as in a car you can be shot to death also so don`t do that neither if you want so much to live in peace and respect for ALL those on the roads including even the wildlife.Plus if you run over a baby crawling in the street you could also be shoot or locked up for life if you had any booze or was dopeing it up as you`all seem to be here and now on this site..I got my eye on you know where you live and your IP adresses so shut your yappins and respect everyone and everything on the public transportional roadways INCLUDING my horse and any and all peace officers ON BIKES learn the law before you THINK that you know that you can run bike officers undercovers and anyone on bikes over OVER 10/4?

1166 days ago

pap rat    

TMZ disinforms officer of unspell check.Sad sickhead story of ******** driving mind problems take a FN class on how to FN drive hit a officer get shot a horse a dog a chopter can shoot to kill anyone running from law inforcement in LA anytime happens every day here if you run from the law in your car you will be shot as you are puting the public at risk of death from your wreaklessnesses same story here run over a bike officer get shot run over my horse get shot

1166 days ago


I'm surprised more bicyclists don't get hit, considering the fact that they act like total idiots on the road. You are not in a f#$king car, you are on a bike, stay the hell out of the way!

1166 days ago



PLEASE stop with the BS....there is NO WAY you could even be considered for law enforcement! Not with that very scary attitude and harboring of some MAJOR issues! Where did you get your education?? I would be suing whatever district you probably did not graduate from......Have a Nice Day :)

1166 days ago


Oh yes....almost forgot your threat to all of us. Should you feel the need to find us I would be more than happy......loser

1166 days ago

pap rat    

Donald sutherland has muti-convictions for DWI and muti accidents while drinking whereas the person on the bike name isn`t reported due to the pending law suit.So to back up a known drunk who has lost the right to drive a motorcar before is pure BS.Like I said you run over a police officer on a bike you will be shoot or go to jail for a very very longtime.If you run over my horse while I`am on duty in front the the manns china on hollywood BLVD you`ll be shoot ANd go to jail for a very very longtime if you shoot a fellow police officer a K9 you`ll be shoot and if you try to run away in a high speed chase in LA you will be shoot dead from a police chopter and it happens everyday.Donald is a lush with along history of DWI`s his father on the otherhand is a great actor.Go to traffic school as to drive a car on the public road ways is a right that can be taken away.Your right to drive does`nt including not shareing the roadways with any and all traffics including my horse my bike my car my truck my skates my running and in fact a motorcar driver has to stop for ANYONE not in a car but bikes most also follow those same rules.If you don`t think you can`t be shoot for running over a peace officer you don`t belong on the public roadways but in a traffic class learning your P&Qs.Vehicle are the worst weapons there are and to run over aayone with one isn`t a right protected by the laws on the other hand to shoot someone whom is trying to run you over is a human right afforded to any and all peace officers.Break for ALL lifeforms on the roads or haveys dog will be mushka same old BS I want my rights to indanger but I don`t want to get hurt myself.A right to ride a bike is the same as your lazytass carcar right and I bet 99% of you can`t even fix your own cars and don`t even know how they work and that means you are accident waiting to happen stay off my beat

1166 days ago

pap rat    

I`am sorry that you`all feel threaten by those putting thiert lifes in danger everyday for you`all but I`am on a bike and some thugs try to run over my fellow officers including my horse I will shot you as you are trying to kill a peace officer.If you try to run over any officer in any united states they will shoot you`all as they are defending themselfs and thiert fellow officers.People in cars running over are a deadly threat to ALL of you also.GO to traffic school or lose your right to run over your fellow americans.Try riding a bike yourself it`s a freedom and you will see people in autos need much more training your your grand ma or pah in a walker gets run over or your baby get greased by YOU~ALL when was the last time a peace oficer ran over a child or grand PAH? or horse or bike like never.Traffic colleges are needed to keep known drunks like donald off the streets and he works for FOX network so the base of this whole story is biased as they cover thiert own tasses up=donald the drunk drunk&drunk DWI convict

1165 days ago


To harvo2face and the rest of you who are confusing the Sutherlands: Donald is the father of Kiefer Sutherland. Donald Sutherland is one of the finest actors of the last fifty years. He is well respected and known to be a fine and upstanding person. Kiefer Sutherland is also a fine actor with many hit movies and the TV show "24" to his credit. Unfortunately Kiefer has struggled with a drinking problem for many years. Kiefer, despite his addiction problems,is still known to be a decent person. The man in the accident was Donald, the father. Hopefully no one was hurt badly.

1163 days ago
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