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Kim Kardashian --

It's My Real Ass ... No Ifs, Ands or Butts!

6/24/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian put all the rumors to rest that her most famous and biggest asset is fake ... by showing off an X-ray of her bootyful backside.

To end all talk of butt implants or injections, little sis Khloe Kardashian posted a pic of Kim and her electromagnetic badonkadonk on her blog.

We're glad all this is behind her.


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T. Bag Jones    

Some nobody with a fat ass trying to prove to people who couldn't care less that it's all her own fat and not fake.

My IQ just dropped 10 points after reading this.

1181 days ago

I am Spartacus    

who cares if its fake or real, its gross. She's proud that she's got a ridiculous looking big, fat ass filled with cottage cheese.

1181 days ago


If I were AS FAT as this woman, there is no way I would EVER bring attention to the fact that indeed that is my ass. Are you serious?!!? She looks like a fat, washerwoman ready to go to work cleaning houses of the celebrity. LOSE WEIGHT! GET A DAMN TRAINER!!!

1181 days ago


The definitive test would to determine its' authenticity would be the fart test.

1181 days ago

Dr Porn    

Ray J's man juice is still working. RATTA TAT TAT that A**

1181 days ago


This is so sad. How is anyone suppose to make out anything on that x-ray when its so blurry and far away? This x-ray does not prove anything. She is so fake, just like this attempt. I usually wouldn't give this the time of day, but I have to call bulls*** when I see it.

1181 days ago


Or she paid the doctor to put up an X-ray of someone else.

It's obvious Kourtney just had her breast implants removed. All the talk about these girls being plastic must be getting to them.

1181 days ago


All she proved is she has a wide pancake ass. It shows in the x ray that it is flat.

1181 days ago


Okay, her fat ass is all real fat.

1181 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Not that I care, but your ass is made of muscle and fat which show up grayish on xray, not white. All I see on that is a bright white blob, I don't think that's normal, she should have that checked out, stat.

1181 days ago


must be a need for attention. There isn't a 'need' to prove anything to anyone, unless it's the law...and I seriously doubt if the law could give a big rats azzzzzzzzzzzzz one way or another.

1181 days ago


So self centered. Why doesn't she try to do something good with her fame like Jolie? Instead it is just shopping, dating and now butt x-ray? Desperate for attention.

1181 days ago


Thanks Kim! With a war in the Middle East, the economy in the crapper and sky-high unemployment, I know this was the issue that was at the top of my mind. Man, what a ****.

1181 days ago


FOr those asking where her engagement ring is.... this happened before they got engaged. The only reason the photo is being released now is because on Sunday's episode they are showing her going to get the xray. Everything these girls do and when it is released is perfectly planned around filming tine and perfectly timed to be released as a way to boost ratings. Which as we all know isn't working very well since the season premiere of KUWTK had only half it's viewship than last season. The ratings speak for themselves. People are getting tired of them and their fake ways.

1181 days ago


So she has a big ass and she has to provide an x-ray? wth?

X-ray her head does she have a brain?!

1181 days ago
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