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Kings of Leon

Concert Tribute

to Ryan Dunn

6/24/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band Kings of Leon honored their friend Ryan Dunn at a concert in London this week ... asking the crowd to make a toast to "a friend of ours who passed away" ... before playing a song in his memory. 


The band then broke into a rendition of their song, "McFearless" ... and lead singer Caleb Followill told the crowd, "This is for Ryan."

During the performance ... images of the "Jackass" star appeared on the giant screen behind the band ... followed by the words, "Ryan Dunn 1977 - 2011."



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The Neko Nation    

Nice tribute.

1220 days ago



wtf? holier than thou? no talent? waste of human life? c'mon let's have a drink and go for a drive.

1220 days ago


Get drunk
Drive intoxicated
Kill a man
Get a tribute.

1220 days ago


Sooo they can honor a friend, but what they should have done was take the keys away from him and call him a cab. I can't believe weeman got a tatoo that said "HERO" and Kings of Leon are glorifying him during a concert. What they should be doing is speaking out about the pain that drinking and driving causes because people end up dead. Use this as a moment to teach other people that drinking and driving KILLS people.

1220 days ago


Lets's toast and tribute an idiot who thought he was untouchable ...

1220 days ago


Honouring a murderer. Lovely.

Drink to the memory of a man who drank too much and killed himself and a friend. Nice.


Seriously, the whole idea of celebrity needs to be rethought. Look at the kind of people who are idolized.

You won't see anyone anywhere else toasting the drunk driver instead of the victim...

1220 days ago


What is Kings of Leon thinking? The man they are honoring killed another man! What stupidity on their part.

1220 days ago


RIP Ryan Dunn, we will all miss you

1220 days ago


VIVA LA DUNN!! Yeah, he had 3 shots and 3 beers in 4 hours (which is equal to 1 and 1/4 an hour) and here i am a girl half his weight, who was told by all sorts of law abiding responsible people (family friends in law enforcement and lawyers) that 1 drink (shot or beer) should be fine. If you people get TRASHED off of that small amount, you must have a serious deficiency. it is clear from your lame posts that you do have some kind of problem. sometimes, **** gets OUT of control after it is too late to know better. If you don't know what i am talking about, you HAVE NOT LIVED and YOU are the pathetic ones. enjoy your solitude in being the all-knowing omniscient one. YOU are alone in your ego.

1220 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

He didn't "Pass away" passing away is going quietly in your sleep! He died a horrible, awful PREVENTABLE death! Had his so called "friends" or the owners of the bar been responsible and called him a cab there wouldn't be a need for a tribute at all. Call me mean, callous what ever. I don't give a f8ck, drunk driving deaths can be prevented, and he didn't deserve or need to die!

1220 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

Even if he wasn't drinking, his death and that of his passenger were preventable! There is no need to go 130 MPH unless you drive for nascar or something like that. Sorry but A violent death like that is not "Passing away" it is an awful way to go and he and his friend shouldn't have died.

1220 days ago

Erin Berger    

You're all ******* horrible.
We are grieving a loss.
If your family died related to drunk driving, you would be sad. So stfu.

1220 days ago


6-24-11 I was exiting off my laptop when I 1st saw Ryan Dunn's pix on Yahoo News, with a caption of 'Jackass.' I went to Yahoo &I was shocked like many when I read the news. BUT..I predicted RYAN DUNN was WASTED, HAMMERED, but I tried talking myself out of it, thinking maybe a health problem; his heart..a girl at Yahoo posted maybe a deer ran in front of the car. That seems Possible. I fell for the deer story...till I thought he had to be going very fast to leave 100 ft. skid marks. When the Police 1st said it was an 'Auto Accident' & NOT a DUI (or even a DWI)..I am SAD 4 both the Deceased & their Families & Friends(JackassCrew, other friends, Ryan's fiance'Angie' & 'Rachel',Zach's Wife; Newlyweds since Oct. 2010. Imagine the 3rd guy in the pix in the Bar 'Barnaby of America's'(Phili or West ChesterPA)..that was 'RYAN's' LAST EARTHLY PIX from his cell! He's a Survivor as he either had a car Or got a ride home. WE don't know his name. Maybe TMZ does. Imagine what he's thinking...'It could've been me!' More than likely HE TOO was in Ryan's car at some point in an excessive speed & NOT going 55 mph! So at 1st I was sad, tears in my eyes..which then on
6-22-11,became OUTRAGE...The Cop was Wrong! Ryan was 2x's the LGL. LMT. at .196 =.20%!PA is .08 same as NYS. He's obviosly an Alcoholic..&I'll go out on a limb & say more than likely used drugs. I'll fo further on the limb & say He's probably been in Jail/Prison, 'AA', 'NA', & 'REHAB.' If I'm wrong than I'm sorry. However,In RYAN's last EARTHLY PIX TAKEN FROM HIS CELL..& sent via Tumblr to possibly Twitter...where all 3 are seen drinking & RYAN didn't look like a 'Happy Drunk.'...He's looking at his 'he's out of it.' ODDS are RYAN Drank before he got to the bar. He made it there in 1 piece! I have a friend that is a Carbon Copy of RYAN...Minus the Millions they earned in DVD sales World Wide. He has DWI's & No Kid Glove Treatment for him. He was alone in the car...has a Trans Am..with a Nascar type Engine, & thinks nothing of 'Peeling Rubber in front of the 3 kids across the street, whom their father is a Police Officer.(Nice Family I'm friends with)
For yrs. he took back roads with no License & Insurance! He drinks Budweisser's mostly in his home. He got a job as an auto mechanic & is the top 1 in the County! Go figure! He comes in with a 12 pack or 24 pack of Budweisser like it's luggage he's carrying in! It's when he hits a bar is when he drinks to no end & gets behind the wheel of the car! There's a bar up the street &I encouraged him to walk there...7 min. walk. Sometimes he did. I tried to take the keys away from him. (DO NOT try this from a Drunk..He gets Violent..I can't speak for the rest)
But I was a Victim of a Drunk Driver who hit me as a pedestrian many yrs. ago & I was thrown 30 ft. on the Double Lines. AND HE LEFT HE SCENE (a Felony)This was early New yrs day a few hrs. past 12am. He hid out for 3 days(so he could get the alcohol out of his system & whatever else) in Great Neck, NY(father is a DR.) at his parents home. He was arrested 3 days later, when the police found him at home. I don't drink. I don't drive, don't choice! I only went to drop off food for my friends party& got hungry & ate there,starving..Socializing probably with Drunks. After the accident, I had a Concussion.
A DR. from the opposite side saw what happened & got the Tag# & went to a corner payphone(Remember those days?) by my home & called it in to '911'! When I came to, many people standing over me, I've NEVER seen before. My neighbors. The guy that hit me & left the scene, went to Trial, JURY...Found Guilty.
Back then, they gave you a 'slap om the wrist', Not like the laws are now with Incarceration. Onward back to RYAN & ZACH.

Unfortunately, ZACH willingly got in the car. & both were min's away from RYAN's home! ["100 YARDS."] says the media. Unless tou have a 'Mental Defect,' & Maybe looking to 'Check out'..WHY..if U take that route on a regular basis..would you 'FLOOR IT' to the speed of 130mph -140mph? Was HE Checking out like KURT COBAIN? Except using a car & No Gun & Drugs?
Ryan Just turned 34, nine days earlier on 6-11-2011! I Thought maybe he was celebrating his B'day belated with his friends! The Margera Family said Ryann & Brandon 'BAM' Margera were BEST FRIENDS! Yet, by the last Bar pix..BAM isn't there nor is any Jackass Crew. Makes one wonder. RYAN went on to 'Homewrecker' & a Newly taped on the shelf. I forget the name.

To a 'Certain Degree'...RYAN DUNN & ZACHARY HARTWELL were like a 'Thelma & Louise' In the car scene at the end...U know they didn't survive! Ironically, neither did RYAN OR ZACH!
Many Crashes on the News, Daily & they are regular people NOT STARS! This has gotten way too much publicity from TV,Radio, Computers News...Endless! Bottom line...Yes...He was a Funny, Crazy guy,LIKE something out of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest.'...But these kind of Tragedies..Should Not Be looked at as a 'Jackass 4' Film..Johnny is already talking about a Tribute film to Ryan Dunn. MORE $$$ for the Jackass Family. AND since U R more famous when U R DEAD...Well, JOHNNY & Crew should be able to Retire & live off of the fame of a Deceased, Out of Control Drunk, who have NO thought to anyone...that's how 'Hammered' he was, & who didn't think of 'Angie' or his family & friends, his new show, HE WAS A DRUNK! & I've lost ALL RESPECT for someone that doesn't have it together enough to 'WARN' the other Person, ZACH, as a passenger, to call a Taxi or get a ride home from the guy sitting with them all night. AND who in the end Could have killed a Pedestrian, or people in another oncoming car! That's the Blessing in Disguise.
No one to 'Witness' what happened. Ryan thought He was the 'Cape Crusader','Batman','Spiderman'take your pick of Comic Book Heros.INVINCIBLE! ODD..Everyone keeps forgetting about the passenger, ZACH (also of Jackass2 Prod. Asst.) He was an Ex Marine (Navy Seal) I'm not in charge if the'Higher Power'.
But May you both Sleep with the Angels.

1219 days ago


I am SICK and TIRED of people idolizing this douchebag. Where are the tributes and support for the passenger that he KILLED?!

1219 days ago


Hey Erin Berger: There is ANOTHER family in pain - that of the passenger that this dirtbag killed. I'm sure being faced with people looking @ this guy like a fallen hero, tributes, etc. is traumatic for them also. It must tear them apart that the killer of their son is treated like an idol. Every single person who was with this tool that night, who drank with him, who allowed him to drive are EQUALLY responsible.

1219 days ago
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