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NBC Weathergirl Caught 'Dissing' Al Roker on Live TV

6/24/2011 8:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today's forecast ... DRAMA!!!!!


Local NBC weathergirl Elita Loresca issued an apology live on the air this morning ... after she was caught talking "smack" about Al Roker when she thought her microphone was off. 

Loresca said Roker was "such a kook." 

She later was clearly forced to deliver a painfully awkward apology. 

But here's the deal -- there's nothing wrong with what she said ... AND ... Al is kind of a kook, right?

UPDATE: Al finally tweeted ... apparently, all is forgiven. "So Elita Loresca of KNBC called me a kook during a cut in. I know Elita. She was joking. And some mornings I am kooky. No big whoop."


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Another black lie... and NOT living up to it. Play it again.. and again... She said that with Feeling and not playfully or gleefully folks. It's really not a big deal... and why dig a deeper hole. Besides.. everyone knows Al is a kook anyways. LOL Only, she meant it!

1196 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Kook? Who's she calling kook? Raid Granma's wardrobe lately, wackjob? Btw if you want to sing, AI is taking auditions. ;)

1196 days ago


Gotta love Elita Loresca. She got a huge rack and is a soon to be MILF.

1196 days ago


Al Roker IS a kook to say the least. Who even watches him?

1196 days ago


I'm offended Al Roker is on TV doing *******tyle interviews when he does talk to someone. Your a fat, black man who doesn't do anything worth while on the TV show. Kind of reminds me of the spoof of scream where the black guy (might be a wayns brother) says oh man I'm the token black man. Yup, that's Al Roker for you.

1196 days ago


By the way, saying if I offended you, when you apologize, is not an apology at all. That's what everyone chooses to say when they get their hand smacked by someone higher up.

1196 days ago


Normally, someone would be going out the door, FOREVER! But a woman? A pregnant Woman? Ahhhh, she was just kidding! All is foriven. Did that sound like playful joking to anyone? Yeah, right.

1195 days ago


She definitely needs her head examined! All in bad taste! No class, just TRASH!

1195 days ago


it doesn't matter if he's a kook or not, the woman, (and i use that term loosely), is an Idiot!
Fire her ass, cuz she can't sing!
You call that an apology?
Its a good thing that 'Kook' is a bigger man & accepted her lame-ass apology!

1195 days ago


She was being playful. I'm sure she would've used a different word(s) if she wanted to be offensive. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.

1195 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

It happens all the time on NBC. NBC has the worst sound direction on TV. They screw up so much - mostly using the wrong mics, or dead mics etc. on a segment. I can barely stand to listen the the NBC broadcasts because it happens ALL THE TIME. Their technical directors must be relatives using their R-cards. Mistakes like that should NEVER happen and if it does, someone should be fired or retrained.

1195 days ago


Loresca is a jerk.

1194 days ago


They should have stuck with Rachel Boesing! This chick is a turn-off, and that's what I've done, turned off KNBC.

1194 days ago


With boobs like that, she can say anything she wants about Al.

1193 days ago


Not sure she has room to throw rocks at Al. Has she taken a look at her profile lately? I can't tell if she's pregnant or just a bit on the fluffy side.

1192 days ago
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