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Chuck Liddell Takes HUGE HIT In Custody Fight

6/27/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell got smacked around by his baby mama in court today -- when an L.A. judge ordered the fighter to pay $6,000 per month in child support after Chuck no-showed to the hearing. 


Liddell has been going toe-to-toe with his ex Lori Geyer for months -- in an effort to gain custody of their 12-year-old son. 

But today in L.A. County Superior Court, the judge came down hard on Liddell -- because in addition to the child support, Liddell was also FINED $2,500 for failing to produce financial documentation requested by the court. 

TMZ contacted Liddell's lawyer, who told us Chuck didn't show because "[Lori's] attorney failed to provide notice in an attempt to obtain favorable decision."

But Lori's attorney, Brian Kramer, tells us he has proof that Chuck received notice -- adding, "[Liddell's lawyer] had no valid excuse to boycott these proceedings."

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No Avatar


This is why you keep it in your pants or wear 6 condoms at a time...and demand blood tests.

$6,000 a month for spreading her legs and having a litter.

When you have money or in the spotlight, you need to look at every woman and see those huge letters on her forehead spelling out PARASITE.

Bang 'em and forget 'em...there will be plenty of time for a "family" down the road after you've hidden the bulk of your cash in off shore accounts.

1216 days ago

RJ Hunt    

Because he drank to much GHB last night and was sound asleep...What a looser!!!!!

1216 days ago

House Of Stickers .com    

House of stickers.com loves Chuck Lidell. You Da Man Chucky!!!

1216 days ago


Given that Chuck has a lawyer on record, then proper service is noticing the lawyer. Hence, even if Chuck was the one sent the notice, it wasn't properly served as it didn't go to his lawyer.

1216 days ago


Who is this man?

1216 days ago

The Neko Nation    

I would pay to see the Ice Man fight Chris Brown in the Octogon. It would be a joy to see Chris Brown fight someone else besides a woman and see how tough he is then.

1216 days ago


6K a month? Ouch. And what happened to his neck?

1216 days ago


It sickens me that judges take the role of parent punisher. Divorce and Custody are Family issues. Not something to manipulated... I know. I am suffering thru a terroristic divorce... 4.5 years... Google: Terroristic Divorce Facebook: Terroristic Divorce or http://www.work2bdone.com/live

1216 days ago


No show to a child support hearing? This is what happens...how stupid.

1216 days ago


his attorney should have gone...absolutely..he should sue his attorney for the no show...when you have counsel, he or she can go for you...no matter what, you, then dont need the b.s. excuse he said, to get him out of going. what a mess. what horrible advice from his attorney. the attorney is wrong, and a bad attorney.

1216 days ago


The Supreme Court just ruled people can go to jail on a contempt of civil court order. See Supreme Court ruling

but also....the Seattle times did a great job of exposing the courts as beyond idiotic when it comes to therapists, here

Maybe the therapist should be banned. An auditor from the State of California found that judges keep "Appointing" unqualified therapists (See the home page.)

1216 days ago


Another gold-digger living large off child support

1216 days ago


Chuck can well afford this. Dana White gave him a title only cush job with a huge paycheck and they are a bunch of cheating women haters. I live in Vegas, the things you hear about that crew. They are horrible human beings and Chuck has no interest in raising a child out here.

1216 days ago


Tomorrow's story will be that Chuck has announced he is making a comeback to the UFC. Hopefully the bitch will be happy when he is brain dead and in a wheelchair. Choke on the money honey.

1216 days ago

by give me a break    

Chuck Liddell deserves everything he gets. No gold digging going on!!! The guy didn't pay a dime for years. Guess he's not above the law like he thinks. He caused all this garbage - he just didn't get away with it!!!

1216 days ago
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