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Chuck Liddell Takes HUGE HIT In Custody Fight

6/27/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell got smacked around by his baby mama in court today -- when an L.A. judge ordered the fighter to pay $6,000 per month in child support after Chuck no-showed to the hearing. 


Liddell has been going toe-to-toe with his ex Lori Geyer for months -- in an effort to gain custody of their 12-year-old son. 

But today in L.A. County Superior Court, the judge came down hard on Liddell -- because in addition to the child support, Liddell was also FINED $2,500 for failing to produce financial documentation requested by the court. 

TMZ contacted Liddell's lawyer, who told us Chuck didn't show because "[Lori's] attorney failed to provide notice in an attempt to obtain favorable decision."

But Lori's attorney, Brian Kramer, tells us he has proof that Chuck received notice -- adding, "[Liddell's lawyer] had no valid excuse to boycott these proceedings."

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Why should she receive a couple of hundred dollars a month, when the sperm donor is a multimillionaire. If you were a multimillionaire, wouldn't you want your son and daughter(who we are forgetting in all this) to share in your good fortune. Would you expect to provide child support that is less than you spend at Starbucks each month?

When people are that selfish, the court can step in and make things equitable for the kids. Chuck was broke when they were born and now that has bucks, it's only rig to share with his kids. That is what it means to be a father. Being a father is a foreign concept to Liddell.

1214 days ago


A couple of thoughts:
The laws is California are obscene. They base child support off of each parents income and try to level out the money. So if you a minimum wage father you pay less and if you are a millionaire you pay more. When did we give ours rights away? If you are going to be a good father then you will do what is morally right and give money and provide to your child. Each child should be entitled to a certain amount regardless of how much the father makes. If the amount is $700 and the father can only give $400 due to his salary, the state would provide the extra $300. And if the father can pay more than $700 it is up to that father, be a father and pay more if he wishes. The system discriminates against children, if you are a foster child you get approx $450 monthly, some children get $400 if their father has a low paying job others get 10K per month if their fathers are rich. It doesn't 6k monthly to raise a child.
Secondly, Chuck is a good father and he has always paid child support, going back to when he was just a bartender. Did Lori get in the ring and get the punishment that he has endured? Chuck also takes good care of his kids and spoils them with clothes, toys, and most importantly love and attention when they are around him.

1205 days ago


Who do you think raised these kids all of their life, Their mother's sent them to school, fed them, gave them baths, read to them, took them to the doctors and dentists, kissed them goodnight each night and generally watched over them. All while Chuck was making big bucks, partying with hundreds of different women and doing who know what. Maybe putting a naked workout video on the internet is a great dad thing, but not in my book. Taking your kids to Disneyland and buying them expensive gifts is not being a good dad. Being a dad is more than just being a sperm donor. It is a full time job. Chuck's kids are great kids because they were raised by wonderful moms that love them and properly raised them. Chuck should appreciate that and reward them instead of trying to cheat them out of the proper amount of child support.

1205 days ago


The fact that Chuck has a history of drug use, partying and picking up sluts is exactly why he shouldn't have custody of his children, And that is why he won't

1200 days ago
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