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Halle Berry In Court

Trouble Brewing Over Custody

6/28/2011 9:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is in family court right now, doing battle with Gabriel Aubry over custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Halle's lawyer filed a very thick stack of documents a few minutes ago, outlining trouble she's had with Gabriel.  We're told the document lists Gabriel's alleged failings as a dad.

Gabriel didn't show up, but his lawyer is there. We'll let you know when it's over.

UPDATE: Halle just took off in her silver Acura.



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They call her SCARY HALLE for a reason

1156 days ago


Marcia and ESI thank you for be a few of the many (long-winded) voices of reason to a point.

Halle may be a little slow at times believing her stuff don't smell, there is totally NO logic for her stirring the pot again after she tried back peddling the last time when she ended up with egg on her face.

It's not like she has OM in hiding or trying for a Mother/Parent of the Year award to build her case, that dumb she isn't.

Agree with the poster that said if he really cared he would have been in court whether common practice or not. He wasn't even present when Halle was looking at Preschools for Nahla. Other than the additional fiasco of him following her to the Big Apple several months ago for one week of filming, has been that busy working to see his daughter upon their return?

Doesn't sound like he gives a rip to me? In it for the money, probably, but who knows?

1156 days ago


What a second? The car photo looks like the same photo TMZ and other sites posted the last time she was leaving court. Since when does Halle own a Silver Acura? She owns a few sports cars and I think a White Hybrid Lexus. Is Tmz trying to stir things up with their lawyers on staff?

1156 days ago


She drives an Acura? Cool. Most of the time when celebs drive cars us mere mortals could afford its one of those lame Prius hippy wagons to show how environmentally conscious they are.

I love her even more now!!!! :)

1156 days ago


Did you all not read when David Justice said he was a sex freak, he wanted sex all the time everyday, hell no i would be out of that relationship to. Eric was a ***** hunter so he had to go too.its not all Halle when it comes to relationship its the men too.

1156 days ago

Halle's fan     

You people are a trip. Get your Daughter halle from this gold digger. so what she had a baby from this hoodlum and he thinks he can just up and get full custody...i am suprised at the wmen on this blog, halle lived with this man, i think she knows a little more about him than you bloggers..I don't blame her oe bit. that mothers intutions to always look out for the child. This man is doing no kind of work, his modeling career is over so now he needs his daughter to help him get money from Halle. Get a JOB Gabriel, really you need to. and stop riding halle coattail. your not famous anymore!!!!!!!!

1156 days ago


How do you know he has not seen his daughter in the meantime, Gabriel has always kept a low profile. We have no idea why Gabriel did not go with Halle to see about Preschool, maybe she did not inform him she was going. Halle wants sole custody, wants to make all the decisions about Nahla's life, that what it looks like to me. But at the end of the day none of us know what goes on in her mind. Have been baffled by Halle's behaviour for a long time. Also if Gabriel was in it for the money, she would have payed him off a long time ago.

1156 days ago


I think Halle's a little jealous after seeing that last picture of Gabriel and Nahla on an outing; In the picture Lil Nahla was sitting on daddy's shoulders and hugging him around his neck.
So, I just think Halle's not willing to share Nahla's love with Gabe. If so, then that is so unfair to Nahla!!

1156 days ago


She's mega rich and drives a low end Acura - is that like a spare/disposable car?

1156 days ago


Wow people stop believing these garbage sites. Only Halle and Aubry know what's going on with their cases. TMZ has most of you worked up and you don't even know these people.

1156 days ago


Halle ran off like the spoiled brat that she is.... She is acting like she is 4. NO... Your daughter is not a ball that you can just pick up, call yours and take home, and not share. She is a person and so is her dad. He seems to be the only one spending qualilty time with the poor girl.

1156 days ago


Now whilst I cannot deny that a father should be entitled to see their child regardless, lets not forget that he called Halle Berry a "n*gger" and out-right demanded that people do not call his child "black"!

Sorry, what is she then? white? or bi-racial as what all of america calls the BLACK president!

Wow, so much respect for the mother of his child and his daughter's identity!

If this child grows up with a identity complex, I think I know who is to blame!

1156 days ago

Truth slayer    

Why is Halle going through this?! Ya know the rumors in hollyweird must be true? She is a nut case and a control freak.
I do not know how Gabriel is but she decided to create a human being with this man and we all knew it was not going to work out with this crazy woman! So, now she wants to write him out, erase him, and for what? I say if he is a good daddy then let her daughter have her daddy!
Woman is crazy!
The only thing I didn't like about him was the fact that he was trying to get this baby girl declared white! Now that is delusional. Other than that.. looks like karma is coming back to bite Ms. Berry in her fine azz.

opps.. or is she?

1156 days ago


Kabala 5 hours ago She's mega rich and drives a low end Acura - is that like a spare/disposable car?
It's called 'knowing how to live below your means'!!
No need to impress people you don't like anyways!!!

And to: Vee about an hour ago "...Sorry, what is she then? white? or bi-racial as what all of america calls the BLACK president!...."


This is 2011 and only those with complete Lobotomies give a rat's a ss about ethnicity and race….okay???
You need to get with it, because love really does conquer all!!!

1156 days ago


Okay, so Halle's behavioral pattern is blame and accuse the male when things do not work out. Get a clue this is the child's father and no amount of legal manipulation changes that fact. He wants to spend time with his child and may not do things the way Mom does but what male does? Accept the differences and move on. More damage is being done by Halle with the media coverage and in court than will ever be done by Aubry. Nahla will read about this as she grows up and guess who'll she will end up blaming? Her mom.

1156 days ago
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