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Sebastian Bach -- Fake Legs and Cadaver Pranks

6/28/2011 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rocker Sebastian Bach's story about a prosthetic legged fan seemed ridiculous -- until Harvey dropped a tale about CADAVERS and med school pranks!

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Dude Im not even going to click on the story. It sounds DISGUSTING. I dont even want to KNOW about the subject, much less watch more about it. Come on TMZ. Regulate yourself better.

1221 days ago

some guy    

Was there any coke in the leg?


1221 days ago

some guy    

Pay Toll Ahead

500 feet

1221 days ago

some guy    

I can't take credit for that one. Read that in a comic somewhere. "Mad" or something like that.

1221 days ago


My Dear Harvey, We will never meet face to face, but I have always thought of you as one of the few lawyers who could be trusted; I have dated a few, so I know of what I speak. As Ms. Wheelchair Georgia 2005, I spoke favorably of donating organs after death. After hearing your cadaver arm story, and how it is not illegal(well at least not if it came from someone without family), I would have to change my whole platform. I would not wish anyone desegregating a body that might save some one's life, or make it better. Really Harvey, Should people stop donating organs. I would really love to meet you to discuss, but I don't see that happening. Your show is still extremely funny and all the kids that work on the show try to be funny, but sometimes I watch and really feel that we aren't but maybe 3-5 years from televising executions. Love ya! Di

1221 days ago

some guy    


But the body part was just doing its job. You wanna keep your hands clean while you're giving change at a toll. You never know who washes their hands or not.

1221 days ago

some guy    

Srsly. That's gross. Can't tell you the number of times I've seen a dude walk out of the toilet and not even look at the sink.

Careful who you shake hands with, ladies. You never know what they might have.

1221 days ago


Ok David, while I love the humor, I can't help to think that someone might think that this story might be true. I know many a fool fool who swear by Dr. Laura, Limbaugh, and actually believe Glenn Beck speaks for God through his blackboard. Honetly, Harvey was just alittle too matter of fact when speaking about this subject. I'm sure that some med school dork might have tried it. Nothing surprises me. A while back a Dr Doogie Howser wannabe tried to give me a breast exam for a migrane. Yes, I was almost "Doogied" by a ER resident. There are asses every where. As for washing hands, or lack there of, If we thought of that, we would never eat out again, so thanks for that reminder. We just at McDonald's yesterday. Purel Up!

1221 days ago

Sarah (Oklahoma)    

LOVE YOU BAS!!!!!!!!! I bet you are reading these commits. I JUST HAD TO TELL YOU THIS BAS! :( I am. model in Los Angeles. BUT now am back in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the moment.(I am a gypsy,and who knows will I land next)

while you were onstage at a show in Oklahoma City about 1997-1999. Can't remember the year,but I bet remember spranging your ankle, huh... I think you even had to cancel your next show... Opps!! I sorry bout that. It was an accident. I put my hand on your boot, and you when you moved to your left side onstage,I still had my hand there and you tripped and fell.... I know will never meet ya, well I did ask you for a picture after the show outside in back. Thanks for the pix. (while you were talking to a group of fans in your bus door) Well I hope this solves and answers your sprang ankle mystery. I know... I suck, but it was so an accident!!! If you want to chew my guts out, email me...
Sarah ( I dare you to email me!! hee hee
If you still have balls of steal, do it.. If not, don't... lol
Again, Sorry Bas!!

1221 days ago


A "SPRANGED"[sic] ankle is no laughing matter.

1221 days ago


cadaver prank 100% urban legend

1220 days ago


I had three aunts that were nurses and they once told a story where a bunch of the regular nurses were all going to go to lunch with a new nurse in the hospital cafeteria. They were serving steak fingers that day. One of the nurses brought a real finger put it on the plate and covered it with ketchup while the new girl went to get some napkins. You can imagine what happened when she went to cut it. I know that was sick but the way they told the story was hilarious. They said you couldn't even imagine some of the pranks they pull on each other to let off steam, just to get by all the pain and suffering going on around them all the time. They have all past now but that story made me not eat steak fingers. LOL

1220 days ago


I love Harvey, but sometimes I wonder about his stories.

1220 days ago


Pretty sure the arm-to-the-tollbooth story is urban legend, but I'm sure that medical students do have to practice amputations, and what better to use? (Probably the origin of Harvey's "true story") But I'll bet it didn't start st the Golden Gate Bridge, it probably started 100 years ago in any city with a med school...

1220 days ago


Not an urban legend -- I remember the article in the local (Bay Area) press circa 1969 (plus or minus 3 years.) Local columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner Herb Caen covered it with gusto.

1220 days ago
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