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Lindsay Lohan -- Free To Roam Today

6/29/2011 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been thirty-five days since she began her grueling house arrest -- and now, Lindsay Lohan is moments away from sweet, sweet freedom.


The tracking device placed on Lindsay's ankle will be removed -- probably this morning -- and she will be free to roam the streets of Venice -- and beyond -- as she pleases.

Lindsay will then sign a house arrest completion form, which will then be forwarded to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

But Lindsay is not out of the woods.  She's on probation for the jewelry heist and must complete her 480 hours of community service.  She must also enroll in a "shoplifters alternative class" -- yes, we love that too -- and undergo psychological counseling.

But Lindsay will no longer have to endure the calamari that just doesn't travel well.  She's free to eat at Gjelina again, where the calamari is always fresh and crisp.


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David Jong less than a minute ago

And remember, Lindsay: Snapple(c) has a wide assortment of refreshing, unfermented flavors that can beat any ol' urinalysis.

Judge Sautner:
""There is no drug or alcohol testing in effect.”

1175 days ago


Drinking under house-arrest and on probation. No consequences.


As far as I'm concerned if this girl dies a drug or alcohol related death, the criminal justice system of the State of California is partially responsible for a lack of sufficient accountability and failing to adequately represent the best interests of the People. Hopefully she takes no one with her.

1175 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Home Skillet 5 minutes ago
To those people who think she won't ever work, again: I'd also remind you that Charlie Sheen is about to ink his new show, that Mel Gibson remains employable, Chris Brown continues to record music and Michael Vick just came off a banner year in football. Lindsay Lohan will be on your screen again, whether you like it or not.

creeps love creeps


1175 days ago

Fat Mike    

Hey Lindsay, drop into Dillon's tonight and I'll buy you a drink

1175 days ago

Citizen Stranger    

i hope she doesn't go right back in. I would celebrate though!

1175 days ago


HOme Skillet - Charlie also was boo'ed and became a joke on his tour. His new show will also fail.

Mel Gibson didn't work for over a year or so after his scandal and he still and to deal with a lot of crap about it. He has also always had the jsutifiable talent that has people wanting to see his movies. Lindsay does not.

Chris Brown served his time and didn't fight it. This beyotch fights everything and hasn't learned. CB makes more mistakes with his mouth, not with being a danger driving drunk or stealing crap from stores because you feel entitled. His music is also very mainstream, popular and proves he has talent.

Michael Vick also did his FULL prison sentence. He's also had to do a lot of community service with animals and hopefully he has learned his lesson as that was awful. He is also facing intense scrutiny and there will also be people that will hate him forever due to his past. He is also a tremdous talent on the field.

Know the difference between this idiot and all the others? TALENT. She doesn't have it anymore and all of her last movies bombed regardless of who she had promoting it. So, I don't think she will be up there anytime soon, but she may eventually get back to the big screen status. But beyotch has a ton to prove to the watching audience and she has already proved time and time again that she is more concerned about her next party. Its all good....I know I won't be contributing to her party fund.

1175 days ago

some guy    


Thanks for info. Think it was kind of a reflex action, I guess.

1175 days ago


just in time for her to do something else incredibly stupid....

1175 days ago

Red Cloud    

YOU LOSERS 13 minutes ago
I hope she get***** by a car while drunk

You should be locked up.

1175 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Now Im not trying to plug this Emma stone Vanity Fair or anything but I really must say I have found Emma Stone pretty ugly till now. Those pictures of her in there are awesome, and apparently Emma has 5 movies lined up. Way to go Emma!

1175 days ago


What are the terms of her probation? Nicole? anyone?

I have a hazy memory of something like formal probation until she completes her community service and then informal probation after that? Is that correct?

If so... what does "formal" probation mean if she isn't being tested for alcohol or drugs? Does it just mean checking in with the probation officer at regular intervals?

I have no clue how this works...... please enlighten me !! TIA

1175 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Awesome, you ROCK Linds!!!!! Keep up the good work and silence the h8 that follows you like an infection you can't get rid of!!! Don't worry Linds, they have NO life, in fact TMZ is their new dating/freind making site. They can't go OUT of the house because THAT would be TOO much work!!!

Keeping it real!

1175 days ago

Home Skillet    

@ Seal Team 6 - that's a sad, but interesting, premise you've got there. I guess time will tell. Lindsay vs. Tara Reid isn't really a great comparison, though. Lindsay used to be much more of a cash cow before she flew off the rails. Tara was more of a ... not sure what the right term for her would be, B-movies starlet? Dunno.

On another note, nice work with OBL ... good job!

1175 days ago

some guy    

@Nicole 17 minutes ago: "FREEDOM"


1175 days ago

some guy    

This just in: Emma Stone is Izzy. More to Follow

Didn't think she'd be able to pull off a pirate accent.


1175 days ago
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