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Tracy Morgan

... From Gays to 'Retards'

6/29/2011 6:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan seems hell-bent on offending every minority group he can ... add the mentally and physically disabled to the ever-growing list.


Tracy warned his audience at a performance in New York City this weekend, "Don't ever mess with women who have retarded kids."  The audience groaned, but Tracy didn't stop:  "Them young retarded males is strong.  They're strong like chimps."

But more was yet to come.  Tracy reminisced about a girl he once dated, describing her as "a cripple" with a prosthetic arm, a mechanical larynx and a portable dialysis machine.

You'll recall, earlier this month, Tracy drew fire for another performance, in which he said he would stab his son to death if he spoke in a "gay voice."

Tracy apologized for the comments about gays, but now we gotta ask ...


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some guy    

This just in: leslie is TM. More to follow.

Tim, I am very, very disappointed in you

1220 days ago

Brett G    

Has everyone lost their minds? This guy is a comic! If you are offended easily, then why the hell are you seeing a stand up comic who often ventures into offensive areas. I feel like he is being targeted. You dont see this happening to Louis CK or other comics like him who often say ****** and retard and ****. These are just words people. If you are that easily offended then perhaps consider moving to the town from Footloose. What next TMZ? If Tracey Morgan has a sour fart will you report on that next?

1220 days ago


They're just jokes, you *******. Jesus Christ, PC has turned this world in to a bunch of whiny-ass bitches.

1220 days ago


What the hell is going on in the world today?? He is a COMEDIAN!!! That's what they do!! He's not the first and won't be the last to make fun of these groups of people. Everyone calm the hell down!!

1220 days ago


has anyone actually heard Tracys standup before? I mean this is nothing. Hes a f@#ckin comedian.

1220 days ago


I think Tracey has the right to make fun of whatever he wants to. We live in this country for a reason. He's a comedian not a politician. What is wrong with everyone, loosen up. Really.Tracey, keep doing your thing.

1220 days ago


He is a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N!! He isn't a State Representative, a Mayor, a Govenor, a Senator, a Congressman or a President. If your sensitive, don't go see him, or George Lopez, or Chris Rock, or Kathy Griffin... ect. But I will!!

1220 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm kinda missing the point of this story.

Where's the part where Tracy is funny?

1220 days ago


Jesus I remember when comedians used to be able to tell jokes without having to apologize every 5 minutes. Seriously this country has become a bunch of overly serious douchebags hellbent on never allowing anyone to poke fun at anything. It's comedy, if you're offended STAY THE **** HOME ********!

1220 days ago

some guy    

I wouldn't be surprised if it really was him. Nothing Tracy has done has ever led me to believe he possesses an ounce of class.

1220 days ago


Rebecca 53 minutes ago
What is it with today's people that they are so tender. I grew up watching comedians who made fun of gays, "retards", women, blacks, whites and fat people. Everyone laughed about it back then. It's comedy. Always was and always will be!

@rebecca i totally agree!!!!!! i grew up listening to andrew dice clay and i do t know if youve ever heard some of the stuff larry the cable guy has said but pretty much the same thing this is soooo stupid that they r actually making a big deal out of this.....isnt there a kardashian on the loose somewhere ....sure they are doing something newsworthy

1220 days ago

Tracy Morgan     

Hi people,im sorry im just a dumb ass ******,we are not the smartest race on the earth,,just look at Chris Rock dumb as a stump,me is dum to see i cant evn spel . tanks alott Tracy Moron

1220 days ago


Russell Peters makes fun of deaf people in one of his stand-up acts that went to video... No one tried to tar and feather him (as far as I know).

1220 days ago

some guy    

Tracy kind of reminds me of some of the posters on TMZ.

Well, at least the bigoted ones.

1220 days ago


@drew about a minute ago - EXCELLENT point!!!

I'm calling DOUBLE STANDARD!!!! Who remembers when Michael Richards got in trouble for going on a racial rant?? He was pretty
much run out of Hollywood! No body defended him with the LAME
excuse of ''he's a COMEDIAN.''

But somehow Tracy gets away with everything. I think it's b'cuz
he's black! THERE, I SAID IT!!!!

1220 days ago
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