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Jon Cryer ... It's Your Move

6/30/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer is moving into fancy schmancy new digs in a ritzy area of L.A., but he's not above schlepping his stuff from the old house to the new.

Even though the new house clearly isn't finished, Jon and wife Lisa can wait no longer.  The home is 7,000 square feet and was extensively renovated over the last year. 

Jon -- who we're told is raking in $20 million over the next 2 years on "Two and a Half Men" -- clearly had Charlie on his mind as he carried a chair, wearing a t-shirt with the letters, "BLITZED."

Doesn't he know about Home Depot?


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Maybe he should buy some hair plugs?

1214 days ago


He is the funniest one on 2 1/2 men.

1214 days ago



1214 days ago


James u r an idiot. It is his autistic kids chair. He can't go a minute without it. He's a goos dad.

1214 days ago

artie help    

i always thought this guy was truly sad. His eyes tell the story.

1214 days ago


Good for Cryer. He isn´t acting like a Hollywood diva who can´t lift a finger to do anything. TMZ should give him an award not make fun of him.

1214 days ago


I don't get the "Home Depot" reference at the end of the article for humor (I suppose); Does Home Depot move furniture in California?
Anyway, Jon Cryer seems like a really decent guy.

1214 days ago


Is this the gate house?
7000 sq ft? He must want to pay cash for his house then.

1214 days ago


Wonderful! Your photo is posted. WHY IS TMZ slanting article toward negativity with it's words used and how used?

Why is TMZ doing this? Is this the best you can come up with for photo to make it reactionary? Pay for it's cost? C'mon, the guy is moving and we ALL move things WE like, or family members like. GET Real...being biased here.

Loads of other targets you could of hit on like...

Wow, not wonder he hit on marketing himself so fast after the Charlie scandulous behaviors came in

Saving dimes, getting a workout without hiring a trainer or movers. Must work he keeps weight off.

You can see in his face, he's probably wishing he's not doing the moving after all, but can't wait until it's over

the list goes on and on how to make it sharper, a truth with being reality vs scamming a person just because you CAN!

1214 days ago


I guess that chair goes in the aeronautics room right next the Wright Brothers inspired coffee table.

1214 days ago


Man carrying chair, not a story.

James, YOU are an idiot.

1214 days ago


Now John here is the real man. He could eat crackers in my bed any day! I only ever watched the show because of his hilarious, deadpan portrayal of Allen Harper. The rest of the cast is amazingly talented and creative. I cannot wait to see how Charlie Harper bites the dust! Out with the old and in with the new! Good luck Ashton. Bring it!

1214 days ago


He needs a new agent. Wasn't Charlie getting 20 mil A YR?

1214 days ago


John is a good guy.

It's also nice to see I can afford a better house than some celebrities. 7000 sq. feet is more than adequate. Mansions are overrated and scary to live in. I have to search 10 god damn rooms every time I hear a noise at the other end of the house.

1214 days ago


Bobby: I take the Home Depot ref based upon renting the flat beds they offer for hourly or daily fees. Otherwise it's passed by me too in error. TMZ is scamming Jon Cryer as I see it...he's not giving them stories so have to market some for fodder they seem to do well, now don't they?

1214 days ago
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